Thursday, December 27, 2007

The unhealthy health insurances

Drawing by : Ben Heine

The number of uninsured-US-citizens ( for health)
is the double of the number of the whole-Iraqi-population.

The cost of this Iraqi war ,
which have turned Iraq worse off , to say the least.......
this cost could have covered the basic-health- insurance
of those uninsured-US- Citizens, for the next 14,5 years.

Besides that ,
2 million Iraqi would have not been exiled and refugees
half a million would not have been wounded
and 150 thousands Iraqis would have survived.
And from the aggressor's side ,
4.000 thousands dead
105 thousand injured..... ..and disabled.

Next time The USA wants to liberate any other "Iraq"
it should remember that in President Saddam's times ,
all Iraqi citizens have had a free-health- insurance ,
and free education too .

On the other side ,
3,5 Million US-citizens are homeless in their own homeland
3,5 Million Palestinians are homeless outside their Homeland

Palestinians are not homeless because of the homeless US-citizens
but the US tax payers are building those homes for Israels
rather than homes for US-citizens at home.
And......... Palestinians became homeless because of Israelis are building
settlements with US-money......on Palestinian land.

Vote for Ron Paul .....!!
he wants to stop financial aid to Israel
he wants to recall all US soldiers worldwide.
a double dream !!!! .......probably he is not even an American !!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
statistical annalist

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa delayed.......

M e r r y
Christmas !!

This year, Santa will be much delayed
not only because of that ugly WALL.....
but mainly because
of those 632 Israeli-Check- Points
and 332.887 armed-Settlers

Besides that, Santa
is suspected now of having much sympathies
with oppressed-children
and their even more oppressed-parents, too.

Santa is being much politicised
and he is also growing a beard,
resembling to..... (you know who )

I am sure there is one bed free
for Santa, but in Guantanamo Bay Resort,
because that Inn in Bethlehem
has no water nor electricity
since Hamas took over
the new-hotel-managemen t.

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tony Blair converts to Catholicism

Some "good news" for some, are "bad news"...... for others
and to loose a bad-thing is not a lost............but a gain .

Today the Anglican Church has won in the lost of Tony Blair
and the Catholic Church has lost in admitting someone like Tony.

But , who am I to judge ??

At least being a Catholic Tony would now have to confess ,
as each good Catholic does.......regularly
but then and again....... ....who needs the confession of any liar ??

Eng. Mousfata Roosenbloom

PS :
Eventually , and for the sake of honesty ,
or rather for the sake of his political-honesty,
Tony Blair could convert into Judaism instead of Catholicism
if only Judaism would have anything to do with the Zionism ,
but it does not !! anyhow.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Next time......try Norway

If you think that ,we the Arabs are fanatic-people,
backward-people and all religious-fundament alists,
why would you then not just avoid us ??......... next time.

You came to our Iraq and invaded it , recently
and you came 60 years ago and settled-down
in our Palestine !!
You called our Algeria..... " Alegerie-Francaise"
and you made our Libya become part of your "Italy"

Next time you want to rob another country , try Norway !!!
if is full of blue-eyed-gentile- people,
and guess what has a lot of Oil !!! too. ( as bonus)

Besides that you can claim , more credibly,
when you say that you are a descendant of a Viking ,
and you came back to Norway , now, to claim your roots !!

Try Norway !! next time......,
you might miss our warm sunshine ,and our Hommos
but the girls in Norway are much more emancipated
and less complicated too....

Sherlock Hommos

Friday, December 21, 2007

How to get ride of the State of Israel and the same time to save the USA.

The Separation of Church and State.......
Is a nice idea which started with the French Revolution
and was adopted by the newly-born United States of America.

But the striking coincidence is that all US Presidents ,
except but one Catholic, were all Protestant (Evangelical)
and white....... ..up to very white....

Now if ever Obama gets the presidency he would still be
also Protestant ( I assume) but not that "white".(as I can see)
Besides that the name "Barak"..... . sounds like (Husny) Mubarak
or like (Ehud) Barrack..... ...
what was the religion of the father of Obama's ?
was he an Egyptian-Jew ??
or was he a Muslim-Israeli ???

My favourite candidate would be that Mr. Romney
who is a Mormon....not that I prefer the Mormons above the others

No !!
but I do like the Mormons because they claim that " Israel"
is the United States of America,itself....
which solves all our problemsin the Middle East........
by proving that any place could be , or could become,
the so called Promised Land.
Also the Mormons pretend to be , themselves , the chosen-people,
which proves to us that any people can claim to be the chosen-people.
But this we knew already..... .and the composition of the population of Israel
is the living proof....... ..that anybody has this right ( to cheat on us) .

Anyhow if Mr. Romney wins ,
it will be one way to get rid also of the Neo-Conservatives
it will also be one way to recall all the Israelis to move to Nevada
And they may all retire in Florida, later on .

The Happy End !!!

If Mr. Romney would like to reward me for this idea
I shall gladly forward to him my Swiss-bank-account- Number :
544-MKF-8889- 45 ( only in Swiss Francs, please, no Dollars!)
Thank you !!

But the Muslim and Arab and Leftist-Progressive -liberal- Forces
in the USAought to form a coalition and back up Mr. Romney ,
only for that purpose I just mentioned here.

If you think this is one of my jokes , you are right.....
but the USA has produced worse jokes in its past history !!

Besides that nobody can be worse than George W. Bush !!!

And Mr. Romney being legally a polygamist ,
he shall not be needing any Monica Lewinsky as Secretary ,
he shall be too busy at home .

Vote for Romney
to get rid of
the State of Israel !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
unofficial free-lance-Campaign -Manager

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the 19Th. of December in 2007

Ben Heine

Lebanon still has no President
while the USA has one too many !!

Lebanon has UN-observers-forces
to protect Israel's security
although ,Israel has no UN-observers
to protect the occupied Palestinians .

The only liberated-part of Palestine , Gaza
has no electricity , no water , no airport
only the fresh-air and the freedom,,,to starve !!

Mahmoud Abbas has no freedom at all ,
but he just got 6 Billion dollars from "the gang-of-Paris"

We cannot say that Abbas has just "sold Palestine ",
because he is simply a refugee in his own country
without an ID card.

We cannot say Omert bought the West Bank
because the West Bank is occupied anyhow
and managed by Olmert,

So what for , those 6 Billion Dollars ??

Maybe , Saeb Erakat needs a new Mercedes
and Dahlan wants to build another Hotel in Dubai......

Money talks.....and Justice can wait !!!

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, December 17, 2007

Announcement for a Gaza

Special Christmas


c o n c e r t

The Program


Sonata for Viol and Piano

by Genghis Khan


The Nut-Cracker's-Ballet

By Ludwig van Beethoven


Opera Aida

by Gustav Mahler


The 9Th. Symphony

by Frederic Chopin


P e a c e

by the State of Israel


Wo r l d -J u s t i c e

by The United Sates of America

The Royal Hashemite

Philharmonic Orchestra of Gaza-City

Conductor , George Bush Jr.

Soloist , Ehud Olmert, soprano.

Choreography , Shimon Perez.

Prima-Ballerina , Mademoiselle Condi Rice.

