Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Towers

drawing by Ben Heine
adding too realities....

Yesterday North-Korea has blown up
its Nuclear-Plant's-Cooling-Tower.

A Symbolic and Practical example
of stopping the nuclear activities
in that Land........

Everybody in the West is happy
and now , the promised food and help
will start pouring into North-Korea

If you care to ask me ,
I would call it : "paying a ransom ".

Never-mind what I think !!

Let us concentrate to what happened
immediately thereafter :
President Bush asked the Congress, today,
to take away the name of North-Korea from
the list of Terrorism-Sponsoring-Countries.

If you agree with me that Terrorism-sponsoring
is equal to Terrorism..... , then
this will mean that North-Korea is no more Terrorist
in the eyes of George (Double) Bush.

This event is very significant and indicatif to me .
Because since 1968 I am trying to find out
a definition to the word Terrorism.

Now , and thanks to George W.Bush ,
I have finally found it :

"Terrorism is someone who has
a Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Tower ".

(like Pakistan,France and Israel of course)

Therefore ,
a non-Terrorist is someone
who has has none.......
or someone who has just blown up
his own Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Tower.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
PR Manager of the Dimona Nuclear-Plant
which still has a large Cooling-tower.
28Th. of June 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

The talking-Dead

some Bombs are inexplicable.....

The Press reports that
"One Al Qua'eeda member was killed"

we read that sentence, everywhere and anywhere
it is a daily news , welcome by many
and less welcome by others...... .

I stop here and reflect
and I wounder how was this dead-person identified ???

1- did they find his Al Qua'eeda-membership-card on him ?
2- was he still wearing the Al Qua'eeda uniform , when he was shot ??
3- the name-tag on his neck was still readable ??
4- did he admit his alliance to Al Qua'eeda before his death ,
or only after his death ??

Of course those are difficult questions to answer
and will be more so difficult, if and when ,
those liberators, will kill five
or even seventeen Al Qua'eeda members !!

Anyhow let us not worry.....because,
the best organisation to know Al Qua'eeda is the CIA , itself !!
.........Guess why ???

Sherlock Hommos
investigator- initiator-irritator
27. June 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Terror of Wars

No Islam ........... no electricity !!

If and when , the USA
shall bomb Iran , soon .

it will be the first time in history
when a country whose President
is about to be impeached for lying
and for waging unjustified- wars,
will allow the same President to lie again
and to repeat the same unjustified- wars.

If and when , the USA
shall bomb Iran ....

it will be the first time
that a democratic country bombs
a sovereign state
for unproven-accusation s
which , if ever it will be proven
it will not be any crime , anyhow.

If and when, the USA
shall bomb Iran....

it will not be the "War on Terror"
but ..........the Terror of Wars.

Raja Chemayel
26Th. of June 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tony Blair as a mentor

This week in Berlin , takes place
a Donor's Conference of those countries
who would like to help the Palestinian Authority
to establish a proper Police and Juridical apparatus.

Of course ,
the police is necessary , in any society
but most of the help is going into building numerous
Riot-Police- units.

Did you know any Riot-Police, anywhere, that
does promote or defend Democracies ????

With the exception of Foot-ball-matches
I see no use to Riot-Police. you ??

On the other hand this same conference shall also
organise and promote the training of
the future Palestinian- Judges.

We all know the function of any judge is any
third-world- country.. ...

But what is worth mentioning , is the presence
of Mr. Tony Blair at that Conference , him being
the coordinator for the Middle East Quartet.

Indeed Tony Blair has good experience with
the juridical-powers. .......
he once ordered to the Judges in the UK , to stop
their investigations into an alleged huge bribery-scandal
with the Saudi Royals.

Conclusion ,
if and when , the Mahmoud Abbas clan
were not yet corrupt..... .....
they have now Tony Blair, as a mentor.

Have a look !

Sherlock Hommos
inspector-investiga tor-initiator

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one year ago - يوميات عربي محبط

A Year Ago , exactly ,
I have started my own Blog :
Frustrated Arab Diary

and my first posting there was to announce
that Gaza were the only liberated piece of Palestinian-Land.

Besides of being a correct piece of information , it is unfortunately
still true that no other inch of Land has been added.

And as a punishment , Gaza is being starved , ignored , bombed,
strangled, deprived and isolated .
The Jewel in the Crown of Arab-Liberation's-aspirations
is being punished and drowned.
And we are all spectators , whether silent or not....

My Blog is a sign of Political-exhibitionism
an expression of Frustration-in-public
and a slight admission of narcissism, to be fair .

My Blog is published in
English,Arabic, French,Spanish,Portuguese and in German.

I am proud that a total of 14.500 visitors have honoured me
and I would to invite all of them to a Tabbouleh-and -Mezza-evening
in my garden , with some chicken Bar-B-Que and Kafta,
but my wife would not let me do it.

Anyhow I still have to thank Comrade Fausto Giudice
for waking me up from from my natural-Arab-laziness
and masterminding the whole project.
My patient Translators
Mrs . Ellen Rohlfs
Mr. Adib S. Kawar
Mr. Yaotl Àltan
Mr. Alexandre Leite

and of course the CIA......
(Chemayel Intelectual Ambitions)

Finally ,
should you meet a Zionist who wants to repent,
an Imperialist with a crisis of conscience
or a right-winger who wants to become human......
send them to.......

my Cousin ,
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
and my brother in Law ,
Sherlock Hommos
Join me in thanking you all !!

