Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Dollar is plunging down in value.....

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes the Oil cheaper to import into the USA.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes US aids to other countries cheaper.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes the Iraqi Traitors and collaborators less rich.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes Mahmoud Abbas and his gang
even cheaper than what they already are.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes it more affordable to buy
any Presidential Candidate in the USA

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes the Rich Arabs of the Gulf less powerful
and less influential.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes the Lebanese " Government" live longer
and cost less......

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes Chinese-goods even more cheaper.

The Dollar is plunging down in value
makes Israel demanding to be paid only in Euros.

Conclusion :
Nobody is complaining except Israel , itself.

Strategy :
Let us keep the Dollar plunging down ,
it might take Israel down , with it !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
General-Director to the World-conscience- Bank
الدولار تتدهور قيمته
بذا تستطيع الولايات المتحدة أن تستورد نفطاً أرخص

الدولار تتدهور قيمته
لذا تصبح المساعدات المالية الأمريكية برضو ذات قيمة أقل

الدولار تتدهور قيمته
لذا الخونة والمتعاونين مع الاحتلال العراقيين أقل ثراء

الدولار تتدهور قيمته
فيصبح عباس وعصابته
أرخص مما كانوا عليه سابقاً

الدولار تتدهور قيمته
فيصبح شراء أي مرشح رئاسي أمريكي أكثر إمكانية

الدولار تتدهور قيمته
لتصبح البضائع الصينية أقل ثمناً

لا يوجد من يحتج إلا إسرائيل--- إلاها

لنترك الدولار يستمر بالتدهور،
فقد تودي بإسرائيل ذاتها إلا الهلاك.... معها
الباش مهندس: مصطفى روزينبلوم
رئيس مجلس إدارة البنك الدولي للضمائر العفنة –

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is like a Bathroom but without water !!

Of course !! you might say ,
the USA does not lie and Israel has no reasons to attack Syria.

But it happened that Israel and the USA
have discovered a Nuclear Plant in Syria.
(375 km north of the Demona-plant in the Negev
where Vanunu has once worked......)

So three Israeli-F16 took-off from Israel
and two stealth-fighters of the USAF
took off from Turkey.....they flew to Syria,
bombed a new recycling plant for used aluminium-beer- cans
and all came back safely and unharmed.

President El Assad called me on my Mobile (566.447.881)
and asked me to immediately investigate
and to defend him from this Media-hype
and from the Wolfs of the Pentagon.

I called my good old friend Dr. Watson
who also responded and immediately came to me,
even on a Sunday afternoon.

After the tee and biscuits ,
we looked at the photos provided by :
The Tel Aviv association- of-photo- montages- amateurs

Within ten minutes of contemplation , I shouted :
Elementary my dear Watson !!
of course !!
where is the water ??

Dr. Watson handed me a glass of water, from the tray
which I politely refused..... .
No Watson not that water .......but the other water !

Watson shook his head , as if he were getting confused .

No Watson no !!....... I mean the water used
to cool down the atomic reactors....
.where is it ??
This site in Syria has no river , no lake and a sea near to it.
So how could they cool the reactors.... unless there are no reactors !!

By Jove !! Watson ,
it is like a bathroom but without water
or kike driving with no water in the radiator !!!

I picked up the phone and called Damascus Nr. 5662447
President Assad was very pleased
and assured me that my pay-check
will be sent with tomorrow's post.

Sherlock Hommos
Ministry of Reeducation and Ethical-information .

PS :
Please note that the are Nuclear-Plants
and.......... No-clear-plants. .....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Put him asleep....!!

Drawing by Ben Heine

I once had a lovely dog, he grew old and then older
and one day when he became even older than old ,
he started shitting inside the house
(excuse my expression here !!)
My dog grew demeaned and could not control his shit.
(excuse this expression again , please)

The veterinarian advised me to give him some injection
that would put him peacefully to sleep for ever....
I refused this , and delayed it until came the moment
whereas , this was not only the best-solution
but also the only solution !!

Mahmoud Abbas has reached the same point, as my dog ,
he is shitting much to often inside the Palestinian- house.

He became utterly useless to Palestine
the point of being classified even as traitor..... .because of inaction
and relying exclusively on the USA .

More over his veterinarian is no one else than Dr.Condoleesa Rice
and his Master is George W.Bush,
and therefore has never bitten Olmert ,
and has barked only towards Hamas
since Arafat died.....and even before that.

It is time to put him asleep ( ephemerally- speaking )
it will save at least those 22% left-over of Palestine
otherwise .......not even his luxury-office- chair will fit in Palestine,

I am not Palestinian , but I as an Arab ,
I allow myself to speak out....because it is my right.

Raja Chemayel
I got myself a new dog....and she does it properly.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Neither a revival nor a discovery but simply an invention

This photocopy of an interesting document where President Truman
decides to recognise "something" to be called the "Jewish-State"
which he corrected the name and called it "The State of Israel".

