Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today the USA remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
while black-Marines are dying in Iraq and in Afghanistan
side by side with their Latino-Marines-comrades ....
while , and accidentally, the higher officers are ,mainly,
still of a much-lighter-colour.

Today blacks and whites
sit near each other on the same Bus
that takes them to some Naval-Base ,
to board a ship towards Basra, Beirut or Baghdad

No more segregation on the US-buses !!
and even Obama may come , as close as,
to smell a presidency.........
before soon , a White-supremacist
or even more "conveniently" , a Muslim-fanatic
might repeat the same drama , as 40 years ago.

Not Obama nor Dr. Rice
are anywhere near to Dr. M.L. King Jr.
they only share the colour of his skin,
but not the colour of his ideals

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more white
than many white-people.....with their black intentions.

Raja Chemayel
fifth of April 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

TIBET and the restoration of a "God"

Actually , the Olympic-games are a period
when people make a truce , a kind of temporary Peace.

This was the first message of those games,
otherwise they would be just another sport-competition,
like any other......

The Olympic flame going around the World, shall be
disturbed and distracted and probably even kidnapped too.
Because , mainly , of the situation in TIBET.

The Dalay Lama , as symbol, is finally and practically a "living-God"
to that Tibet-Nation and a leader and a monarch and a head of state
and the highest authority.........just to name a few !!....

The CIA is eager to help the democracy in TIBET
like it did in Nicaragua and Vietnam and Chili and Cuba
and Beirut and Iraq and Afghanistan....just to name a few !!.

If and when , the
TIBET shall be freed and this Half-God or Living-God
or Human-God shall regain his throne,,,,,,
then it will be the first time that the CIA would have restored a "God"
usually the CIA helps , Dictators, Despots,Generals, Kings, Princes,
Sultans and Shah........
just to name a few !!.

Well done CIA !! .........this is a premier !!

But remember please Dear CIA......
not to do it , during the Olympics....
it is a period of truce and temporary Peace and brotherly-love
and idealism.......just to name a few !!

Sherlock Hommos
Olympic commentator...and spotter of divinities.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday !! to Sherlock Hommos

Today ,
I became sixty and my grey-hair too….

Two consolations I have still kept :
that I am 6 weeks older than the state of Israel
and I am about 5 years younger than Mick Jagger,
than Bob Dylan and Nayef Hawatmeh......

In 1956…… when I was 8 years old,
I heard the name of Port-Said,
so I asked my father where Port-Said was ?
and he told me , in Egypt
and that France, England and Israel have attacked it,
because they wanted to re-occupy the Suez Canal.
So I asked my father where the Suez-Canal was ??
and he answered “ also in Egypt”.

At that age of 8,
I had already concluded that this world is not perfect,
and that some countries want to devour the others.
and they called all this " the human nature " .

At the age of 10,
The US-Marines landed in the Lebanon to stop the (re) union
of Lebanon with Syria and Egypt…….
Eisenhower and Golda Meier did not like this (re)union.
And they called it "intervention on behalf of a friendly-regime "

At the age of 20,
Israel attacked Jordan, Syria and Egypt
and stole Jerusalem with Bethlehem.
And called it “self-defence”.

At the age of 27,
The dogs of Israel and of the USA , created a civil-war
in the Lebanon just to physically get rid of the Palestinians-refugees.
And called it “defending the identity of the Lebanon

At the age of 34,
Israel invaded the Lebanon bombed and encircled Beirut
and sent the Palestinian out of Lebanon towards Syria,
Yemen and Tunisia.
And called it “operation safe-Galilee

At the age of 40,
The pro-Israel and fascists militias in the Lebanon
fought against each other because they could not
find any Palestinian to slaughter anymore .
And called it “the war of Liberation from Syria

At the age of 55 ,
George Bush went to my Iraq looking for
the "Weapons of Mass Distraction"
and found only " the Mother of all Battles".
and they called it "operation Iraqi-Freedom"

At the age of 58
Israel has bombed my Beirut because
the Lebanese-freedom-fighters
did kidnap 2 Israeli-soldiers in uniform……and on duty.
And called it “global war on terrorism

Today at the age of sixty,
I ask you , whether there is any difference between,
being a Lebanese or being a Palestinian , an Iraqi
or being simply any other Arab ??.

Since the Seventh-century ,
all the Arabs are sharing the same fate ,
and I also shared it……..for the last sixty years, only.

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
an Arab

Must I think and act differently
for the next sixty years ???

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That State founded by Angels

the Israelis

Imagine ,
for the sake of my argument,
that the Sate of Israel were founded by Angels
with the most noble intentions and most humane plans
and was exclusively inhabited by Angels , as well.