Choir of The Guantanamo Guards and Torturers Ensemble.


Wardrobe-attendant , Mahmoud Abbas

The profits of this concert will go to :

*The Association of Veteran-Butchers

of Sabra and Chatila. AVBSC.

*The Retired Brotherhood of Bulldozer-Drivers

over Jennin. RBBDJ

* Husny Mubarak's Funds for the Preservation

of Eternal-Presidencies . HMFPEP

Sponsored by : The World Bank

in Memory of Paul Wolfowitz

Next Saturday , 22.12.2007 ,

right after the Sabbath observance.

Parking assured for all

(Bomb-trapped-Cars , please use the South-entrance)

Tickets Sale

at the


or via the Internet

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A good neighbour is better than any far away friend

Half of the Lebanese do not agree with their other half.

Half of them call the others: " Syrian-agents "
and the second half calls the first :" American-dogs"

One sides calls the other: "French-Puppies"
while the other half uses the accusation of :" Iranian-Puppets"

Remains the unanswered-question :
who or what is worse ??
an Iranian in Baalbeck ??
a French-man in Jounieh ??

When did Condi Rice ever do anything useful to the Lebanon ??
While her Syrian counterpart Mr. Muallem belongs to a Family
which half of it are Lebanese.(and Christians)

Who is the foreign intruder here ??
Who wants to protect and defend the Lebanon ?
Who stood by the Lebanon when Israel was
bombing Beirut in Summer 2006 ??
Bernard Koushner ?? or Condolisa Rice ???

And who armed the Lebanese-resistance-forces ??
George Sarkozy or Nicolas Bush , perhaps ??

Which Lebanese half is not blind nor opportunist ?
Which other Lebanese half would like to import
a ready-made-democrac y ?
instead of cooking it at home with homegrown ingredients. ....??

Who is trying to divert the attentions from
a born-dead-baby called: " Annapolis " ?
Who is removing away the spotlights from
that alleged Atomic Bomb
which never existed in Iran ??
Who bombed Syria to destroy South-Korean- Fairy-tales ??
Who brought devastation and diaspora to the Christians of Iraq ??
and has completely forgotten that even the Christians of Lebanon
are also divided..... ......50/ 50 ??

A good-neighbour is better than
any far-away-(false)friend !!
(especially when this friend is the USA)

Raja Chemayel
50% Lebanese and 50% normal.
16Th of December 2007

How kosher is Khoushner ??
How nice is Rice ??

Saturday, December 15, 2007

From Masada to Gaza

In the past we have had Masada
and the question is :
are the same people calling themselves today "Israelis"
those same who resided inside Masada ??

I leave the answer to you ,
I have made my conclusion, long time ago......... .

What I want to compare, to identify and to confirm
is that the People, today, inside the besieged Gaza
are doing exactly what the Masada-people have done,namely,
to resist to the invader-occupier and to strive to liberate
their own homeland.... ..

And the Irony is that the Gazzeans are genetically
related to the Masada's people,
although they have a new religion , now.
While an Israeli of today might share partly the blood
of any Roman soldier..... or even a Norwegian Viking.

From Masada to Gaza ,
history keeps on repeating itself,
and with the same actors , too.Indigenous-Semites on the inside
and fascist-barbarians on the outside.

It was a war of liberation , then
It is a war of liberation !! now.

Raja Chemayela
christian Semite from the inside...
15Th of December 2007
(my brother's Khalil Birthday)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The case of the closed-case

The Case of

If you were an atheist
you would say to me, "God does not exist"
and if God never existed ,
then God would not have promised to Abraham anything.

Whether God would have promised the Land of Canaan(Palestine)
or actually promised only the Coming of the Messiah..... ....
in those both cases , there would not be a Promise
because there were no God, according to the Atheists.

Therefore there was no promised Land of Canaan
nor there should consequently be any State of Israel,
today neither.

That is easy ,
and this case is closed .

On the other hand, if you are a believer,
whether a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew ,
I still would have three questions for you :

First :
Did God Promise a Piece of Land ??
or did God promise the Coming of the Messiah ??
Either , or !! Define and identify please that Promise.

Second :
When we know that once upon a time there was a Jewish-Kingdom
on some part of the Land of Palestine and it was only temporarily , of course!
and we equally know and believe that the Messiah did come
so therefore the Promise was once fulfilled ,
whether this Promise were the Land or the did happen !!
Unless it were an endless,continuous and a renewable promise
this promise was already..... .....consumed.
(unless the Messiah should have to come eight times)

Third :
The so called "chosen" people were an Iraqi-Chaldean- Tribe
from the city of Ur.......anyone else is an impostor
or it is today, a case of mistaken identity .

If you are an Atheist you should not believe in
nor support the State of Israel
if you are a believer you should decide first who
or what was promised ? the Land or the Messiah ??
if it were the Land , then it has been given once already to Abraham
and if it were the Messiah , well .....he did come 2000 years ago !!

Again .....Case closed !!!

If you were an Atheist or a Believer,note please that
the State of Israel has nothing to do with any religion,
not even the Judaism.

Raja Chemayel
not at all......... . the Devil's Lawyer

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Qaddafi and me

Colonel Qaddafi said that:
Terrorism is the power of the poor
I say :
Terrorism is the power of the powerless
Give, later, money and power to the Terrorists
and then they become "respectable" Governments
like Ben Gorion , Menahim Begin, Yithak Shamir
Yithak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.
not to forget
Mr. Ehud Olmert
(who personally has bombed some Synagogues in Baghdad in 1951)

Therefore ,
"Terrorist" is only a temporary adjective
and besides that
one man's terrorist is another man's hero
one man's hero was once another man's terrorist
one man's Israeli Prime Minister
is another man's terrorizer.

Anyhow ,
not every hero was once a terrorist
nor is each terrorist a future hero !!
Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do ? when you do not want to do ??

What to do ?

when you do not want to do ??

Start late ,
and never finish the Job !

For example if you do not want to visit your mother-in-law in Miami
start packing your luggage late , get the taxi late to Airport,
stand in the wrong line for the check-in at counter
and then your plane would leave without Miami.

The same did Bill Clinton with Yasser Arafat
Bill left all the problems of a Peace-agreement
to the last days of his Presidency
when there was not enough time to mediate
and to play the role of an honest and efficient broker....
and you know the results....

Monica Lewinsky got more satisfaction from Bill
than Yasser ever did.

Today we face the same scenario:
five minutes before twelve , Mahmoud Abbas
naive and opportunist shall hope to collect any thing
from any one and at any Price......
when , Ehud Olmert cannot loose any thing to any one
so Olmert will just loose the time......until George Bush leaves.

And Bush has not much time , anyhow,
so George Bush shall not even loose the time....
because he has not any....time left.

There you have it folks !!

Next time you want things not to happen,
just do not give them the time needed......

Sherlock Hommos
time-keeper for endless negotiations

Sunday, December 9, 2007

" Do not onto the others......"

The Bible says,
the logic says ,
and Justice also says :

"Do not do onto the others
what you do not want them to do, to you."

Whoever has once wiped off Palestine from the Map
should expect to be also wiped off ,
from that same Map.