Probably the Zionist wrote this text with "Jewish-State"
and President Truman corrected it with his own hand-writing
into " The State of Israel".........see above !!

The question arises now , not to my mind ,
but to the average reader whether this name

If ever Israel's name were a revival ,
how come the Zionist never mention it in their own literature's ,
but always used the term "Jewish-home" or "Jewish-home-land".
Even the Zionist-Jews of Europe wanted to emigrate to Palestine
and not to "Israel".

If ever Israel's name were a discovery ,
how come we never see in history the word Israel
used for a state or a Kingdom even.
Israel was always the name of a Semitic-Tribe
named after a person , called Israel.

Then we must conclude that Israel is an invention ,
more than anything else.
God spoke of the Land -of-Canaan
Moses spoke of the Promised -land
and nobody spoke about an "Israel"
except the colonialist Jews of Europe,
only after they have robbed it.

Cecil Rhodes called (his) Zimbabwe , Rhodesia.
Theodor Herzl must have called Palestine ,
rather Herzolina or Zionesia .

If ever " Israel " would have existed ,
it must have been only in the criminal minds of European rich colonialists ,
or in the mind of an ignorant US President financed
(or even bought) by the Jewish-capital of Wall Street .

Conclusion :
"Israel" is neither a revival nor a discovery
but simply a criminal invention.

Raja Chemayel
not inventing anything !!

PS :
Ironically this document/photocopy shown up , also mentions PALESTINE
as the scene of the crime.....or being the next- crime-scene

هذه الصورة وثيقة تجلب الانتباه يقرر عبرها الرئيس ترومان
الاعتراف "بشيء" سيدعى "الدولة اليهودية"
القد صحح التسمية وسماها "دولة إسرائيل"
(عجب عجب... قطط سود ولها ذنب!!! – المترجم)
يمكن أن يكون صهيوني ما قد كتب في هذا النص "الدولة اليهودية"
وصححها الرئيس ترومان بيده شخصياً
لتصبح "دولة إسرائيل" .... أنظر أعلاه

ويلفت الانتباه الآن، ليس انتباهي أنا شخصياً
ولكن للمواطن العادي من فئة متوسطي الذكاء فيما لو كان هذا الاسم...يعني... اختراع أو اكتشاف أو إعادة إحياء؟؟؟؟

فيما لو كان اسم "إسرائيل" أعيد إحيائه؟؟؟
فكيف لم يذكر هذا الصهيوني لم تذكر في أدبياتهم هم الصهاينة؟؟؟
فلم يذكروا إلا تعبير "البيت اليهودي" أو "الوطن اليهودي"؟؟؟
حتى الصهاينة اليهود الأوروبيون كانوا يقولون بأنهم يريدون الهجرة إلى فلسطين
وليس إلى "إسرائيل"؟؟؟

وإذا حدث وكان اسم "إسرائيل" اكتشاف"
ومن العجب العجاب لم نقرأ في التاريخ كلمة إسرائيل؟؟؟
استعمل لتعريف دولة أو مملكة؟؟؟
إسرائيل كان دائما وأبداً أسم قبيلة سامية
أعطيت التسمية اعتماداً على اسم شخص يدعى "إسرائيل"

وعلى هذا الأساس نستنتج بأن اسم إسرائيل ما هو إلى اختراع
أكثر من أي شيء آخر
لقد تكلم الله عن شيء أو مكان اسمه أرض كنعان.
وموسى، فيما لو وجد بالفعل، تحدث عم أرض الميعاد
ولم يحدث أن ذكر إنسان ما "إسرائيل"
إلا الاستعماريون اليهود الأوروبيون
فقط بعدما سرقوها

وسيسل رودوس سمى زيمبابوي (ته)... "روديسيا؟
أما ثيودور هيرتسل فقد دعاها فلسطين...
بدلاً من هرسلينا أو زيزنيزيا!!!! Zionizia

لنفرض جدلاً بان شيئاً اسمه "إسرائيل" حدث ووجد
فيجب أن يكون في رأس والتفكير الإجرامي للاستعمار يين الأثرياء
أو في رأس رئيس أمريكي غبي مول (أو بالحري أشتري بالعربي الدارج برطل)
من قبل الرأسمال اليهودي في "وول ستريت" في العاصمة اليهودية نيويورك

"إسرائيل" ليست "إعادة إحياء" ولا هي "اكتشاف"
ولكن فقط وببساطة... اختراع إجرامي... فقط لا غير

رجا الشميل
الذي لم يخترع شيئاً ما
28 نيسان/أبريل 2008
ترجمة: أديب قعوار

ومن سخريات القدر بأن صورة الوثيقة أعلاه... أيضاً تقول هي أيضاً فلسطين
كموقع للجريمة... أو موقع الجريمة المتظرة