Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tell them that I told you so......

Turkey may invade, any day now, the Iraqi-Kurdistan
which is already invaded , and occupied , by the USA, anyhow !

So this Iraqi-Kurdistan shall have the peculiarity
of being simultaneously-double-invaded,
thus double-occupied.

The so called President Jalal (fatso) Talabani,
otherwise known as the President of the Green-Zone
who is a non-Arab-Kurd shall defend that so called Arab-land
which was never Arab , from those non-Arab-invaders
who are 20% Kurds...anyhow.

are you getting confused here ??
you should !!..... it happens to all of us .....

Because :
Iraqi-Kurdistan was never Arab-Land
but the British and the French
decided ,one day,that it must become
an Iraqi-Arab-land.(1920)

Because :
Turkey is also neither Arab nor Kurd
and today's Turkey-land is actually the ancient-Greece.
Or more precisely , Byzantine , Byzantia or Bisance....

Because also :
15 million Turks are ethnic-Kurds (20%)
and 4 Million Turks are annexed-Syrian-Arabs (5%)
and the rest are forcibly-converted-Byzantines
when not ,also the offspring of Balkan-mercenaries
and or various (non-Turk) slaves.....

still Confused ??
you should not worry...... !!

Because Turkey is an American (NATO) Puppet-State
thus any contradictions , abnormalities or historical-injustices
become here much irrelevant..... (just like in Israel's case )

The USA obviously must soon leave Iraq
and Turkey shall save the Pentagon's face in the Kurdish-North,

Iran shall replace the USA in the Shia-South

and Syria gets the Sunni-centre of Iraq
as a compensation for the Golan-height.....
which shall remain as Ashkenazim-Land !!!

Now you know everything !!
Tell them......I told you so ,
although it is not my wish.......but I am becoming s fatalist , lately.

Sherlock Hommos
a fatalist-Anthropologist

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