Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have just seen his film !!

The only good thing in it was the Music
which was written by a non-Muslim.....of course !!

Briefly , this film , if we may call it a film ,
is a collage of banalities, superficiality
and simplicity's.

It is meant to make the dum , much dummer
and the hysteric , even more so........

As from now on , and after that film ,
the fanatic Muslim is more fanatic
and the xenophobe more isolated and scared.

Give me one afternoon and a small audio-video-studio ,
and I shall make you another defamatory film about anything
or anyone.......I could even make you hate all the vegetarians , for example.

Geert Wilders has shot himself in the knee
and the only winners are those who
do not want Europe to understand Islam.

Raja Chemayel
a christian for Islam ....
30. March.2008

If you get a copy of the film or a DVD version you may delete everything
if you wish , but keep the Music !!


mansour laq said...

A must see!

Todd said...

Speaking as a Jew, a Californian, a sustainability activist and a former videomaker, I agree that this "film" is total garbage!