Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tony Blair converts to Catholicism

Some "good news" for some, are "bad news"...... for others
and to loose a bad-thing is not a lost............but a gain .

Today the Anglican Church has won in the lost of Tony Blair
and the Catholic Church has lost in admitting someone like Tony.

But , who am I to judge ??

At least being a Catholic Tony would now have to confess ,
as each good Catholic does.......regularly
but then and again....... ....who needs the confession of any liar ??

Eng. Mousfata Roosenbloom

PS :
Eventually , and for the sake of honesty ,
or rather for the sake of his political-honesty,
Tony Blair could convert into Judaism instead of Catholicism
if only Judaism would have anything to do with the Zionism ,
but it does not !! anyhow.

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