Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Towers

drawing by Ben Heine
adding too realities....

Yesterday North-Korea has blown up
its Nuclear-Plant's-Cooling-Tower.

A Symbolic and Practical example
of stopping the nuclear activities
in that Land........

Everybody in the West is happy
and now , the promised food and help
will start pouring into North-Korea

If you care to ask me ,
I would call it : "paying a ransom ".

Never-mind what I think !!

Let us concentrate to what happened
immediately thereafter :
President Bush asked the Congress, today,
to take away the name of North-Korea from
the list of Terrorism-Sponsoring-Countries.

If you agree with me that Terrorism-sponsoring
is equal to Terrorism..... , then
this will mean that North-Korea is no more Terrorist
in the eyes of George (Double) Bush.

This event is very significant and indicatif to me .
Because since 1968 I am trying to find out
a definition to the word Terrorism.

Now , and thanks to George W.Bush ,
I have finally found it :

"Terrorism is someone who has
a Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Tower ".

(like Pakistan,France and Israel of course)

Therefore ,
a non-Terrorist is someone
who has has none.......
or someone who has just blown up
his own Nuclear-Plant-Cooling-Tower.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
PR Manager of the Dimona Nuclear-Plant
which still has a large Cooling-tower.
28Th. of June 2008


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