First of all , those Angels have caused the exile
of 3 million refugees who are already waiting
60 years , for the chance to go back home.

Secondly , those same Angels are holding under their occupation
another 3 million souls , while they are building settlements
on their occupied-land and filling them with imported-settlers.
While building an Apartheid-Wall and filling the land
with 580 Check-points and 23 overfilled concentration-camps.....

Thirdly those Angels have done six wars of aggression
in their sixty years of existence ,whereby they have
always and repeatedly expanded their already stolen-land .
Until today, those Angels never declared where their borders are ?

The forth point would be , that those Angels have
disregarded all the United Nation Resolutions
and have broken almost each and all the International Laws,
and rules and International-norms .

My fifth argument is that those Angels have received more
international aid than all of Africa and Asia and South America,
together....while they are world's fifth exporter of Weapons,
second exporters of Diamonds
and the first producers-exporter of pornography.

The sixth point would be that those Angels ,
produce ( and sell) Atomic weapons and bombs
while having the longest military-service-system.

I could go on............. for another 50 points ,
but I would like to stop here, and to ask you :

If ever ,60 years ago , those Angels were real- angels ,
what would they have become now and today ???

Sherlock Hommos
first of April and this is no joke !!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Collective Punishment of 95 percent of the Muslems

Collective Punishment is illegal by the International Law
Hitler did it , but he never was the only one,
look at Gaza even today and look at Fallooga only yesterday.

If we agree so far ,
I would like now to refer to the recent publication
of that Film "Fitna" by G. Wilders
that controversial figure who is much in the line light .

In all his interviews he admitted and confirmed that :
""the fanatic-Moslem's worldwide do represent
only less than 5 per.cent of the total population ""
even inside ( his ) Netherlands.

Also , and simultaneously ,this same opinion , or evaluation
is shared by all the right-wing-commentators
and even by the neo-fascists in Europe.

Fine with me ,
because I find this percentage rather accurate
and very realistic.....

But ,
when we all agreed , that 95 per cent are not fanatic
nor fundamentalist , nor extremist , nor islamist......
and that 95 percent are rather moderate , secular or modernist
or even non-practising-Muslims
then comes the question of why condemning all of Islam
and all of the Muslims.....
why does Wilders-film claim that the ideology of Islam is evil
bad, brutal and backwards ??....even criminal !

Could it be that ,on this earth, we have 1,2 Billion humans
who do fit to the accusations of the Fitna-film ???

Did I ask to Geert Wilders what his own father
and Grand-Father and Great-Grand-father have done
120 years long in the Muslim-Indonesia ???
Didn't they not build churches there even without a building-license ??
did they ask for a permission to set up a christian-dutch-school ??
did they send Indonesians to die defending their Dutch colonies ?? against Japan .
did they pay any salary for the workers in their Plantations ?? ...and how much ??
did they behead Indonesians or they simply hanged them ??
did they integrate in the Indonesian society ??

The message of Wilders film is that "Islam is a criminal-ideology."
Must I remind you, and him , how many crimes
were done under the banner of Christianity ??????
or must I remind you that more Christians died by christian hands
and that when Muslims won over the Invading-Christian-Crusaders ,
they were pardoned and sent back home ,unharmed....!!
(even some were allowed to stay)

Saladin did not do collective -punishment
when re-entering to Jerusalem .Why Wilders does it ?

Must we now also fear the other 95 percent of the Muslims ??

Does western-democracy say that any idiot may talk ??

In some small city north of Amsterdam I saw a floating-barge
refurnished as a floating-brothel ....I asked why not in a solid house, on land ??
the answer was that it is much easier for all the licenses and permissions.
I guess that the Moslem's of Holland must start building there mosques
also on floating-barges , just to avoid Geert Wilder's hysteria !!

Raja Chemayel
Praying in my Church .....only until the day when G. Wilders
shall call my Jesus as a Paedophile who spent his life
with 12 boys....and only one woman !!

I have just seen his film !!

The only good thing in it was the Music
which was written by a non-Muslim.....of course !!

Briefly , this film , if we may call it a film ,
is a collage of banalities, superficiality
and simplicity's.

It is meant to make the dum , much dummer
and the hysteric , even more so........

As from now on , and after that film ,
the fanatic Muslim is more fanatic
and the xenophobe more isolated and scared.

Give me one afternoon and a small audio-video-studio ,
and I shall make you another defamatory film about anything
or anyone.......I could even make you hate all the vegetarians , for example.

Geert Wilders has shot himself in the knee
and the only winners are those who
do not want Europe to understand Islam.

Raja Chemayel
a christian for Islam ....
30. March.2008

If you get a copy of the film or a DVD version you may delete everything
if you wish , but keep the Music !!