Saturday, September 24, 2011

A painter should paint and a singer should sing......

Should we dislike Vincent Van Gogh
because he has cut off his ear ??

Should we disregard Alexander the great
because he was bisexual ??

Should we disrespect Napoleon
because he was the shortest playboy ??

Should we exclude Georges Sand
because he was a woman ??

Should we dishonour Salah el Deen
because he was a Kurd ??

Should we hang  Bashar Al Assad
because he is a dictator ??

Give me Jerusalem, first
and then I shall give you Bashar !!

(and who ever wants to teach democracy
must be , first of all , a democrat
or at least act democratically )


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where to put it ???
The UN has its own priorities


I am not a professor in international law
nor I am a cartographers.

But if and when Mahmoud Abbas , by miracle,
shall get a Palestinian State ,
where shall he put it ?? ( or where to squeeze it /)
The only place available would be:
only between two Israeli-illegal-settlements.

Is it not correct that any description of any state,on this planet,
would start by defining its   borders ??
and secondly defining its political shape , or form.

Where shall we place The State of Palestine ,
when all places are occupied,or shrinking  or simply stolen ??

I would suggest to place it ,somewhere,
inside the building of the United Nations,
between the personnel-entrance and the parking garage.
(that is,  if it would not disturb much the Israelis)

Never mind what I write ,
after all the State of Israel, in 1948,
has started only with 11% of what it is today.

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The children of Israeli-pilots
A faceless murderer

As I wrote recently ,
I am still spending vacations in my Hometown
up in the mountains of Lebanon......Bhamdoun.

Among our numerous vineyards and the fig trees
we still find CLUSTER-Bombs spread around,
by the Israeli Army.

I got ,suddenly , one of my bright ideas :

I shall seek the help of an expert
and pick up 3 or 4 of those Cluster-bombs.

I shall pack them very-well and then smuggle then
into Israel and plant them in some school
where the children of Israeli-pilots do attend.

Would that be unfair ??
I think not , and I shall leave a note saying
" please return those bombs to your fathers 
which they have left back, in our  vineyards "

I might be arrested for writing this,
but, I do not mind if one would also arrest ,as well,
the Pilots who dropped those same bombs.......

Raja Chemayel

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some things do not exist but some thing you do not see
The NATO nor the US
did not stop the massacre of SABRAS+CHATILLA

How often , we heard
that NATO is operating in Libya ?

Did you see any of NATO' s planes or soldiers ??
Try to recall any time you did see any footage of such.
My question is :
what if it were only the USA bombing Libya ??
how can we tell the difference , if any ??

How often , we heard
about MASSACRES in Libya or in Syria ??

Did you see any ??
I did not...............

What if those " Massacres " never took place ??
and what if ,
the NATO is only there to refuel the US War Planes ??

I can speak about what I see
and not of what I have heard !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who would not like to replace him ??
The most likely candidate to replace him.

Colonel Qaddafi ,
has had 136 Billion ( Milliard ) US Dollars,
in cash , deposited in several banks..........

Who would not like to take his place ???

Mother Teresa ?
Nicolas Sarkozy ?
Al Capone ?
Bob Geldorf
David Cameron ??
 Bernard Madoff