Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Puppet of my enemy , is my enemy.

Beirut started up a cleaning-up- operation
I guess Mrs. Condom-Liza Rice shall not visit us anymore
and Bernard Kouchner might give up his Lebanese-residence- permit

We may expect soon Fouad Siniora residing in Jeddah ,
for ever, hopefully.
As for Saad El Harriri he may live in Paris with his Saudi Passport ,
pas de problem !!
Walid Joumblatt may move to Tel Aviv and join
the Druze-Israeli- collaborators.
Mr. Fatfat will go nowhere , simply because nobody would take him.
Samir Jeajea will surrender to the Maronite Patriarch ,
who will declare him a Saint but will hide him in the cellar.

If this is the beginning of the end of
the Wahhabi-Harriri- Bush-axis
we shall remember that the Hariri-clan will leave the Lebanon ,
much richer than the day, when they came in......
We shall remember also that democracy
and freedom means primarily the wish and the power
of the people , and not necessarily the power of the
Parliament and much less , being , the Power of the Government

The Street has won !!
the People have won !!

The loosers are hiding now behind the argument of sectarianism
while they have lived and thrived on it , for ages ....

Hypocrisy has lost !!
Defeatism has lost !!

We are not ready to wait another 60 years !!
The Puppet of my enemy is my enemy !!

Raja Chemayel
on a sunny Saturday !! it reminds of May 68
10Th. of May 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who else but Criminals celebrate a Crime ?? من غير المجرم، يحتفل بالجريمة؟


The sixty-years'-celebration.

What is there to celebrate ??
the 6 wars ??
the 4 million refugees ??
the 3 million occupied ??
the 1,5 million abducted-hostages ??
the 254 km of an Apartheid- Wall ??
the 562 humiliation-check-points ??
the 20.000 Political-prisoners ??
468.831 new settlers on an occupied land ??

the disappearance of Palestine ??

the denial of any human-rights ,
any national-rights
any historical-rights ,
any political-rights to the Palestinians ??

the import of 4 million impostors
into a stolen land, that was never theirs ??

60 years of misery ,
of deprivation and or ethnic-cleansing ??

what are they celebrating ??
the event of a one United Nation Resolution
which was not anyhow binding , which allowed them to stay
the refusal of about 40 other resolutions
which were indeed binding ,
but asking them to leave ??

what are they celebrating ??
the massacres of
Deir Yasssin ,
Sabra and Chatilla ,
Jennin and Gaza ??

Who else but criminals celebrate a crime ??

60 Years of a constantly revolving crime ,
is no reason to a celebration
but rather a reason to be ashamed
and to repent .

60 Years ago ,
we were farmers , teachers, workers ,
shop-keepers, carpenters , drivers and poets.........
now they made "Terrorists " out of us.
But at least , we the "terrorist" are fighting against a crime
while those blue-eyed-Zionists are ,themselves , the crime ,
that 60 years old Crime !

Raja Chemayel
six weeks older than Israel

من غير المجرم، يحتفل بالجريمة؟

احتفالات عمرها 60 عاماً

ماذا هناك ليحتفل به
الحروب السنة؟؟؟
اللاجئين ال4 ملايين؟؟؟
المحتلين أل 3 ملايين؟؟؟
أل 1،5 مليون مختطف-رهينة في سجن الغزاوي؟؟؟
أل 254 كلم من الجدار العنصري؟؟؟
أل 562 من نقاط التفتيش الإذلالية؟؟؟
أل 20،000 سجين سياسي؟؟؟
أل 468831 مستعمر إضافي في فلسطين المحتلة؟؟؟

أاختفاء فلسطين؟؟؟
أنكران أي حق من حقوق الإنسان؟؟؟
أي حقوق قومية؟؟؟
أي حقوق تاريخية؟؟؟
أي حقوق سياسية للفلسطينيين العرب؟؟؟
أاستيراد 4 ملايين دخيل جديد
لزرعهم في أرض مسروقة؟؟؟

60 عاما من الإذلال والهوان
الحرمان، انتزاع الملكية... والتصفية العرقية العنصرية؟؟؟
ما ألذي يحتفلون به؟؟؟
مناسبة قرار وحيد من هيئة الأمم المتحدة
ألتي هي بدورها مختطفة؟؟؟
ألذي لم يكن ملزماً، ألذي سمح لهم بالبقاء
أو رفض 40 قرار آخر؟؟؟
وهي ملزمة؟؟؟
ولكنها تطالبهم بإبرائنا قفا ظهورهم؟؟؟

