Saturday, July 28, 2007

Clarifications..... توضيحات

Racism has no colour
Colonialism has no conscience
and conscienceless racism is Zionism
Fanaticism and fundamentalism have no religion
Colonialism has no legality
and Zionism is fundamental-colonialism.

Zionism is colonialism hiding behind the mask of Judaism.
Judaism is only a religion and should not be considered as a race
or as a is neither !!

Israel must follow South Africa's example,
or even better ,
to follow the example of Algeria !!

لا لون للعنصرية
الكولونيلية لا ضمير لها
العنصرية العديمة الضمير هي الصهيونية
لا دين للتعصب و الأصولية
والصهيونية كولونيالية أصولية
الصهيونية كولونيالية تختبىء خلف قناع الدين

اليهودية ما هي إلا دين
ويجب ألا تعتبر جنس
ولا كأمة......فهي لا هذا ولا ذاك!!!
على إسرائيل أن تتبع مثال جنوب أفريقيا ألتي كانت في الماض عنصرية أبارثادية...
وتحررت منهما....
او بالحري أفضل من ذلك
ومثل على ذلك...... الجزائر!!!!

رجا الشميل
المقال الأصلي نشر في28 تموز/يوليو 2007
ترجمة: أديب قعوار

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There are two kinds of everything

There are two kinds of Palestinian-Land,
the first part is (already) stolen
and the second part is occupied.

There are two kind of Palestinian-people
the first are exiled and refugees
and the second are occupied and hostages .

There are two kind of Israeli-citizens
the first part thinks that Israel has stolen enough Land
and the second needs....... much more Lands .

There are two kinds of Israeli-Governments
the first may attend to our funerals after killing us
and the other builds their settlements over our graves.

There are two kinds of US Presidents
the first kind does what Israel wants him to do
and the second repeats what Israel wants him to say.

There are two kind of Terrorists
the first ones wear Uniforms
and the others .....cannot even afford one .

There are two kind of Arab Leaders
the first are Dictators,Tyrants and Monarchs
who have never held any elections
and the others never have lost any elections .

There are two kinds of UN Resolutions
the first are applied on all countries, even by force
and the second ones are ,
just only for Israel's chronological records.

There are two kinds of Justices
the first one is in the name of US-home-security
and the other is to protect US interests abroad .

There are two kinds of Iraqis
the first ones know what the USA-UK want
and the others are naive opportunists-collaborators.

There are two kinds of Truth
the first one hurts us
and the second hurts the others.

Raja Chemayel

Monday, July 23, 2007

23 Koreans

23 South Korean persons are abducted and kidnapped
and held as hostages in Afghanistan.......................
the First question :
what were they doing there ??
the Second question :
how come they were all christian-missionaries in Afghanistan
the third question:
why not Buddhist-missionaries from Korea in Afghanistan
the fourth question :
was Afghanistan not invaded in order to establish Democracy ???
the fifth question :
how could christian-Korean-missionaries help to promoting democracy ??
the sixth question:
What relation , if any , there is between Christianity and Democracy ??
the sixth question , revised :
What relation there is between Muslim-Afghanee-tribal-traditional-system
and the Korean-Christian-imported-democracy ??

I am a bit confused here ,
because I remember that the most illustrious fascists
of this last century were Christians.......
and those fascists of this century did not change their religion , either !!
but they are rather called "Neo-conservatives" , instead.

But putting Christianity aside,
and looking at Turkey today ,
we realise that the Muslim-governing-party
has won 47% of the parliament seats....
not to mention the other Muslim-orientated-parties !!!

What will happen in Turkey , soon ??
will Korea send Christian-missionaries to Turkey
or Democracy and Islam could get married ??

And if they marry , would Islam be democratised
or would Democracy start fearing God ??

Those 23 Korean-Christian-Missionaries had better gone
elsewhere than Afghanistan ,
because the Afghanees recognise Jesus of Nazareth
and Mary and Joseph and the Holy Ghost too.......

After those 23 Koreans are released , soon ,
please send them to the State of Zion....
they are surely more needed there !!!

Raja Chemayel
23 of July 2007