Saturday, October 27, 2007

We did not do it....!

Drawing by Ben Heine

How many Palestinians were working in Nazi-Concentration -Camps ?
How many Arabs were members of the Waffen-SS ?
How many Syrians were in the Gestapo ?
How many Egyptians were in the Luftwaffe ?
How many Jordanians were crews in the U-Boot ?
and how many Lebanese were in the Hitler-Jugend ?

And the final question would be :
who else are paying the compensation for a European-made- Holocaust ?
which is the State f Israel .....

Whether the Holocaust existed or not,
whether the Holocaust was huge or tiny small.....
we did not do it !!
nor did we take part in it .....!!
nor did we approve of it !!
nor were we informed of it !!

Go please and blame rather those...
who never bombed the Camps of Auschwitz
and those who even never bombed the railways' lines to Auschwitz.

We did not do it !!

Raja Chemayel
an Arab , thus a Palestinian , thus innocent !!
27Th of Oct.2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Environmentally-friendly-fuels"!!! "محروقات صديقة للبيئة"!!!!"

Now that Mr. Al Gore might reconsider seriously
the Presidency of the United States of America .

Now that George Bush has ran out of lies
and US voters might have finally found out ,
just who he really is.

We presume that the next President in the White-house
shall use environmentally-friendly-fuels in his B52 Bombers
when they shall drop their next Atomic-Bombs on Iran.

Who knows ??..........
One day all the US-Bombers shall be equipped with non-harmful-fuels !!!

"A small step for nature-preservation
and a huge step for inhumanity !! "

Please note also that it will be the first Atomic Bomb
dropped by a Nobel Peace Prize winner....!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
كيف يحاول مستر آل غور بجدية
إعادة النظر بقضية رئاسة الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية...
ولما كانت جعبة الرئيس جورج بوش قد فرغت من الأكاذيب...
واكتشف الموطنون الأمريكيون بعد طول لأي...
حقيقة هذا"الرجل"...
نقد بأن الرئيس القادم الذي سيحتل "البيت الأبيض"...
سيملأ خزانات طائراته أل B52 بوقود صديق للطبيعة...
عندما سيسقطون قنابلهم الذرية في المستقبل على إيران...

من يدري...
من يدري سوف يأتي يوم تزود به جميع قاذفات القتابل الأمريكية بوقود غير ضار!!!
"خطوة بسيطة للحفاظ على البيئة
وخطوة هائلة نحو اللإنسانية!!!!"

ملاحظة مهمة: ستكون هذه أول قنبلة ذرية...
سيأمر بالقائها رئيس أمريكي حائز على جائزة نوبل للسلام........!!!!!

المهندس مصطفى روزنبلوم
ترجمة: أديب قعوار

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tell them that I told you so......

Turkey may invade, any day now, the Iraqi-Kurdistan
which is already invaded , and occupied , by the USA, anyhow !

So this Iraqi-Kurdistan shall have the peculiarity
of being simultaneously-double-invaded,
thus double-occupied.

The so called President Jalal (fatso) Talabani,
otherwise known as the President of the Green-Zone
who is a non-Arab-Kurd shall defend that so called Arab-land
which was never Arab , from those non-Arab-invaders
who are 20% Kurds...anyhow.

are you getting confused here ??
you should !!..... it happens to all of us .....

Because :
Iraqi-Kurdistan was never Arab-Land
but the British and the French
decided ,one day,that it must become
an Iraqi-Arab-land.(1920)

Because :
Turkey is also neither Arab nor Kurd
and today's Turkey-land is actually the ancient-Greece.
Or more precisely , Byzantine , Byzantia or Bisance....

Because also :
15 million Turks are ethnic-Kurds (20%)
and 4 Million Turks are annexed-Syrian-Arabs (5%)
and the rest are forcibly-converted-Byzantines
when not ,also the offspring of Balkan-mercenaries
and or various (non-Turk) slaves.....

still Confused ??
you should not worry...... !!

Because Turkey is an American (NATO) Puppet-State
thus any contradictions , abnormalities or historical-injustices
become here much irrelevant..... (just like in Israel's case )

The USA obviously must soon leave Iraq
and Turkey shall save the Pentagon's face in the Kurdish-North,

Iran shall replace the USA in the Shia-South

and Syria gets the Sunni-centre of Iraq
as a compensation for the Golan-height.....
which shall remain as Ashkenazim-Land !!!

Now you know everything !!
Tell them......I told you so ,
although it is not my wish.......but I am becoming s fatalist , lately.

Sherlock Hommos
a fatalist-Anthropologist

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Anti-China-Medal

The (USA) Congressional Medal
has been awarded to the Dalay Lama.

What for ??

Why would the biggest Christian Nation on Earth
offer a Medal to a spiritual leader who does not recognise Jesus Christ ??
unless this Medal would have a political value , only.

But as far as I know , this Lama is only a spiritual figure...
or might I be mistaking ??................ again !!

Unless this award is as only an Anti-China-Medal
or an anti-Christ-Medal , as well.

No Muslim spiritual leader would get such a Medal
because Islam recognises Jesus Christ.
unless some Muslim-Spiritual-Leader would
also become anti-China ???

So there you have it :
The USA which erroneously believes that the State of Israel
has anything to do with the Bible , is now giving a Medal to someone
who never reads the Bible nor he believes in Jesus ,
only to irritate the biggest atheist-Nation on Earth
which could not care less about the man from Nazareth.

I wonder how many members of that same Congress do know:

in which part of India lies the Tibet ??
where did Buddha and Moses once meet ??
if the Tibet is a Nation or a Religion ??
if the Tibet is named after the Emperor Tiberius ?
if the Dalay Lama walks on water ??

But at least this Dalay Lama "is a man of Peace"
for a change, although George did not know it....yet.
but Peace of course is not the issue here !!

The Chinese should have never slaughtered the Armenians
in 1905
the Chinese should not invade Kurdistan...
in 2007
according to the same US Congress....that is .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A short message......رسالة مختصرة

Only the ignorants would expect
any good to come out
from the Evil...

Therefore ,
Democracy, coming out of the USA
and or
Peace, coming out of Zionism,
are less than an illusion !!

فقط الأغبياء يمكن أن ينتظروا
الجيد من الشرير...

أن تأتي الديموقراطية عن طريق الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
السلام من الصهيونية...
ما هو إلا أقل من سراب أو خيال..
ترجمة: أديب قعوار