Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where were you on 14Th February at 12.21 am, ???

The International Criminal Court
has presented its indictment files to the Lebanese Government.

Nobody knows the content of this file
yet everybody knows who shall be the suspects.

Never-mind !!
this is politics , a dirty game
played chiefly by dirty usual.

The suspects are anybody´s choice,
but the accused shall be "Hezbollah+the Syrians"
as a special favour to the State of Zion , of course.

I further leave it  here , for anyone´s imagination
or anyone´s political preferences.......

But , I would like to end up now , with a "sick-joke"
which was the basis of all investigations and to the presumed-results,.

The joke is ,
that the lead that showed the right path, to those investigators
was " a phone-call done on 14Th. of Feb at  exactly 12.21 am.
between one suspect to  his girlfriend..... "

I wish that none of you (readers) 
has also used his cellular phone
on the 14Th. of February at 12.21 am.........
otherwise you could also end-up ( as suspect )
in the ICC in The Hague for a trial....
and if you were to be found innocent,
you shall be released in  September 2017.

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hungarian-French-President and the French-Israeli Soldier
The French (jew) serving as soldier in the Imperial- IDF
the Hungarian (jew) serving as commander in chief
of the Imperial-France

When Gilad Shallit
was an Israeli-soldier stationed outside Gaza
helping strangling one million civilians,
Nicolas Sarkozo did not mind that ,
nor did Nico mention that Gilad were a French-citizen !
(serving in a foreign-army)

Now that Gilad Shallit is a legitimate prisoner of war
sharing the food  with his own starved-jailers............

Nicolas Sarkozy remembered that Gillad were a French-Citizen
and he wants Gillad to be freed ....

Come and get him Nico !!!!!
(and bring Carla along)

Raja Chemayel

a Gazzean until liberation