Therefore Mr. Ahmadinejad, Hamas and myself
are not wrong by requesting this logic Justice.

More over , or alternatively ,
let us accept and implement all the UN-Resolutions
and chronologicaly too .

Raja Chemayel
nineth day of December 2007

This world is in Good-hands

Afghanistan was invaded
because 9 Saudis-citizens and 2 Yemenis
and one Lebanese
have (allegedly) done the 911 attacks
and non was afghanee.

Iraq was invaded
because Saddam Hussein should, allegedly,have had
the Weapons of Mass Destruction,
which he never had .

Iran will be invaded
because 4 years ago, it stopped developing Nuclear power
which many others do anyhow have.

Lebanon might also be invaded
because France calls the Syrians in Lebanon:
" foreign-interference".

Otherwise , the world is perfectly in good-hands !!

Venezuela ,
is lead by an alleged "dictator",
who has held recently a free election
and has lost it , even.

The USA ,
being allegedly the greatest democracy on earth
is holding presidential election ,which,
without the huge money contributions
no candidate could survive .

being the only democracy in the Middle East
is negotiating with its 60 years-old-non-stop-victims.

Otherwise , this world is in good-hands.

Sherlock Hommos
eighth day of December 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

He who has lied once......

Me and the Holocaust.

I have only an average-knowledge about the Second World War
and also an average-insight on the Judeo-European History.
I know what I was told and what I have read.

I have lived four decades in Europe among Europeans
Jews and non-Jews , nothing special, nothing outstanding.

What I know quiet well is , that the Zionist-Jews
have lied completely about their origins and that they are
no way genetically connected to the Jews of the Bible,
which was the basis of their claim to the Land of Palestine .

More so , they lied about the Holy-scriptures,
simply by misinterpreting them to their own
colonial advantages and greed .

Last but not least they lied about the History of Palestine
and lied about the non- existence of the Palestinians.

What I know even much more is that the Israeli-Zionists
lied about each and every wars they have fought
against their Arab-neighbours.
In all those cases they were the aggressors
and called themselves the aggressed
(except 1973 which was anyhow the result of 1967)

Knowing that Israelis have lied about their real-Identity
and they have lied about all their seven-aggression-wars
therefore I would not be surprise if they would not have lied
also about the Holocaust , also .

I cannot prove it
and I do not want to prove it
nor do I not have to prove it
what I know already is more than enough.

Besides that ,
if and when the Holocaust did really happen
we Arabs did not take part in it .

But ,he who has lied once ..... !! is a liar

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The only tragedy in the Middle East

A Third-World-Dictator is blamed
for being a dictator
only when he does not agree with the West.

A Tyrant is excused only if and when
he follows
the instructions of the White-house

A Despot is tolerated and cherished
especially when
his guide-book is printed in the Pentagon.

How many allies of the USA never
have had an election ?
and how many never lost any election ??

How many Nuclear power plants
are in peaceful-hands
and who defines the word ...............peaceful ??

How many times Israel aggressed its neighbours
and how many times Israel has
massacred its own occupied population ??

How many UN Resolutions
were used as toilet-papers
by the Israeli Government ??

Do you know of any UN-Resolution which was accepted
or recognised or implemented by Israel ??

And finally how many regimes are called :
"The only Democracy in the Middle East" ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to bomb an intention ?? كيف تقصف النية؟؟؟

The Shah of Persia
when Iran was not Evil
nor Terrorist.
شاه فارس
عندما لم تكن إيران تمثل الشر ولم تكن إرهابية

Seven (wise) information's and intelligence agencies in the US
have declared that Iran has stopped its Nuclear programs
in 2003, already .

Meaning that, today, (end of) 2007 ,
Iran has no Nuclear Program
or otherwise ,
meaning that in 2003 Iran once has had it........
(all depending on whom you may ask)

George W. Bush Bush faces a dilemma today :
must he bomb Iran because it has, once, had it , in 2003 ??
must he bomb Iran because it may later have it ,
once again ??

Must the USA punish Iran for its previous intentions ??
or to bomb Iran for its future intentions ??
although those intentions have obviously changed ,
at least for once !!

It is not easy being a US President
and more difficult being a US-Idiot-President
not to mention, the most difficult-hypocritical-task
of being a Zionist-serving-US-President-idiot.......!

It's all the fault of Iran , itself,
it should have kept its Shah Pahlavi in power
and then nobody would have minded its Nuclear-program
or rather , its Nuclear-sin.

Remains the question whether an intention is already a sin ,
or not,
and whether the same sin is allowed to others ????

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Fifth of December 2007

سبعة وكالات (حكماء) معلوماتية وتجسسية في الولايات المتحدة...
أعلنوا بأن إيران أوقفت برنامجها النووي...
في عام 2003..........

أو.... ما يعني أنها، أي إيران..... لا تملك منهاج عمل ننوي،
ما يعني أنه في عام 2003 وفي أحد الأيام كانت إيران تملك مثل هذا البرنامج..................
(على كل هذا يعتمد على من تسأل!!!)

جورج بوش الابن اليوم يواجه معضلة!!!
هل، في هذا الحال، يتوجب علية، أن يقصف إيران... لأنها كانت تملك...
في يوم من الأيام... وفي عام 2003 مثل هذا البرنامج؟؟؟
أو ....
عليها أن يقصف إيران لأنها قد تملكها في يوم من الأيام؟؟؟؟
أو أن تعود لتملكها في يوم من الأيام القادمة؟؟؟

هل على الولايات المتحدة معاقبة إيران على خطيئة نواياها السابقة أو الغابرة؟؟؟؟
أو أن تقصف إيران على نواياها المستقبلية؟؟؟
مع أن هذه النوايا كما يبدوا تبدلت!!!!
على أقل تعديل لمرة واحدة؟؟؟؟

الخطأ.... هو خطأ إيران... إيران بذاتها...
كان عليها إن تبقي شاهها، رضا بلهوي، في السلطة!!!
عندها فإن لا أحد كان ليهتم ببرنامجها الننوي..........!!!!!!!
أو بالحري.... خطيأتها النووية!!!!!

وفي النهاية: يبقى السؤال... هل إن النية بحد الذات...
تصبح خطيئة أو لا؟؟؟
وهل أن الخطيئة ذاتها التي تعدت طور النية واقترفت ممسوحة للغير... وتغتفر لهم؟؟؟!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From Oslo to Annapolis

What are the differences between
the Oslo Agreements
and (the probable)
Annapolis Agreements ??

Oslo made out of an exiled-President
named Yasser Arafat, an occupied-President
who was later locked in a cellar and poisoned.

And Annapolis shall make out of Mahmoud Abbas
that occupied-President , a new occupied-hostage-President,
who shall not be poisoned..........if he behaves well.

Only Ismail Hannyah shall remain as an
without even bothering to visit Annapolis !!
and without the poison of the peace-illusions...

"Peace is an illusion
which occurs to those who ignore
the true nature of Israel"

Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 3, 2007

The business of undressing the Generals

Pakistan has now a President-General
who has taken off his uniform.

Lebanon , very soon,
will have also a President-General
who shall also take off his uniform.

