Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where is the enemy is as important as who is the enemy

the eunuch and the devil's mistress

The World Media started a campaign blaming Hezbollah for
" Using their weapons inside the Lebanon"

Each and every TV report showed us one Jumblatist
or one Harririst or one Jeajeaiist,
saying that standard sentence :
" They told us their weapons are against Israel only ,
look now what Hezbollah is doing !! "

If you watch the different news carefully and variably
you will notice a great similarity , if not a striking resemblance ,
in all those persons interviewed choice of words and content.
Plus the fact that no reporter has found , by chance or not ,
any pro-Hezbollah person to interview... .

Here , I would like to add my humble opinion and analyses :

1- all fighters shown on TV did not wear the Hezbollah uniform.
2- it is well known that AMAL-fighters is the most active group
3- the SSNP is also second in quantity (and probably first in quality.)
4- most fighters are hiding they faces , for obvious reasons ,
a detail that the Hezbollah never does.
5- Even some Druzes in the mountains are fighting against the Jumblatists.
6- Even Sunnis in Tripoli are active against other Sunnis.
7. so far no Christians are involved but, the good news is, that they are divided.
8. Hezbollah is only doing 10% of the actual fighting , while collecting 100%
of the "blame" from the Western-Media .

Having said that ,
I would like to offer my defence and support to Hezbollah
although I am sure that they need me not :

When Hezbollah said it will not use it weapons inside Lebanon
it was assumed that this enemy , who or what ever it is ,
shall not reside in the Lebanon .

Willingly or unwillingly ,
the Lebanese Government support group known as the 14Th February
are practically and openly a Puppet to Condolisa Rice ,who in her turn,
is a Puppet to Israel , which in its turn a Puppet to Imperialism ,
which in its turn is a Puppet to Zionism ,
which is proved to be the Mother of all Evil .

And finally a bit of political-philosoph y:
where is your enemy is as important as who is your enemy .

If Zionism shall move to Mars, we shall follow it !! to help the Martians
there is no place in humanity for racism and colonialism,
even when it is hiding behind a Walid Jumblat and his sold-clan.

Raja Chemayel
a christian grateful to Hezbollah
14Th. of May 2008

one Lebanese-Pro- government- shit-head once said :
"Hezbollah should not scare us , with its 10.000 rockets"
while at the same time, the US Marine fleet is on the sea-horizon
in front of our Beirut, ready to intervene and to save "democracy" .

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