Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Only Democracy in the ME......and that Dum-Blond
Unexpected visitors.... .... ??
uninvited visitors.... ......... !!

The other-only-democracy
in the Middle East.

Has had a successful-cruxial- pivotal-election s
without any violent incident, or otherwise
without anyone ( so far) contesting the results
without Hezbollah ever using their military power
without any registered complaint.
without any Hezbollah (11) candidates ever loosing their seats
without the Hariri-clan being able to buy (or to rent)
all of the Lebanont

Is this Democracy or not ??

Nevertheless ,the undersigned,
would like to submit only one complaint
about a Dum-Blond who came unexpectedly
for a surprise-visit to show her support
for the one side........ only
and not for the elections itself.

Also Mr. Joe Biden,came over,
even on the election-day
to do the same as that Dum-blond did,
plus to remind us that the US-Aid
will be subject to the results...

Sherlock Hommos
anti-outside- interference

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