Friday, May 16, 2008

A , B and C of a 60 years old misery


Sixty misery years ago,
One man ended his Holocaust
only to start someone's else Nakba

The Holocaust was done by A unto B
whereas B has done the Nakba unto C.

B wants a compensation from A
but claims it ,and collects it from C

There are doubts and questions
about the Holocaust
there are none about the Nakba

The Holocaust (if true) has ended
but the Nakda is still going on.

The Holocaust have taught a lesson
to its perpetrators and to its victims
the Nakba is still under the diagnose.

The World still speaks about Auschwitz
and sings for Dachau
but has forgotten ,
Deir Yassin and Jennin.

B has collected his damages from A
C is still bleeding because of B

A never met with C
B met with both
whereas B is milking A
B is drinking the blood of C

C finally got the title of Terrorist
B called himself the Victim
and A
plays as the referee and judge

Raja Chemayel
60 years later

Thursday, May 15, 2008

it takes a Devil to beat the Devil....

Five years ago I discovered a discussion-list
called LEBISSUES @ .... ...
I subscribed there and noticed
that the moderator, there, Mr. Tanious Chakkar
was a false-leftist , a Syria-hater and an Anti-Arab.
(He even claimed that Hezbollah has slaughtered
about 200 academics and intellectuals in South-Lebanon)

Although , I hated everything he were , I stayed ,
and participated to the debates.
Among other idiocy that Chakkar was promoting ,
was the comparison of a Syrian-Tank in the Lebanon
to an Israeli Tank in Rammallah.

You can imaging what and how I replied
and argumented against that political-clown who was
not even remotely funny.

To make a long story short , I once proposed to put
the presence (or non presence) of Syria in the Lebanon
on a National-Referendum.....and wait for the result.

At that point ,Mr. Tanious Chakar called me
" unimaginative and boring"
and has kicked me out of his list.....
and accused me of being "apologetic for Syria ,too"
as if this were an accusation or a sin, by itself.

Now five years have pasted , Syria has physically left,
Hariri has died , Israel has bombed Beirut....but Syria
is still present because the greater part of the Lebanese
want Syria , whether Bush likes it or not
whether Mr. Tannious Chakar likes it or not
whether I like it or not.

Syria is not an Angel ,
neither is Syria supposed to be an Angel
Syria is fighting against the Devil
and it takes a Devil to beat the Devil .

Soon US Marines will land on my beach-club in Beirut
as they did in 1958.
Fifty years ago I was too young to carry a gun
today I am too old to carry an RPG.........

But whatever will happen , soon in my Beirut
it will surely make more American widows ,
more Israeli orphans, and more Arab-Hero's.

People like Tanious Chakar will have to live
in the new-green-zone-of Beirut
and lecture us about democracy and freedom
while wearing a bullet-vest , and a chastety-belt.

el Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
will surpass Salah el Deen el Ayyoubi

All is well that ends up well !!

Raja Chemayel
"unimaginative and boring"
60 years exactly after the loss of our sister,Palestine,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where is the enemy is as important as who is the enemy

the eunuch and the devil's mistress

The World Media started a campaign blaming Hezbollah for
" Using their weapons inside the Lebanon"

Each and every TV report showed us one Jumblatist
or one Harririst or one Jeajeaiist,
saying that standard sentence :
" They told us their weapons are against Israel only ,
look now what Hezbollah is doing !! "

If you watch the different news carefully and variably
you will notice a great similarity , if not a striking resemblance ,
in all those persons interviewed choice of words and content.
Plus the fact that no reporter has found , by chance or not ,
any pro-Hezbollah person to interview... .

Here , I would like to add my humble opinion and analyses :

1- all fighters shown on TV did not wear the Hezbollah uniform.
2- it is well known that AMAL-fighters is the most active group
3- the SSNP is also second in quantity (and probably first in quality.)
4- most fighters are hiding they faces , for obvious reasons ,
a detail that the Hezbollah never does.
5- Even some Druzes in the mountains are fighting against the Jumblatists.
6- Even Sunnis in Tripoli are active against other Sunnis.
7. so far no Christians are involved but, the good news is, that they are divided.
8. Hezbollah is only doing 10% of the actual fighting , while collecting 100%
of the "blame" from the Western-Media .

Having said that ,
I would like to offer my defence and support to Hezbollah
although I am sure that they need me not :

When Hezbollah said it will not use it weapons inside Lebanon
it was assumed that this enemy , who or what ever it is ,
shall not reside in the Lebanon .

Willingly or unwillingly ,
the Lebanese Government support group known as the 14Th February
are practically and openly a Puppet to Condolisa Rice ,who in her turn,
is a Puppet to Israel , which in its turn a Puppet to Imperialism ,
which in its turn is a Puppet to Zionism ,
which is proved to be the Mother of all Evil .

And finally a bit of political-philosoph y:
where is your enemy is as important as who is your enemy .

If Zionism shall move to Mars, we shall follow it !! to help the Martians
there is no place in humanity for racism and colonialism,
even when it is hiding behind a Walid Jumblat and his sold-clan.

Raja Chemayel
a christian grateful to Hezbollah
14Th. of May 2008

one Lebanese-Pro- government- shit-head once said :
"Hezbollah should not scare us , with its 10.000 rockets"
while at the same time, the US Marine fleet is on the sea-horizon
in front of our Beirut, ready to intervene and to save "democracy" .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Coma in a greater Coma......

the true face of the State of Israel .

