Saturday, September 27, 2008

The forces of Evil......and the Housing-Market

Robin Hood

Robin Hood used to steal from the rich
and then give it to the poor.
The Banks do not (precisely) steal from the poor
and give it to the rich ,
but they rather it lends the money of the poor,
only to the rich .

What has happened lately in the USA
was a new-experience of lending (exceptionally) to the poor
in order to make the rich richer.
Otherwise known as the "bad loans" .
Nowadays it is called " Toxic debts "

George Bush shall now use the US-tax-money ,
not to rescue the poor who have lost their houses
but to help the rich who have , anyhow,
re-appropriated the same houses from the poor.

Does it make sense ??
Yes , if you believe in Capitalism.. ...of course.

It is a bit like when ," for the sake of Peace" in the Middle East
the USA supports the aggressors and not the victims
and then the USA builds houses for the Settlers
instead of building houses for the Victims of the same Settlers.

Does it make sense ??
Yes , if you believe in Zionism..... .of course.

No one on this Planet finances the forces of evil ,
more than the US-Tax-Payers, whether willingly
or unwillingly,

And finally ,
after 200 years of fighting against socialism
the USA shall use it to cure the capitalism.

Sherlock Hommos
Prof. Dr.Dr.
Finance-ethics and Peace-charades

Friday, September 26, 2008

My "one-state-solution"

King Solomon wanted the baby
to be cut in two equal-pieces !!

My "one state solution " :

It will be the
Democratic Republic of the Secular
State of the Arab Palestine
based on "one-man-one- vote "
whereas the indigenous population of pre-1920,
of all religions ,shall have a clear and legal priority
over any (new) immigrants.

First step :
the return of all the Palestinian- refugees.

Second step :
the voluntary-relocation of Israeli- immigrant to their country of origin
on the account of those who supported Israel the past 80 years.
Israelis wishing to remain must speak Arabic and renounce apartheid.

Third step :
offering a compensation to all the Palestinian population
for their 60 years of deprivation.
to be paid by those who supported Israel for 60 years.

Fourth step :
define the term " Jew"
define the term " Holy-Land "
define the "holy scriptures "

Fifth step:
Declare Jerusalem an international- interfaith- city.

Sixth step :
Teach to those who want a " two state solution"
the story of King Salomon and the two mothers and the one Baby.

Raja Chemayel
seeking the Peace after Justice

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Extraordinary measures...for extraordinary circumstances

warning :
do not believe the following massage .

============ ========= ========= =========


G.W. Bush in disguise

The candidates for the Presidential campaign
might hold back or even postpone their planned debate....
because of the emergencies for facing the US financial crises
that are devastating the socio-political-financia l landscape of the USA.

Indeed Mac Cain and Obama might put their campaigns "on hold"
awaiting a general strategy and a common effort to vanquish
this national disaster....

"extraordinary circumstances, need extraordinary measures !! "

and who knows !! ??
if need be ,
they might agree to cancel completely the presidential- elections
and keep George Bush for another 4 years , as president.

as an
"exceptional- measure for those exceptional- circumstances"

More over , and as a national consensus/compromise:

Sarah Palin will replace Dick Cheney , as Vice President of Halliburton
Hillary Clinton shall replace Condoliza Rice as State Secretary

whereas ,
Cheney will return as hunting instructor
Mrs. Rice shall play the piano in a romantic "singles bar"
for the Fallashah's , in Tell Aviv.

In the year 2013 ,
Obama and Mac Cain may try again to hold an election
and by that time, Mahmoud Abbas would still be the gardener
at the Olmert's villa, in Monaco.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
exceptional- reporter
25Th of September

PS :
for those who suffer from a "weak-hart-problem"
we are happy to inform that this is simply a Joke !!
(a bad-taste-joke of course !!!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the sureal reality.....

...... one misery can hide another.....

It is not fair....... !!
there must equality between all men and all women,
we are born equals and consequently we must
have equal chances and equal opportunities. .....

For example:
my wife went last week-end
to Vienna with her Girlfriend .
so why can't I go one week-end to Paris
with my Girlfriend ??

It is not fair ....!!
there must also equality between peoples.
Another example :
Israel has wiped-off Palestine from the Map
(60 years ago)

why can't , consequently ,the Palestinians wipe off Israel
of that same Map ??
(60 years later)

In that case ,
I shall not go to Paris with my Girlfriend, anymore
but I shall visit Haifa with my own wife ,
for one long week-end .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
a faithful-husband

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the other Hurricanes.....

" A street called desire "


There is a lot of Hurricanes going on over the financial world
and it is useless to comment,in depth, on it any further.

But let me try it , briefly , anyhow.....

Capitalism cannot get out of the grave it dug for its own customers
Capitalism is devouring itself after all the cows dried out
Capitalism has fooled the consumers too long , too often , too far
Capitalism wanted to make even more profit out of others-earned-profits
and now it ended up making more shit out of its own shit.

and the good news is ........!!

George W. Bush is reimbursing to the guilty-banks
George W. Bush is resuscitating the same monsters
George W. Bush is using , for that purpose,
the money of the victims, themselves.

Conclusion :

George W. Bush could never bring democracy to anywhere
George W. Bush could not beat terrorism anywhere
but....George surely has saved Capitalism !!

Sherlock Hommos
Analyst at the
Bank of libertarians, liars and liquid-loans .


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin's level of ethics

Extract from
Palin's town charged women for rape exams
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's hometown required women to pay
for their own rape examinations while she was mayor,
a practice her police chief fought to keep as late as 2000.

............ ......unquote

Madame Sarah Palin while being a Mayor to her hometown in Alaska
decided that the laboratories- test-expenses related to a rape crime
must be paid by the victim herself ( or himself ) and not by the state.

If by chance ,
this lady becomes the Vice-President of that greatest-Democracy
history has known....... ..
and following that same Palin-philosophy and Palin-attitude ,
Sarah Palin will demand that the US- people pay for the investigation
that will lead for the impeachment of George Bush
and the Iraqi-people to pay the bill for the United-Nation- Inspectors ,
who after 5 years, have never found the Weapons of Mass Destruction ,
and the Iraqi people to pay the bill to repatriate the 174.225 US-troops
+ 478 Tanks + 156 air-planes + 254 Helicopters + 360 Mossade-Agents.

of course if Palin looses , then Joe Biden might be inspired
by her evaluation and understanding of the term "guilt" or "victim".

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Sunday, September 21, 2008

All innocents are equals..........but the bombers are not !!

A Bomb in Islamabad kills 56 innocent-souls.

A fortnight before , another bombing in Pakistan
has killed another 96 innocent-souls.

Can we assume that all innocents are equal ??
While assuming that all bombers are criminals ??

But let us not forget that there are Criminal-actions
and Criminal-reactions. .......

The reaction blames the action
while the innocents do die unaware

whether the action killed them
or the consequent-reaction .

One fact is undeniable and relevant:
those who died in the Marriott Hotel were probably or presumably
richer than those 96 who died in the poor Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

While if there were any arms-dealers among those victims
one would logically find them in that 5 Stars Hotel and not
among the poor farmers in East-Pakistan- Provinces.
The same goes for the dealers in nuclear technologies ,
they love 5 stars Hotels...... .

In the eyes of God and of humanity ,
all living and all dead are equals
but there are rich-dead and also poor-dead.

My condolences to both....
but my sympathy declines a bit to one side.....

Raja Chemayel
equality brings justice brings peace