In the first case Dr. Condi Rice was very pleased
and in the second case , I do not know much
what Condolisa will say or do ??
It all depends what this uniform is hiding !!

This tough-Lady is in the business of undressing Generals

But she forgot in the past to undress
many Latin-American- Generals
and many African Generals
and many Far-East-Generals
and Colonels ,like Qaddafi ,did not have to undress
and Colonel Oliver North was never asked to take if off
and General Pinochet was never asked to undress
and Hugo Chavez took off his uniform without asking her
and I start now suspecting that the USA and Condi
are applying the Double-standard' s-procedures everywhere
and in all the cases....... even with Generals.
(the Colonels do not have to undress !)

As for undressing the military , I am not against it,
but Condi ought to undress the whole of the Pentagon ,first.

DR. Rice is hereby elected as
the "Amazon of the Year 2007"

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do not ask.......

Do not ask the Crusaders' grandchildren
to condemn Zionism.....for robbing Palestine

Do not ask the Anti-Semite-Civilisations
to take their own Jewish-populations back.

Do not ask the European Churches
which barbecued the Jews 1000 years
to criticise the State of Zion.......
for using the Napalm Bombs .

Do not ask those civilisations which conquered
and colonised this globe ,
to criticise any Israeli Settlers.

Do not ask those who robbed and killed
Chief Sitting Bull , to demand from Israel
to return back the occupied Lands,

And finally ,
do not ask me to blame those children
throwing stones on any Israeli Bulldozer.

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annapolis ought to go to an International Court of Justice

Why to have an "Annapolis Conference"
where the (only) Judge would be the USA ??

I propose instead , the
International Court of Justice
and the Jury ought to be , then
20 (honest)Historians
15 Judges
10 different-Theologia ns

At least this way would be fully-legal ,100% moral and logic
which makes it humane and just.

The Conference in Annapolis will produce
one looser and one winner...... .....
While an International Court of Justice
will produce one innocent and one guilty,

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The List of Guests
the Annapolis Conference

Donald Duck
Ehud Olmert (Zionisia)
Harry Potter
Mahmoud Abbas ( West-Bankistan)
Little Red-Riding-Hood
Husny Mubarak ( Pharaonistan)
King Abdullah the second ( Hashemitostan)
Sleeping Beauty
King Abdullah Bin Saud bin AbdulAziz (Wahhabostan)
Jalal Talabani (Halli-Burtonstan)
Alice ( from the wonderland)
Hamid Karzay ( Opimiumstan)
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Bernard Kouchner (if not still held as hostage in Beirut)
Mikey Mouse
The Arab League's Foreign Minister ( But-kisserstan)

and not to forget:
Macedonia and Lithuania and Kosovo
as being the key-participants !

also shall be attending :The Press,
and the so-called- Free-Presswith
the Free Media and the not so free Media

reserved-Parking- assured
and the food is Kosher

NB :You will notice that this Conference is called :
" the Annapolis Conference "
therefore the word " Peace" was not used
for the sake of Honesty, and Credibility.

Thus , it is not :

Annapolis Peace Conference
Annapolis Reconciliation Conference
Annapolis Justice Conference
Annapolis Disengagement Conference
nor even
Annapolis Photo-opportunity Conference


Saturday, November 24, 2007

It is Midnight in Beirut

It is Midnight in Beirut...... .........

we shall wake up tomorrow without a President

I am sure some citizens in France or in the USA

would be jealous of us.......(Lebanese)

In France ,Train drivers and Metro conductors could do

without a President Sarkozy ,

while 150.000 Marines ought to wish that Bush

would have sent them elsewhere than Baghdad,

or that there were never a President... .......Bush.

Saturday, tomorrow, Beirut shall have an illegitimate

unconstitutional Government with half its member

having resigned , long time ago !!

And a President who would have resigned on time

and according to the constitution.

Divided in two halves , Lebanon shall survive ,

it has seen worse times....... ..

We have had once 5 sub-Lebanon' s

plus three different-occupying -armies,

while 5000 UN Blue Helmets were there, too.

So far our (Lebanese) victory ,

is not above each other's

but our victory is on our enemy who was praying

and hoping , and planing,

that military confrontations would follow ,

they did not and they shall not.....Inchallah !!

All the bad-guys are to be found on one side

although each side is a coalition of different parties

and movements... ....

all those who once collaborated secretly or openly

with Israel are on the one side only

and the other side does not include any dirty-guys......

on the contrary it includes the cleanest of all....

Two blocks , two coalitions , two sides

have grown mature and shall not use their guns.

Now the Lebanon faces the final run

as the "finish-line" is in sight......

Who shall win ?

Arab-Pan-Nationalism ?

Syrian-Regional- Nationalism ?


Lebanese-narrow- Nationalism ?

It is Midnight in Beirut ,

no President at next breakfast,

just a Prime Minister , bought by Saudi Arabia,

and rented to Condi Rice

to serve as sand-bag to Israel's tactical-schemes.

It is Midnight in Beirut

and we (Lebanese) are still nowhere..... ...

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mounir from Akka and my piece on Peace

There is only one sure way to bring Peace into the Middle East
while other ways are also discussable and some are unrealisable. ....even.

But what I propose is guaranteed to bring Peace
and even Instant-Peace :

1. Dismantle the State of Israel
2. Re-install the secular-Palestinian -Nation
3. Stop all new immigration of Jews
4. re-allow all the Palestinian- refugees to return back home
5. Assist any Israelis who would like to go back to their country of origin
6 pay damages of 10.000 dollars per year per Refugee for each year
a Palestinian has had to suffer, including his/her offspring
7 pay also 7.500 per year per occupied Palestinian
8 pay 150.000 per killed Palestinian (anywhere)
9. pay rent for each real-estate used by the Settlers and Israelis
10 pay compensation for the Israelis leaving Palestine deducted from
the amounts NR. 6+7+8+9

My close-friend Mounir H ,
has been a refugee since 59 years and shall then get 590.000 Dollars
plus the rent of his house In Akka 59 x 3.000 ´= 177.000
the rent of his father's Soap-Factory in Ramallah = 250.000
Total : 917.000 Dollars
minus 120.000 Dollars to repatriate the Polish Family in his house in Akka
787.000 would be the Balance that my Friend must get after 59 years of waiting.

If the Polish Family in Akka living in his house would like to stay ,
Mounir may keep the 120.000 and give them another 7 years to stay....
by that time Mounir would be 70 years old , no more a refugee
and back in his original house.

And the Polish family living in his house would
have stayed 60 years free of charge
all paid by the US-Tax-office
and even the ticket back to Warsaw , will be paid !!

The Happy end !!!

Sherloch Hommos
Peace maker

PS .
Mounir H. exists and unfortunately the Polish Family ,too.
And the rest is my realistic-fantasy !!

منير العكاوي وأطروحتي عن السلام

هناك سبيل واحد للتوصل لتحقيق السلام في الشرق الأوسط؟؟؟
بينما هناك سبل أخرى قابلة للبحث وأخرى غير قابلة للتطبيق... حتى...

