Saturday, June 13, 2009

who said that Iranians were ugly ?????

Mahmoud AhmadiNejad, has won his elections
The Western Media ,among others, are not happy
and they start showing us each and every protest
in Iran and in Tehran...... .

President AhmadiNejad got 63% of the votes
against all three other candidates.
if 3% is the error margin
and if
15% were to be the margin of eventual-alledged cheating
AhmadiNejad is still the winner

I have ben in Tehran more than 20 times
and I recognise the "level" of the inhabitants
and their neighborhoods. ...

The Western Media is so busy filming
in the chic-neighborhoods and intervieuwing
only the chic-fancy-modern iranis......
while avoiding the popular masses
who actually have brought the victory to AhmadiNejad

Indeed the upper clases of Tehran
would have prefered another candidate
but one citizen means one vote
regardless of the size of one's bank account..... .

AhmadiNejad has won , and the Western Media
should stop manipulating our opinions
they should rather go see what is happening
in South Korea because I smell a lot
of Weapons of Mass Destructions,
like the ones President Saddam has never had.
There are small genocides in Afghanistan and Pakistan, also
like the ones President Saddam has never done.....

The Media ought to report the news
instead of making it.

Raja Chemayel

Friday, June 12, 2009

65 years imprisoment....and 42 years later ?
A US-Marine-Ship with many wholes !!!

That ship was a US-spy-ship about to establish that
it is the Israeli Army who has started the 1967 War
and not the Egyptian Army.

A US Marine ship was bombed in 1967
by the Israeli Army , disguised in a Russian made planes
to look like the Egyptian Army Airforce.

So many US Marines died and others were wounded.

42 years later ,
A US based Charity Organisation has sent money
and other goods to Hamas.
The Director of that Charity Org. was punished
with a prison sentence of 65 years......
because according to US Law,
Hamas is a Terrorist Organisation
therefore it should not be supported... ...

But ,
may I ask , when Hamas were to be Terrorists ,
what do we consider the Israeli Pilots who bombed
the USS Liberty Ship ???
How come they never got 65 years in prison ??

Can we send charity-money to the Israeli-Airforce , unpunished ??

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Charity-agent for Israeli pilots !!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New-Man-of-Peace
Only a Crown is missing....

Mahmoud Abbas is trying so hardly to copy that
"Only Democracy in the Middle East"
and has taken some measures and actions
in order to resemble to the Apparatus of the State of Zion
for example .
1- imprisoning political activists
2- imprisoning members of the legislative council
3- intimidating Journalists
4- shooting at Hamas
5- boycotting Gaza
6- shuttling up and down to Washington
7- calling any liberation action as being "terrorism"
8- living exclusively on US subsidies
etc...etc... .

Give soon to Mahmoud also an Atom bomb
(like the one of Nathaniahu's)
and soon Mahmoud may be also called:
"Man of Peace"

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Only Democracy in the ME......and that Dum-Blond
Unexpected visitors.... .... ??
uninvited visitors.... ......... !!

The other-only-democracy
in the Middle East.

Has had a successful-cruxial- pivotal-election s
without any violent incident, or otherwise
without anyone ( so far) contesting the results
without Hezbollah ever using their military power
without any registered complaint.
without any Hezbollah (11) candidates ever loosing their seats
without the Hariri-clan being able to buy (or to rent)
all of the Lebanont

Is this Democracy or not ??

Nevertheless ,the undersigned,
would like to submit only one complaint
about a Dum-Blond who came unexpectedly
for a surprise-visit to show her support
for the one side........ only
and not for the elections itself.

Also Mr. Joe Biden,came over,
even on the election-day
to do the same as that Dum-blond did,
plus to remind us that the US-Aid
will be subject to the results...

Sherlock Hommos
anti-outside- interference

Monday, June 8, 2009

In the middle of the Middle-East

The cleanest and the clean !!

When the Lebanon votes
the world keeps on turning..... ..
Although we the Lebanese ,
would like to think differently,

The Wahhabi's could not knock out the Jaafaree´s
nor can we say that all the Lebanese are all
revolutionaries who want to liberate Palestine.

At least Lebanon stayed in the middle of the Middle-East
between the Phoenician heritage and avangardist-liberators.

The rich remained rich
and the righteous kept their moral upper ground

Hezbollah shall disarm itself ,
only, in Jerusalem
not in Beirut nor in Cairo nor in Ryadh.

Who ever wants to disarm Hezbollah , earlier,
must come and collect them by himself !!!

Raja Chemayel
the day after the elections

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beware of politics......and the brothels
A brothel I have never visited....
but Vincent did.

A 40 year´s old Joke.

A very willing customer entered to a brothel :
" good evening Madame,
what are the specialities of the house"

Monsieur , said the Chic- Lady,
welcome !!
tonight´s special is

but it will cost you 20 dollars more !!

The gentleman paid hastily and entered to a private room...
there comes a young lady to offer her services,
but she does not even look Spanish nor Latin nor anything like it.

Even after when the encounter has started ,
the customer did not notice anything different
from than "the usual corchoreography ".......

That encounter was almost finishing ,
when the customer asked the girl
with an unsatisfied and irritated tone :
my dear lady , I paid 20 Dollars more
so where is that special Spanish flavor
or that Spanish-style

in all that what we are doing ,now ??????

The lady said :
!! ....I almost forgot !!!
she jumped up , out of bed,
clapped her hands twice
clicked her fingers,
and shouted " Ole !! "
She went back to bed and said :
there you are !!
that was the Spanish-special.... extra.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------

How come I remembered this joke 40 years later ??

It happened , when I heard President Obama in Cairo,
during his speech saying : " Al Salam Alaykom...."
he reminded me of the Prostitute shouting " Ole !!"

Because after all , Obama´s speech in Cairo ,
was not better than any other Bush-speech
but only Obama has added " Al Salam Alaykom......" to it ,
like the protitute who added the " Ole "
Beware of politics.... ......... .. and of brothels !!

Sherlock Hommos
never believe a politician.. ..
nor a Brothel-Madame