Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thre is always a difference !
Both are liberators !!

The difference between George Bush
and Barrack Obama
is only "skin-deep".

The difference between Benjamin Nathaniahu
and Marshal Goering
is only, in the size of their belly's .

The difference between Mahmoud Abbas
and General Petain
is only that , one has a 2010 Mercedes model
and the other has had a 1939 Citroen model .

The difference between El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
and Ernesto Che Guevara
is that , the first has studied Theology
and the second studied Medicine .

Raja Chemayel

who not so different , from Sherlock Hommos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rectification and amelioration for the current dictionaries :
Eng.Moustafa Roosenbloom ,
studying the phone-book

Israeli-citizenship :
an artificial-identity
based on a case of an assumed-identity
while living as colonialists
on a stolen Land.

The State of Israel :
a 19Th. century invention confused with a Biblical-myth
of a Kingdom that never was called " Israel"
but Judea and or Samaria.

The Israelites :
a vanished-population
which coincided with the narratives
of the Bible-stories.
In the meantime the Israelites have become Christians
and later Muslims too....
otherwise known as today´s Palestinians !!

The Jews :
people who adhere to Judaism
and are found in different countries
from different races and different cultures
with also different roles in History.

Zionism :
a criminal-colonial- ideology
based on the misinterpretation of the Bible
and based also on a false-genetic- identity

Zionist :
a person who believes in Zionism
whithout necessarily being a Jewish-person.

God´s "promise" to Abraham :
the meeting with Jesus the Messiah
on the Land of Canaan.
(and not the Land of Canaan,itself )

Anti-semitism :
is actualy , Anti-Ashkenazim.
(a European-Christian- Disease,
not at all related to Palestine
nor to Arabs , nor to Islam )

Terrorism :
the power of the powerless.

The writings of Sherlock Hommos :
The simple truth ,
covered with a double- layer
of humour and sarcasm.

Raja Chemayel
(brother-in- law of Sherlock Hommos
and cousin to Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

British-Petroleom and British-Emporium
some Blood is black !!

British Petroleum has sacked its President (CEO)
and replaced him by another ,
who shall surely solve the leakage in the Gulf of Mexico  !!

No !!
his replacement was not Tony Blair
because Tony is busy "making the Peace"
in the Middle East
which will take longer than the leakage
in the Gulf of Mexico
and besides that , in the Middle East
there is no hurry to solve the catastrophe,
which is Israel...... ...
It is there since six decades !!

Israel is polluting our lives and drinking our waters
while building  Walls on our land
and having road blocks even between two Palestinian- villages. .......

Multinational Greed  created British Petroleum
Jewish Greed
created the State of Israel
all this when ......
the British Emporium allowed the Jewish-Greed. .

Never mind Tony Blair´s record of successes
because in many cases the people are appointed to a task  
with the knowledge that they are not supposed to succeed.

Who knows ??
maybe BP is even making money because of this leak
just by declaring excessive damages and losses............ ..(Tax-deductabl es!!)
While Israel cashes huge subsidies and donations
for " a Peace" ......... which  it shall never make !!
all this , under the watchful-eyes
of people like Tony Blair.....the thief of Baghdad  !!

Raja Chemayel