ولكن اقتراحي مضمون لتحقيق السلام... وحتى السلام الفوري شرط أن:

1- فكك "دولة إسرائيل"....
2- أعد تأسيس الدولة الفلسطينية العلمانية...
3- إيقاف أي هجرة يهودية...
4- يسمح لجميع اللاجئين الفلسطينيين بالعودة إلى بيوتهم وأرضهم.
5- ساعد كل يهودي يريد العودة إلى وطنه الأصلي.....
6- يدفع بدل أضرار 10000 عشرة آلاف دولار عن كل سنة في الشتات في العام لكل لأجيء
عانى أو عانت خلالها، بما فيهم جميع سلالاتهم...........
7- يدفع أيضاً 7500 بالسنة لكل لاجئ محتل....
8- يدفع 150000 دولار أمريكي لكل فلسطيني استشهد على يد هذا العدو في أي مكان وزمان
9- يدفع بدل أجار عن كل وحد سكنية، صناعية، زراعية وتجارية أحتلها المستعمرون الصهاينة.........
10- يدفع تعويض لكل إسرائيلي يترك فلسطين تحسم من المبالغ تحت الأرقام 6و 7و 8 و9

إذا أرادت العائلة البولونية التي تحتل بيت منير في عكا البقاء في المنزل، بإمكان منير الاحتفاظ بمبلغ أل 120000 دولار
وإعطائها سبع سنوات إضافية

وستكون العائلة البولونية الصهيونية
قد أقامت في منزل منير 60 سنة مجانا وبدون مقابل
كل هذه المبالغ يدفعها مكتب الضرائب الأمريكي عن الصهاينة كالعادة؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ وعلاوة على ذلك تدفع ثمن تذكرة السفر إلى وورسو!!!!!! نهاية سعيدة!!!!!!!!

شرلوك حمص
خليفة المرحوم الكونت برنادوت
20 تشرين الثاني/ نوفمبر 2007-11-20

ملاحظة: منير موجود ولكن من سوء الحظ كل ما تبقى مجرد تخيلات

أديب قعوار

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The difference between a Beggar and an Extortionist

The difference between a beggar
and an extortionist (blackmailer) is immense ,
although both ,practically , collect money
from a third person or entity.

The Beggar asks while the Extortionists demands .
In 90% of the cases you must pay to the extortionist
and in 90% of the cases you may refuse the beggar.

You can say No to the Beggar
while you must say Yes to the other.

If you agreed with me, so far ,
please do not "delete" , yet.....

Coming back to the real-world
and to the actual facts on the ground
we hear that the State of Israel has demanded
to be paid in Euro-Currency and no more in US Dollars.
We all do know how much the USA is pumping aid and money
in the Israeli-economy and in its Military-machine.

And the question here and now is , whether Israel
is a Beggar or an Extortionist ??

When we see and hear that Israel has had the liberty
to demand how to be paid out......... and in which currency
we must than conclude that the State of Israel is not a Beggar.

Equally, we conclude, that the USA
is not some philanthropist- entity
but is simply a sucker being blackmailed.

Any other conclusions are welcome !!

Raja Chemayel
a philanthropist- observer
الفرق بين الشحاذ والمبتز

الفرق بين الشحاذ والمبتز
كبير كبير جداً جداً....
مع أن كليهما عملياً، يجبيان الأموال!!!
من فريق ثالث أكان كياناً أو شخصاً!!؟؟

الشحاذ يستعطي بينما المبتز يطلب ويصر على الطلب...
في 90% من الحالات عليك أن تدفع للمبتز!! لماذا؟؟!!! الله هو العليم...............!!
وفي 90% من الحالات يمكنك رفض استعطاء الشحاذ...

بامكانك أن تقول لا للشحاذ... وإذا كنت كريماً تقول له ألله يعطيك أو يفتح الله!!!
بينما عليك أن تقول للمبتز تكرم وعلى عيني قبل راسي!!!

إذا وافقتني القول، حتى الآن...
الرجاء عدم محي الرسالة!!!

لنعد إلى واقع الحياة!!!
والحقائق الواضحة التي أمامنا...
فنحن نسمع ونرى بأم العين "دولة إسرائيل" تطلب وتصر على الطلب بل تأمر...
بأن تدفع لها المساعدات بالعمة الصعبة هذه الأيام باليورو *
وليس بالدولار الذي بفعل كان عملة صعبة والتي كانت أكثر من مسرورة جداً بالحصول علية!!!
فالدولار أصبح الآن عملة (أسمحوا لنا بالقول) أصبح عملة طرية أو لينة مثل الفرنك واللير في سالف الأيام!!!
كلنا يعلم كن من العملات الصعبة سابقا كانت الولايات المتحد تضخ لإسرائيل بشكل هبات وقروض لم تدفع قط!!!
كانت تضخ في الاقتصاد الإسرائيلي والآلة الحربية الإسرائيلية....

والسؤال ألآن هو،،، هل إسرائيل متسولة شحاذة أو مبتزة؟؟؟؟؟؟

وبشكل متواز، نستنتج،أن الولايات المتحدة...
ليست كياناً مصنفاً كفاعل خير !!!
بالرغم من عشرات المليارات التي تدفعها لإسرائيل... من كيس دافع الضرائب المسكين!!!
طبعاً مرغم أخاك لا بطل!!!
إنها مصاصة دماء مبتزة؟؟!!!

أي استنتاجات... مرحب بها!!!!
استنتاج من المترجم إذا سمحتم... الكيانان قفيان بشروال واحد!!!!

رجا الشميل
فاعل خير – مراقب

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Metropolis, Persepolis ,Tripolis and now Annapolis-بيرسيبوليس، طرابلس وآنابوليس

Which Peace-maker , is not ?
Which Puppet is at the same time the Puppeteer ?
Which defeated one, is a defeatist ?

Which occupier shall not retreat ?
Which Peace Broker , never was ?
Which occupied , is collaborating ?

Which one, has nothing to loose ?
Which one, cannot loose ?
Which one, lost all credibility ?

Which one grabs this opportunity ?
Which one is an opportunist ?
Which one would grab any opportunity ?

Which one serves Imperialism ?
Which one serves Zionism ?
Which one serves Defeatism ?

Raja Chemayel
16Th of November 2007

بيرسيبوليس، طرابلس وآنابوليس

أي صانع سلام، لايصنعه؟
أي ألعوبة هو في الوقت ذاته صانع ألعاب؟؟!!
أي مدحور، هو في الوقت ذاته انهزامي؟؟!!

أي محتل لن يتراجع يعني لن ينسحب؟؟!!
أي وسيط سلام، لم يتوسط أبداً؟؟!!
أي محتل، هو عميل للاحتلال؟؟!!

من هو الذي ليس لديه ما يخسره؟؟!!
من الذي لا يمكنه أن يخسر... يندحر؟؟!!
من الذي خسر مصداقيته؟؟!!

من الذي ينتهز هذه الفرصة؟؟!!
من هو الانتهازي؟؟!!
من هو الذي ينتهز أي فرصة سانحة؟؟!!

من الذي يتعاون مع الاستعمار؟؟!!
من الذي يتعاون مع الصهيونية؟؟!!
من الذي يمالئ الانهزامية؟؟!!

