Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Chronology of History

Those people,
were there before any Cowboys ever came.

When the Muslims build their first Mosque in Jerusalem
they used an empty spot.

If by chance this hill (or Mont) were the same spot where
the Temple of Salomon were accidentally to have been,
that spot of land was empty and abandoned
since 550 years , before the Muslims ever came in .

Equally and particularly,
and on the human-social-ethnic side,
when Islam entered to Jerusalem ,
it was ruled by Byzantines-Christians (7Th. Century)
and not by any Jews.......not Arab-Jews
nor Byzantine-Jews , nor Ethiopian-Jews .

And when Islam re-entered Jerusalem
for the second time (11Th.Century)
it was ruled by European (Crusaders) Christians
and the Jews were no more there because
they were all slaughtered by those same Crusaders .

The Last period when any Jewish King ever ruled
over Jerusalem , was before the birth Jesus .

And when Jesus came into the Land of Canaan it was
a Syrian-Province colonised by Rome
and ruled by an appointed-vassal-King, Herod ,
who was admittedly a fake-Jew who bribed to get
his Throne from Rome.

So how could Jerusalem be "Jewish"??????
when it was not even build
nor founded by any Jews
even before King David was born, Jerusalem was there.....!!

Abraham and Moses
even David Ben Gorion
all three , have found out that
Palestine was already inhabited
by the Canaanites-Palestinians ,
before the day all three arrived

Abraham and his tribe
lived peacefully among his Palestinian hosts,
but ........Moses and Ben Gorion did not.

Nevertheless ,
Palestine (the Land of Canaan) was never empty !!!
and when it has had ,incidentally, a Jewish-King
it was never a homogeneous society.........
apartheid came only in the 20Th century with Zionism.....

If and when Palestine is the Promised-Land
then it is promised to anyone and to all who believe in God
and not exclusively to those who invented the first-apartheid.

This was not God´s intention to differentiate between the humans
nor is God an exclusive-privat-property !!!!.

Raja Chemayel

chronology is a sure way to any Truth ...!
13Th of October one day before the 14Th. of October 2009


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Prize and the Shoe....or the shoe-prize

A traitor´s peace-message
into a deaf-ear .

George got a shoe
which he earned and he deserved.

Barrack got a Prize
which he did not earn , yet
nor does he deserve it , so far.

If the Prize were the shoe ?
then George , got what he earned !!.

As for the Nobel Prize for Peace ,
it all depends how do you define Peace ??
is it when :
you conquer your enemy ?
when you eliminate it ?
when you dismantle it ?
you make it retreat definitively ?
when you crush it ??
Peace comes after a total-victory !!

which Peace does the Nobel Prize
recommend or reward in advance,
for Barrack Obama

on whose account ??

Raja Chemayel