بماذا يحتفلون؟؟؟
بدير ياسين؟؟؟
بصبرا وشاتيلا؟؟؟
بجنين وغزة؟؟؟
والمئات غيرها من المذابح؟؟؟

من غير المجرم، يحتفل بالجريمة؟

60 عاماً من الجرائم المتكررة والمتتابعة؟؟؟
ليس فيها ما يحتفى أو يفتخر به
بل هناك الكثير به مما يثير ويتطلب الخجل منه
ويرفض جملة وتفصيلاً

منذ 60 عاماً
كنا زراعاً، معلمين، عمالاً وعاملين،
تجار، نجارين، سائقين وشعراء وكتاب وباحثين وعلماء
أما الآن فقد صنعوا منا أو بالحري لقبونا بالإرهابيين

ولكن على أقل تعديل نحن "الإرهابيين" نحارب الإجرام والمجرمين
بينما الصهاينة زرق العيون هم... هم هم، المجرمون
تلك الجريمة الكبرى التي لها من العمر 60 عاماً

رجا الشميل
أكبر من النكبة ب6 أسابيع
في السابع من أيار/مايس 60 سنه بعد النكبة

ترجمه: أديب قعوار
من المنكوبين ولكن الصامدين

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fiction and Reality....another film ???

The Somalian-lady and her actress
in that infamous-film

A Somalian-Lady-refugee here in the Netherlands
has broken a new world record:
she became a Member of the Dutch Parliament
in less than 10 years after her arrival to Holland , as a refugee !!.

She became a very outspoken anti-Islam
which explains a lot about the speed of her success.

Once she started to stink , with regards to her
dubious entry into Netherlands and her lying about 101 things
and her fake pre-history and even her fake identity.......

Guess what happened ??

She was thrown out (very politely) from the Netherlands
and then went to the USA and got immediately a Job
working for Richard Perle....
Yes !! Mr. Richard Perle, the ex-adviser to George Bush
who holds a US-Passport and an Israeli-passport too.
The one who recommended to George to go to Baghdad
and see if there are "Weapons" , of any sort....

This mysterious lady , this phenomena-of-instant-success
has made ,previous to her departure, a short film called
'Submission' in which a muslin lady is shown practically-naked
with verses of the Koran written on her body.......
this fictitious lady was raped by her fictitious Muslim-uncle.
And the victim is supposed to 'shut-up' to avoid the scandal.
As if , only Muslim-uncles do rape their nieces....
and as if, only Muslim-victims are asked to 'shut-up'.

The Director of that film paid with his life the price
of the unlimited-arrogance and unrestricted-blasphemy.
And that Lady ran away............... to Richard Perle......of course .

Now , we hear and see that in Austria another
drama is unfolding of a father who raped his own daughter
and locked her up 24 years in the cellar along with the 3 children
he has produced with her......

This is not a fictitious story , but unfortunately a real one.
I wounder if that same Somalian-Lady who carries a Dutch passport
and lives in the USA , would not like now to make another film.
And if she does make another film , on that real-case-drama
I wounder if she would then mention the religion
of that monster-father .

The first film was fictitious and blamed Islam
this other film would be real and might blame ,eventually
or incidentally , another religion.
As if religions and rapes are compatible.
As if the religion of any rapist is relevant to the crime.

Raja Chemayel
have been 33 years in the Netherlands ,
and did not get higher than 'Export-Manager'
probably only because I respected Islam......

Monday, May 5, 2008

If you do not resist......

If you do not resist
then ,
you do not exist.

If you do not want to resist
then ,
you are "one of them".

If you cannot resist
then ,
you have , already , lost.

"Je resiste, donc j'existe !"

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The endless Roundabout

Very soon the Zionist will celebrate
and we shall only commemorate .

The evil celebrates , and the victims commemorate.

The Ottoman Empire let them in
when the British empire has sent then away.

We sat and watched them disembarking on our beaches
not knowing that they have had weapons in their hand-luggage' s .

We welcomed some of them as co-peasants
not knowing that they have planted our uprooting far in advance.

We welcomed some of them as refugees
not knowing that they shall make us the future refugees.

We offered them hospitality and humanity
not knowing that they shall offer us back ethnic-cleansing .

Today we are the ,so-called, Terrorists
and they are our chosen-invaders- occupiers- robbers-jailers .

What shall we do for the next 60 years
must we keep on driving endlessly on that same Round-about
called the Peace-initiative or called the Road-map ??

Raja Chemayel
I stopped the driving !
4TH of May 2008