رجا الشميل

Warning to Arabs and Muslims living under a Western-Sun-قال يسوع الناصري ذات مرة

Jesus of Nazareth said once :
" Not from bread alone , shall the man live"
obviously my wise-countryman must have meant
that Bread alone is not as important as food
and that the man must nourish himself also spiritually.

2007 years later , that verse must come handy,
because I hear that in different parts of the Western-world
and in different cities the police is drawing a map
where eventual Muslims and Arabs, are to be found.

Probably the police would think that knowing the address
of any person , can help to find out his or her intentions
or his/her convictions and most probably his/her plans......

In Cairo and Algiers and Baghdad and Jeddah and Tehran
and Islamabad and Sanaa , the Police does not need having
such a plan....almost ererybody is Muslim.

The Western Police in western-cities under western-Democracies
shall follow up the distribution network of Arabic Bread
from Arabic Bakeries and shall note down the address of each delivery....

Inspired by the Spanish-Inquisition , when the Catholic-religious-police
was following up the deliveries of Pitah-Bread from the Jewish-Bakeries
in Toledo,Saragossa, Madrid,Granada and Sevillia.

This way ,and today, the Police shall trace each of us living
under the Western-cities
so we better watch-out, for our diet !!
or simply ,and in order to fool the police ,
we must order home-deliveries of only Pitah-Bread*
instead of the normal,usual ,Arabic-Bread....
because the Pitah-Terrorists do not count as Terrorists !!
and they are not under control of the Police
especially not in Tel Aviv , nor New-York,
nor Haifa,London and Lodd .

Sherlock Hommos

*NB :
the Pitah Bread, eaten by our Jewish-cousins ,
looks a lot like Arabic-bread but it is , of course, Kosher !!
قال يسوع الناصري ذات مرة

"ليس بالخبز وحده يحيى الإنسان"
الظاهر أن مواطني النبيه كان يعني...
أن الخبز وحده ليس بالأهمية ذاتها ألتي لأهمية الطعام...
وأنه على الإنسان أيضاً أن يغذي نفسه روحياً

وقد يعتقد رجل الشرطة بأن معرفته بمكان الإقامة...
لأي كان، يمكنه من كشف غاياته أو غاياتها...
أو معتقداته أو معتقداتها... وبالتأكيد مخططاته؟ مخططاتها!!!

في القاهرة... الجزائر... بغداد... جدة... طهران...
إسطنبول وو صنعاء... لا يلزم الشرطة...
معرفة مثل هذه المخططات... فتقريباً كل وأي إنسان في هذه الدن... مسلم...

الشرطة الغربية في المدن الغربية في ظل الديمقراطية الغربية...
تستقصي منهاج توزيع طلبيات الخبز العربي!!!
من المخابز العربية وتسجل عنوان كل طلبية...

وبوحي من محاكم التفتيش الإسبانية، عندما كانت الشرطة الدينية الكاثوليكية هي الآمرة الناهية...
عندما كانت طلبيات خبز البيتا توزع من قبل المخابز اليهودية...
في توليدو... ساراجوستا... مدريد... غرناطة وسافيل...

بهذه الطريقة في هذه الأيام، تتبع خطى كل منا يعيش...
تحت السماوات الغربية... في الدن الغربية...
لذا يتوجب على كل منا الانتباه... لحمية نفسه!!!
أو ببساطة، وكي نخدع الشرطة...
غلينا أن نطلب فقط خبز البيتا اليهودي*

بدلاً عن خبزنا العربي المعتاد...
لأن ارهبي البيتا لا يعتبرون ارهابيين!!!
ولا يقعون تحت مراقبة الشرطة،
وبشكل خاص لا في تل أبيب، ولا في نيويورك، وكذلك في حيفا، لندن وفي اللد!!!
شارلوك حمص...
خبير تغذية
17 تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2007

خبز البيتا، هو الخبز الذي يأكله أبناء عمومتنا اليهود...
وهو يشبه كثيراً الخبز العربي، ولكنه كوشير!!!!
ترجمة: النصراوي: أديب قعوار

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Iran or Iraq ??

It is true, most probably,
that George W. Bush talks to God,
but the question remains whether God
himself, ever talked to George, or not.

Being so ignorant on so many subjects and cases
and he also being so weak, especially, in Geography
George W. Bush were eventually "told to invade Iran"
but he ended up burning down , Iraq
Regardless who ever asked him , to do so.....

George missed the target...... ..... by one letter , only,
and a million dead plus four million displaced
will hold him accountable. ........not to forget,also
twenty five thousands Americans using a Wheel-chair
or an artificial-limb.

Secondly ,
it must be surely someone else than God
who would have asked George "to invade Iran"
or practically to invade Iraq......

Anyhow ,
the Devil ,Haliburton, Blackwater,
Al Qua'eeda and Israel
are not complaining , at all ,
about George's ignorance or mistake.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
a hysteric-historian

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hugo and the King.........Raja and the Queen هيوغو والملك................. ورجا/شرلوك والملكة

Hugo said : Aznar was a fascist !!

Zapatero said : do not insult Mr. Aznar ,

who was democratically elected !!....Hugo

The King said : why don't you shut up !!.....Hugo !!

The first fact is that the King, himself, was never elected

The second fact Hugo is an elected person

The third and most relevant fact is that this King

was simply appointed by a fascist....

even a fascist who was once allied to Adolf Hitler.

My question , with all due respect,

who ought to shut up ??

in this case and for ever , too.

The Queen of the Netherlands , (where I live)

never asked anyone to "shut up"

and her German Father used to fly RAF-Bombers over Fascist-Berlin

when the King of Spain was hiding safely in Switzerland.

Long live my Queen !!

Queen Beatrix, by Carla Rodenburg 1995

Raja Chemayel

هيوغو قال: أزنار فاشستي!!!

زاباتيرو قال: لا تهين سنيور أزنار،
الذي أنتخب ديمقراطيا!!!.............يا هيوغو
والملك قال: لمادا لا تخرس يا!!!.... يا هيوغو!!!

أهم حقيقة هي أن اللك ذاته، لم يحدث أن أنتخب ديمقراطياً.............
وثانياً..... هي أن هيوغو هو المنتخب ديموقراطياً!!!
الحقيقة الثالثة... والأكثر صدقيه... هي أن هذا الملك
كان وببساطة: قد عينه ديكتاتور فاشستي.....!!!!
والأنكى أن هذا الدكتاتور الفاشستي كان حليفاً مقرباً لهتلر!!!!!!!!!!!!
وسؤالي، مع كامل احترامي.........
من هو الذي يجب أن يخرس؟؟؟؟
وفي هذه الحالة ودائماً أيضاً...
إن ملكة هولندا (البلاد الواطئة).... (حيث أقيم)...
. لم يحدث أن طلبت من "أي كان أن يخرس"
وكان أباها الألماني يقود طائرة من سلاح الجو البريطاني الملكي ليغير على برلين الفاشستية النازية....
بينما كان ملك إسبانيا مختبئ في مكان آمن في الجبال السويسرية....
عاشت مليكتي!!!

رجا الشميل
كوميوتري منتخب!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Only a French-Foreign-Minister would think that....

The word ,"Hypocrisy" ,
is written in the French-language: "Hypocrisie"
thus, not much of difference between English, on one side,
and the French , on the other.....
both words are written almost the same way
and also pronounced the same.

