Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday morning , 2 beatifications
Both claimed to operate
for the same " Boss"

I was brought-up in a Christian-Arab family
and my education was evangelical
which is much far away from Catholicism.
Therefore the ceremony at the Vatican yesterday
for the beatification of the ex-Pope,
did not impress me at all  , and has left me totally indifferent.

I was brought up also as an Arab
and my education included everything valuable and moral
in that civilisation which inherited ,all the Babylonian,all the Assyrians,
the Phoenicians, the Nabateans, the Chaldean's,the Canaanites,
the Pharaohs and all the Ghassaninats........

Therefore ,
how could I react ?? to the beatification of a Pope
and, simultaneously ,to the murder of an Osama  Ben Laden,
that both have happened on the same Sunday-morning.........

This ex-Pope was once was an ex-Polish-soldier
and is now beatified by a Pope who was an ex-Hitler-youth
Osama Ben Ladin was a retired-terrorist
killed now,  by the Godfather of all terrorism.

My built-in-conscience as an Arab-Christian-Evangelical person
does not allow me to shed any tears nor to raise any praise.

What ever the ex-Pope was , his successors is not better,nor worse
and what ever Ben Laden was , Obama is not better, neither.

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Al Shariaa vs the Human-Rights-Declaration

The logic must prevail.
Dr.Charles  Malek,
CIA in the Lebanon

On one side we see the
"Universal Human rights"
being applied as an excuse to invade
and or to destroy other´s man countries.
Usually it is the third world countries that are being invaded
and or destroyed.

On the other side we have a God-given-Law
" Al Shariaa"
being considered as an ultimate-law above any
man-made-laws and applied (or party-applied)
in the same third-world-countries.

The Universal Human Rights Declaration
was indeed man-made , and one of the co-authors
was a Lebanese.... Dr. Charles Malek  , who was a good-friend
of my late father , who used to call him the "CIA-Agent"

Thus , to my personal opinion and experience
at least one of the co-authors of
"the Universal Human rights declaration"
was a pro-West-partial and bias , to say the least.

As , for the Shariaa , and for myself being a Christian,
and the fact that the Shariaa itself
demands not to be applied on the non-Muslims-subjects,
I mus feel, therefore,safe if not also protected by this Shariaa.

I did not yet see any Muslim-state attacking Canada
based on a Shariaa law.
I did not see Libyan war-airplanes above Rome......

If I call my accountants this afternoon and ask them for a report
I am sure that they will count much more abuses, in the name of
the Universal Human Rights Declaration done by its own authors
than any abuses done by the people abiding by Al Shariaa.

Today ,they killed the son and the grand-children
of Qaddafi.....(for example)....while at home.

there is a huge difference and value
between the "man-made"  and the divine.

Raja Chemayel