Friday, September 26, 2008

My "one-state-solution"

King Solomon wanted the baby
to be cut in two equal-pieces !!

My "one state solution " :

It will be the
Democratic Republic of the Secular
State of the Arab Palestine
based on "one-man-one- vote "
whereas the indigenous population of pre-1920,
of all religions ,shall have a clear and legal priority
over any (new) immigrants.

First step :
the return of all the Palestinian- refugees.

Second step :
the voluntary-relocation of Israeli- immigrant to their country of origin
on the account of those who supported Israel the past 80 years.
Israelis wishing to remain must speak Arabic and renounce apartheid.

Third step :
offering a compensation to all the Palestinian population
for their 60 years of deprivation.
to be paid by those who supported Israel for 60 years.

Fourth step :
define the term " Jew"
define the term " Holy-Land "
define the "holy scriptures "

Fifth step:
Declare Jerusalem an international- interfaith- city.

Sixth step :
Teach to those who want a " two state solution"
the story of King Salomon and the two mothers and the one Baby.

Raja Chemayel
seeking the Peace after Justice

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