France's Foreign Minister repeated time and time again that :
" France shall not interfere in Lebanon's choice of President"
and also that
" Each other foreign-power shall and must not influence
this purely Lebanese choice "...........unquote.

Of course ,
you would agree with me that, Lawyers and Diplomats
are the only professions paid to lie,
allowed to lie and immune from the pursuit of honesty.

But I see that the ridiculous .........( le ridicule , in French)
has taken over here from the lies and the hypocrisy.... (hypocrisie)

Indeed , and as a striking example ,the French Foreign Minister
is coming to Beirut ,uninvited.. ..... (although welcome by some)
exactly on the day and hour when this election is planned.

What do we conclude here ?

The words Hypocrisy and Hypocrisie do differ a little
but idiot (in English) and idiot (in French)....
are 100% identical, substantially, orthographically
and even phonetically.

Unfortunately both the English-speaking and the French think
that we (Lebanese) are idiots...... .... (idiots) .

How far are we ,here,from this truth ??
because many Lebanese are not idiots and others are...
Only an idiot does not realise that he is an idiot !
only a French-Foreign- Minister would think that Lebanese are French !!

Raja Chemayel
better to be a Lebanese-idiot , than a French-hypocrite !
12Th. November 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mrs. Anna Polis and Mr.De Ception

The Annapolis Peace Conference
must come out with nothing less than a Miracle
because anything else would be implausibly- incredible.

Besides that ,
all Miracles happen to the faithful and/or to the righteous
and never do they occur to the people like those ones attending
that Oralpolis-conferenc e , very soon .

No sign of honesty , nor credibility nor justice
are present at that conference.. ..
I see only a repetition of everything else
than the above mentioned basic-ingredients.
so necessary and yet all so missing....

It is like building a bridge before ever securing
the road that shall bring us to that bridge.

The only optimist-opportunis t-prediction
of a result ,would be :

"A temporary-compromis e between
the defeated and robbed-victim ,
with its own robbers ,
on the amount of looted-Land,
which will be eventually returned.... if ever !! "

Otherwise it will be cheaper if everybody would stay home
and spare the expenses of travelling and lodging,
unless CNN and CIA are paying for them.....

Sherlock Hommos
wanting the road build ,before any bridge.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Meaningless-Meeting and the Most-Modern-Monotheist

The Pope meets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
which was the most harmless and meaningless meeting
ever in the history of cultures and religions' encounters.

The Pope being what he is, for some of us,
and what he is surely not , for the rest of us,
have met a King who never pretended any religious-role
for which , I have to respect him.

King Abdullah calls himself simply the
"The servant (guardian) of two most Holy sites"
(Mecca and Medina)

Like if and when Mr.Ehud Olmert
would claim that he is the "Guardian of the West-Wall"
which incidentally is simply a Roman Wall in an Arab-city...
and the big difference is that Mecca and Medina are not stolen !
nor occupied.

Back to the Vatican's meeting,
where two different personalities
who are in fact so close on the practical side:
conservatism and fundamentalism makes them
de-facto-allies. ......... .......if not even twins..
Besides the fact that both are awfully rich
and both rely on God's authority to make it theirs.

Islam does not have any hierarchy
and it gives the top-functions to its most learned scholar
among Good's servants.... .while the Vatican works
with a long tradition of posts and functions ,
leading up to a Pyramid's top .
(if you are lucky enough)

In this case , King Abdullah's religion
is more modern and more democratic than the Pope's.

Contraception is better seen and dealt with by Islam
than the Vatican would like Catholics to behave.

Celibacy for Good's servants is only required by the Vatican
while Islam allows them a more humane and natural life.

The Vatican does not allow divorce while Islam does not
bind forever those who want to separate.

Islam does not allow the adoption of any children
unless they are from one own family ....
or only when ,the orphan-child has no family, at all.

The list is long and I am not entitled to analyse more
due to my limited education and knowledge ,
but I wish sincerely ,that the Vatican would not fear the competition
anymore from those most modern monotheists : the Muslims.

Raja Chemayel
an islamophile- christian

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Persia's perverse neighbour الجنرال (اللواء) المشاكس بيرفيرس مشرف....

General Perverse Musharraf........
Persia's perverse-neighbour

How many dictators do you know ,today,
who are not enjoying the support of the USA ?
and how many dictators , yesterday, were ever anti-USA ???

I think , will all due respect ,
that you could count them on the fingers of one hand.

Although I hardly can place Colonel Qaddafi today.......
never mind that !!............Qaddafi is useful to both sides !!!
Like a ferry-boat between two remote islands !!

But how perverse can Perverse Musharraf be ??

He came to power in a Military-coup
and was quickly pardoned later on
because allegedly the Pilots of Ben Lading did not use
any airport-runways for their landings....
Then Perverse became non-perverse.......a "Friend of democracies"

Today that same democracy is jailed in Pakistan
even Judges and lawyers go to Jail,
and Condi Rice is asking this perverse Perverse
to : " take off his uniform"......unquote.

Musharraf might ask her " take yours off first"
but in the case of Condi , she may keep it all....
no offence for her ugliness !!
(abstention here, is very tasteful for in her case ....)
Next thing, we shall hear Dr.Rice asking to Benazir Buhto
the same demand....!!

Back to the perverse-situation of this Perverse Musharraf:

1-he has an atomic bomb
2-he serves the interest of the USA
3-he kills enough of his fellow Muslims
4-he fights the global-war-on-terrorism , after having build that Terrorism.
5-he even has sold nuclear-technology to Qaddafi and to North Korea
but he did not sell it to Iran (yet).....and that counts !!
6-therefore this ongoing perversion of Pakistan
may not be that bad , after all !! for the USA, at least.

Any action against Pakistan may be delayed now
for the reasons I mentioned here before............
plus the fact that those Hollywood Screenwriters are still on strike
and this surely affects the strategy-planning of the USA.

Sherlock Hommos
Screenwriter for the unseen films.
Seventh day of November 2007
الجنرال (اللواء) المشاكس بيرفيرس مشرف....
جار إيران المشاكس

كم دكتاتور تعرف.... اليوم؟
الذين لا يتمتعون بدعم الولايات المتحدة (ونضيف دكتاتورها المنتخب مرتين)؟؟؟
وكم كان عدد الدكتاتورات، بالأمس، الذين يشاكسون الولايات المتحدة؟؟؟

أعتقد، مع كامل احترامي،
أنه بإمكان المرء عدهم على أصابع اليد الواحدة........

هذا مع أنه من الصعب تصنيف الكونوليل القذافي اليوم وليس أمس أو غداً....
بغض النظر عن ذلك...!!! للقذافي منافع عند كلا الطرفين!!!!
مثله مثل عبارة تعمل بين جزيرتين متباعدتين بعيدتين!!!

ولكن كم مدى مشاكسة برفييز مشرف؟؟؟ (لمعلومتكم فقط بيرفيز باللغة الإنكليزية تعني مشاكس)

وصل اللواء المشاكس إلى السلطة عن طريق انقلاب عسكري...
ولكنه نال عفواً سريعاً!!!لأن طياري بن لادن لم يستخدموا...
أي مدرج طائرات لهبوطهم!!!
وبالتالي لم يعد بيرفيرس مشاكساً... أصبح "صديق حميم للديمقراطيات"!!!!!!!!!!!

