Monday, October 22, 2007

The Anti-China-Medal

The (USA) Congressional Medal
has been awarded to the Dalay Lama.

What for ??

Why would the biggest Christian Nation on Earth
offer a Medal to a spiritual leader who does not recognise Jesus Christ ??
unless this Medal would have a political value , only.

But as far as I know , this Lama is only a spiritual figure...
or might I be mistaking ??................ again !!

Unless this award is as only an Anti-China-Medal
or an anti-Christ-Medal , as well.

No Muslim spiritual leader would get such a Medal
because Islam recognises Jesus Christ.
unless some Muslim-Spiritual-Leader would
also become anti-China ???

So there you have it :
The USA which erroneously believes that the State of Israel
has anything to do with the Bible , is now giving a Medal to someone
who never reads the Bible nor he believes in Jesus ,
only to irritate the biggest atheist-Nation on Earth
which could not care less about the man from Nazareth.

I wonder how many members of that same Congress do know:

in which part of India lies the Tibet ??
where did Buddha and Moses once meet ??
if the Tibet is a Nation or a Religion ??
if the Tibet is named after the Emperor Tiberius ?
if the Dalay Lama walks on water ??

But at least this Dalay Lama "is a man of Peace"
for a change, although George did not know it....yet.
but Peace of course is not the issue here !!

The Chinese should have never slaughtered the Armenians
in 1905
the Chinese should not invade Kurdistan...
in 2007
according to the same US Congress....that is .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


Anonymous said...

I thought it were the Thais who did the slaughtering of the armenians in 1920...;o) Anyway...

What does a THIEF know about religions, knowing that either the bible or the Koran and the Torah do not allow or accept stealing ...?

Ask G.W. Bush, He should know the answer...

Dazey said...

Raja.. this was a GREAT idea!! The blog, I mean. I also loved this entry! :-D