Raja Chemayel
24 of June 2008

يوميات عربي محبط
منذ عام مضى... بالتمام والكمال
بدأت مدونتي الخاصة

وكانت أولى نشراتي فيها هي الإعلان بأن قطاع غزة هو الجزء الوحيد المحرر من الأرض الفلسطينية العربية
وإلى جانب كون أن تلك المعلومة، مع الأسف
لا تزال صحيحة أي أنه لم يتم تحرير وإضافة أي أنش مربع واحد إضافي لها

وكقصاص لها، فإن غزة تجوع... تهمل... وتقصف
تخنق... يمنع عنها كل شيء... و... تعزل
درة تاج التحرير والمطامح-العربية-
إنها تقاصص وتغرق
وجميعنا مجرد مشاهدين... أكنا صامتين صارخين

مدونتي ما هي إلا شاهد على الانتحال-السياسي
تعبيراً عن الإحباط المعلن
وكي نكون عادلين... هذا تعبير محدود عن الإقرار بالذاتية

مدونتي تنشر باللغات الإنجليزية، العربية، الإفرنسية، الإسبانية، البرتغالية و... الألمانية

والفخر لي بأن عدد زائريها الذين يشرفوني بلغ... 14،500 زائر
الذين أحب أن أدعوهم جميعا وبدون استثناء لسهرة على أكلة تبوله ومازات مميزة
وذلك في حديقتي الخلفية تقدم مع شواء الكفتة والفراريج وزغاليل أيضاًً
ولكن مع الأسف... سوف لن تسمح لي زوجتي وحماتي بالقيام بهذا الواجب
لذا توحب الإعتذار
على كل، علي، شكر الرفيق المناضل فواستو غويديس
علي إيقاظي من كسلي العربي التقليدي
وتنظيم هذا المشروع الجليل
مترجمي المحلفين الصبورين
السيدة إلين روهلز
الأستاذ أديب ش. قعوار
أ‌. يوتب ألطان
أ. الإسكندر لايت
بالطبع ألسي. آي. أي. the CIA
مطامح الشميل العالمية (المحدودة)
وفي النهاية

إذا صدف وقابلنا (طبعا بمحض الصدفة وبدون تخطيط) متصهين يريد أن يعبر عن توبته عن آثامه المتراكمة
استعماري يود أن يكفر عن خطاياه المميتة
وأخيراً وليس آخراً... يميني يروم أن يعود إلى صفوف الإنسانية
الباش مهندس مصطفى روزينبلوم
و شقيق حرمنا المصون
شرلوك حمص
يشاركوني بالتعبير عن شكرهم الجزيل

الترجمان المحلف: أديب قعوار
بشهادة مختار أمستردام

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How long is History ??

A Roman Wall buil by non-Jews , for non-Jews

One Israeli Professor being interviewed on Al Jazirah
confirmed and affirmed that :

"Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews since 3000 years.....
and there is no need to discuss about its future and
about who is to rule Jerusalem... ......... ."

I have always wanted to give my humble opinion on that matter
but did not decide how long to measure history ?
1 or 2 or 4 thousands years ??
Never mind because my answer is valid at any length of history

A- The Rulers of Jerusalem
Pageants , Christians and Muslims
each separately has ruled Jerusalem more than all Jews rulers together

B- The inhabitants of Jerusalem
Pageants, Christians and Muslim
have inhabited Jerusalem longer and more in numbers than any Jews at any time.
Even when Jews inhabited Jerusalem with a Jewish King , they have shared it .

C- the Architecture
whether Pageants,Christian or Muslim
each of them is superior in size and in number than any Jewish-building.
By the way , to my knowledge , there is no Jewish building of any sort
in Jerusalem older than 1948 ( except some grave-yards)

So what makes the identity of a city ??

other than :
its Architecture , its inhabitants and its Rulers

Raja Chemayel
ثبت وأكد
أستاذ إسرائيلي خلال مقابلة مع قناة الجزيرة
القدس عاصمة اليهود منذ 3000 سنة
لذا لا لزوم للبحث حول مستقبلها.. و
وحول من يجب أن يحكم القدس.... (قف

طالما أردت أن أدلي برأيي المتواضع حول كم سنة عمر التاريخ
1 أو 2 أو... 4 آلاف سنة
من غير المهم، جوابي واضح جلي و وصحيح مهما كان الزمن وعمر التارخ
أمد الله من عمره... وأبقاه
أ -_ حكام القدس
وثنيين، مسيحيين أو مسلمين
كل منهم حكم القدس على حدة أكثر مما حكمها اليهود مجتمعين ومنفردين!!!
ب – سكان القدس
وثنيين، مسيحيين أومسلمين
سكنوا القدس منفردين فترات أطول وأكثر من اليهود عبر التاريخ مجتمعين
حتى عندما حكم اليهود القدس في ظل ملك يهودي... كان هناك من يشاركهم بها
ج – الهندسة المعمارية
مهما كانت من صنع وثنيين، مسيحيين أو مسلمين
فكل منها كانت أكثر عددا وأكبر حجماً من أي بناء يهودي من أي نوع كان
بالمناسبة... وحسب علمي، ليس هناك من أبنية يهودية من أي نوع كان
في القدس أقدم عهدا من ... 1948باستثناء بعض القبور
(الرحمة لساكنيها مه من كانوا)
فعلى هذا الأساس ما الذي يعطي مدينة ما هويتها القومية؟؟؟
هندسنها... سكانها ووو حكامها؟!

المهندس رجا روزنبلوم

الذي يكتب بعد 3508 سنوات منذ بناها اليبوسيون من ذوي الأصول العربية...
المهندس رجا روزنبلوم هولمز...
ترجمها إلى العربية المترجم المحلف: أديب قعوار