Sixty years ago the world's conscience went into a coma.
A very convenient coma that has hidden a crime called :
the State of Israel.

On the other hand ,
no chance of any other coma when it comes to the Holocaust
on the contrary .......we hear it and see it on daily bases.

Even ,
we see the Holocaust-deniers locked up in prisons
in the countries where freedom of though and speech
were supposed to be sacred.

I have not seen any denier of the Palestinian- Holocaust
probably because nobody denies it....
but it is just drowned in that same convenient coma.

Therefore ,
the Palestinian- Holocaust is never denied
but just made acceptable, excusable and forgivable.
Because the conscience , itself, is in a coma ,
an artificial-clinical -controlable- coma....of course !!

Out of those 60 years ,
we have had 58 years of Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon , the butcher of the butchers ,
is in a coma, if not dead already..... ........

No funerals to him , because during the procession
one should make a farewell-speech and an obituary.
And what could there be said ?
how many tons of lies would be needed ? for that speech.

Therefore ,
I say that the phenomena "Ariel Sharon"
is in a coma within a greater coma.

A very appropriate scene :
a million lies are to be drowned , in a sea of injustice .

Raja Chemayel

Monday, May 12, 2008

10 Questions for the US-Senate and US-Congress

The tenants at the Capitol Hill

How many members of the US Congress, and or the US Senate ,
do know the answers to the following 10 questions :

1- what is the difference between a Sunni-Muslim
and a Shiaa Muslim ?

2- where were the borders of Palestine before the Zionist invasion ?

3- what difference is there between a Zionist and a Jew ?

4- what difference is there between a Jew and an Israeli person ?

5- what difference are there between Syrian-Baath-party
and the Iraqi-Baath-party ?

6- what difference is there between the Persians and the Iranians ?

7- where lies the province of , Arabestan ?

8- where is situated the whole of Kurdistan ?

9- what is the percentage of Christians among all the Palestinians ?

10- what are the religion(s) of Antoun Saadeh , George Habash ,
Naef Hawatmeh, Marcel Khalifeh , Ziad el Rahbani ,
Edward Saiid , Gibran Khalil Gibran , Tarek Aziz , Boutros Ghali ,
Hanan Ashrawy , Jesus of Nazareth........
and the first wife of the Prophet Mohammad ....?

If you can forward ,to all of them, those 10 questions ,
it will be nice !!
if half of the members can answer half of those questions ,
it will be a wonderful !!
and if half of the answered-questions are correct ,
it will be a miracle !!

Sherlock Hommos
Quiz-Show-master , at Fox TV .

PS :
If you also do not know 25% of the correct answers ,
I shall not worry , as long as you are not a member
of the Congress or the Senate.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Druzes , Mr. Jumblat and I .

The Maronite-Facist , the Sunni-neocon and the Druze-facist

I grew up in a village/town who happened to be incidentally christian
but surrounded from all sides by Druzes villages .
Therefore I may pretend to be "socially a Druze" ,
as being a sub-culture within the Lebanese-culture
which ,in its turn, is 100% Arab .

My Uncle was a co-founder of the Progressist Socialist Party
but left it soon in 1957 when he found out that it is rather more
Druze .....than ever being Socialist.
And with all due respect I do have for the Druzes ,
I have never met any person of them who was Socialist
nor , at least , acted as one.

On the other hand ,
I have never met any member of the Lebanese-Forces
who was not a smuggler , in any way or in another .

In 1982 the Lebanese Forces entered my hometown following the
Israeli Tanks and took over my town.
They stayed 15 months there and have bombed with their artillery
almost all the surrounding- villages where the Druzes lived.

When the Israeli withdrew in 1983 , from my hometown ,
the Lebanese-forces followed them only 2 hours later .
Most of the population fled fearing the revenge by the Socialist-Druzes
so only the elderly stayed , too old and too week to flee away.

One day later ,
Jumblat's Druzes backed by Israeli-army' s druzes came into my hometown
and slaughtered 262 persons because they could not find more than 262 .

That was 1983 ......and now 25 years later Walid Joumblat
head of the Socialist-party made 98% from Druzes became an ally
to Samir Jeajea head of the same Lebanese-Forces made out of 80% Maronite
and another 20% of opportunist- Christians. (and smugglers)

My fellow citizens of my hometown were banned to come back home
for 11 years until 1992 and stayed as refugees inside Lebanon.
Those who were nationalist and or leftist lived in Muslim Beirut
and those with fascist-tendencies went to live with the Christians.
Now both are back to my hometown and coexist and live side by side.

This afternoon ,thanks to the God-sent-Hezbollah forces,
I hear at the news that my Area is to be cleansed from
Jumblat and the jumblatists (who pretended Socialism.......)

You will understand that today is a day of feast to me
and I loved to share it with you....
especially when we all remember this week the NAKBA

Good news is always welcome !!

I do not wish the death of Jumblat
but would like him to stand trial for what he has done to
Socialism and to his Druzes and to his Lebanon
and what has he previously arranged and pre-arranged
with those Israeli officers who were not even ashamed to park
their IDF jeeps in front of his residence

As for my 262 slaughtered extended-family
I leave it to God's judgement day

In the meantime
I hope and wish that the Druze-individuals
shall not have to pay for the sins of a Walid Jumblat.

Raja I.K. Chemayel
11Th of May 2008