Saturday, October 27, 2007

We did not do it....!

Drawing by Ben Heine

How many Palestinians were working in Nazi-Concentration -Camps ?
How many Arabs were members of the Waffen-SS ?
How many Syrians were in the Gestapo ?
How many Egyptians were in the Luftwaffe ?
How many Jordanians were crews in the U-Boot ?
and how many Lebanese were in the Hitler-Jugend ?

And the final question would be :
who else are paying the compensation for a European-made- Holocaust ?
which is the State f Israel .....

Whether the Holocaust existed or not,
whether the Holocaust was huge or tiny small.....
we did not do it !!
nor did we take part in it .....!!
nor did we approve of it !!
nor were we informed of it !!

Go please and blame rather those...
who never bombed the Camps of Auschwitz
and those who even never bombed the railways' lines to Auschwitz.

We did not do it !!

Raja Chemayel
an Arab , thus a Palestinian , thus innocent !!
27Th of Oct.2007

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Cristina said...

I love this one too, and I think Ben’s cartoons are really great and they go very well with your writings.