المهم أن هذه الديمقراطية بالذات سجينة في الباكستان...
حتى القضاة والمحامين سجنوا في الباكستان (الديمقراطية)!!!!
وكوندوم رايس تطالب المشاكس برفيس...
أن "يقلع زيه العسكري الرسمي"!!!!.... إنتهى الاقتطاف...

وقد يطلب منها أن "تسبقه بالقلع وتكون المثل الصالح"...
ولكن لمشكلة أن كوندوم" ستحتفظ به كاملاً... غير منقوص!!!
بالاعتذار من دمامتها...!!!
(الغياب في هذا المجال قد يكون مذوق بما يخصها.......)
نقطة ثانية, قد نتحمل من الدكتورة كوندي أن تطلب من بنزير بوتو ذات الشيء....!!!!!

لنعد إلى ذلك الوضع المشاكس "بتاع كما يقول مبارك زميل بيرفيز" برففيز مشرف:
1. يملك المشاكس قنبلة ذرية... (وإسرائيل ما بتجيب سيرتهأ)!!!! 1.
2. وهو بخدمة الولايات المتحدة ... سنجه طق!!!
3. 3. وهو يقتل بما فيه الكفاية من المسلمين مثله!!!
4. 4. يساهم بالحرب العالمية على الإرهاب بعد أن بناها هو بالذات..!!!
5. وهو الذي باع التكنولوجيا النووية إلى القذافي وكوريا الجنوبية،
6. . ولكنه لم يبعها لإيران... لماذا (الجواب بسيط لم يكن لدى إسرائيل من مانع لبيعها للقذافي وكوريا ج.(!!!
7 . لذا إن وضع باكستان المشاكس...
8. قد لا يكون من السوء الذي قد يعـتقده البعض، وعلى أقل تعديل!!! بالنسبة للولايات المتحدة!!!

أي عمل إنتقامي ضد باكستان قد يقرر تأخيره الآن
للأسباب الآنفة الذكر........
بالإضافة إلى ذلك ++++ أن كتاب السيناريو في هوليود لا يزالون مضربين عن الإنتاج!!!
وهذا ما يؤثر التخطيط الإستراتيجي للولايات المتحدة!!!

شرلوك حمص
كاتب السيناريو لأفلام غير مرئية،،،
السابع من تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

The shortest" Breaking-News" أقصر خبر عاجل

Just some hours ago ,
the Guild of Hollywood Screenwriters
has gone on a national strike.

What will be the direct-consequences ??
The World and especially the USA
shall receive far less lessons in History
until this strike is over ....

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Film Critic

فقط لساعات قليلة مضت....
أعلنت رابطة كتاب السيناريو في هوليود
...الإضراب على نطاق وطني...
ماذا ستكون النتائج المباشرة لذلك؟؟؟
سيصل إلى العالم وبشكل خاص...
عدد أكثر بكثير في دروس التاريخ!!!!وذلك حتى ينتهي الإضراب............
ونقطة على السطر... فقد انتهى الخبر العاجل والسريع
!!!الباش مهندس مصطفى روزينبلومناقد سينمائيالخامس من تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر
الخبر من القصر بمكان حتى يستأهل كتابة اسم المترجم

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Probably the shortest story.....نعتقد أن التالي أقصر قصة....

The USA is currently building the largest Embassy ever
anywhere else in the world , for its diplomats in Baghdad .

The civil-servants of the US-diplomatic-corps
are refusing to be assigned there....

......end of the story

Sherlock Hommos
a very short-story-teller

الولايات تبني أكبر سفارة لها في التاريخ!!!!
وفي أي مكان في العالم، وذلك لدبلوماسييها في بغداد!!!!

أعضاء السلك الدبلوماسي للولايات المتحدة... ول.....
ويرفضون تعيينهم... هناك... ولو أدى ذلك إلى طردهم من الوظيفة!!!!!
نهاية القصة....
شرلوك حمص
راوي حكايات قصيرة جدا... جداً

الترجمان المحلف لشرلوك...
أديب قعوار

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why not ?? also Beirut

Too much of sectarianism
shall end-up in
de-facto-secularism !!

In the Lebanon as you surely know , each political
or administrative position is reserved to a certain sect,
starting from the top job of a President , down to
the lowest government post imaginable
and even down to the lowest relevant civil-servant- job.

But what the creators of such a system could not plan
nor influence was the electoral process in electing any elected official.

I shall explain :

Lebanon having both religions , it has also 11 major recognised sects (at least)
where each sects get a proportional representation in the Parliament,
in the Government and in the hierarchy of the civil servants key positions.

During an election the voters are bound only geographically
to their constituency and once voting they could ignore their
own sectarial-candidate and simply vote to a candidate from another sect.

Example :
if you are from sect NR. 5 ,
you may vote for the candidate of the sect NR. 7 or 3 or 8
and you may make him win although this candidate does not share your sect
In other words only the seat is reserved for a sect ,
but not your choice .

It sounds complicated by it is not , Lebanon looks sectarian but it is not.
Foreign powers would like Lebanon to look divided and backwards.
Although we do have reactionary and feudal parties
Although we do have new-comers-Billiona ires buying their power and positions
Although political power is inherited within family clans (Dynasties)

It is this diversity and this plurality
which make our so "special Leb.Democracy"

Do not worry about sects and sectarianism
the next Lebanese President of the republic
will be a Maronite President elected, either,
thanks to the Shi'aa rising power
or alternatively he shall be a Maronite-President
brought to power by the Sunni-Wahhabi- dollars.

In both cases the Lebanon and its Maronite's
shall have a constitutional- Maronite- President
who shall not forcibly be France's choice
nor the Vatican's choice...... ...

If you wondered what happened to the CIA's Choice ??
do not worry....the Sunni-Wahhabi' s took care of it.

Whether I confused you more here , or on the contrary,
I would have shed some lights on the dark-side
of Middle-Eastern-complexity

Please ,rest assured that any people's choice is manipulated. .....
from Peking to Washington
and from Kabul to Kurdistan
so why not Beirut ?? also

Raja Chemayel
looking for democracy using a microscope.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Freedom is a Gun.......

drawing by Ben Heine

Do not wait for your Freedom to come
after the next rainy day.

Liberation comes from inside of you
and is never delivered to you, by any other messenger
nor can you order it from abroad.....
like some home-delivery-Pizza

How to get it ??

Admit first , what your own identity is ,
and do not invent one.

Recognise your borders and your limits.

Identify your goals and your enemies.

Choose your friends and allies ,
do not let them to choose you, first.

Learn how to read and to write ,
put bread on your children's table
and only thereafter, pick up a gun !.......
............ and then, you are almost there !!

This is , no poet-stuff
nor any fancy-philosopher' s thoughts
nothing new , nor anything much revealing
just words that should be taken at their face-value.

Raja Chemayel
great-grand- nephew of a Philosopher
named Chebli Chemayel (Shebli Shmayyel)