Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks .......special edition !!!

special edition !!
(reserved for my readers)

Ben Laden died two years before 911
George W. Bush knew that Saddam did not try to assassinate his father
and that it was the AL DAA´WA party who tried.
Nicolas Sarkozy is a Jew and he never converted to Catholicism
Mahmoud Abbas gets two different salaries
both are for doing nothing.
Peace in the Middle East died in 1947 and was burried in 1948
The Killers of  Rafik Harriri used a German-made-bomb
and did not speak Arabic.
Saudi Arabia does not like Iran
Clinton did not inhale (it)
Monica Lewinsky did not swallow (it)
Hezbollah damaged 23 Merkava in the last day battle in 2006
Elvis Presley is dead
Annapolis Peace Conference never really started
until now.....
Sherlock Hommos is in reality Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
and Raja Chemayel does not exist
All emails on this list is read by the Jordanian-secret-police
My wife never knew about Jennifer Lopez and me
North Korea has a big-one !!
USA and NATO invaded Afghanistan just to place 150.000 soldiers
on the south-east-borders of Iran
Dr. Ibrahim Alloush is not afraid to stand under Damocles-sword.
Lebanese politicians fight among each other only to collect
donations from different foreign-powers
The red-lipstick on my  shirt are not from Mother Tereza
Women cannot park their cars properly
Sarah Palin cannot see Russia from her kitchen window
Ariel Sharon is " a man of Peace"
26 -
Zorro is not a Tunisian
WikiLeaks mixes the truth , with the other-truth.
WikiLeaks harmed everybody...........except Israel !!

Santa Klaus

Sunday, November 28, 2010

As the proverb says.....
Somebody wants to make military-exercises
 in their neighbourhood !!

The proverb says :
Tell me who your friends are,
and I shall tell you who you are..........
The same goes for :
Tell me who your enemies are,
and I shall tell you who you are ....

The USA has Friends and enemies ,
but ,  of course
The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
and the Republic of Egypt both count as being friends ( allies)

In Saudi Arabia any visiting-Jew does not get even an entry visa
( unless his name is Paul  Wolfowitz or Henry Kissinger or Richard Perle)
In Egypt no new Church is allowed to be build
In Saudi Arabia there are no elections and not even a Parliament
In Egypt there is a Parliament and elections but the President never lost.

The enemies of the USA , on the other side, would be
The Islamic Republic of Iran
that has a parliament and even an Iranian-Jew-member in it
election in Iran are as good as anywhere else , although
the Western Media has its own opinion and own standard,
whereas the western-reporters use a microscope instead of Camera.
If any Iranian Christian would like to build a Church , he may do so

Another enemy of the USA
was the Republic of Iraq
that was a secular state with a Christian-person as Vice-president
where churches stood near the Mosques and where Synagogues still stand.
The USA hanged the president of Iraq because he has never had a nuclear-bomb !!
If Saddam would have had one ,
he would be as alive as the President of North-Korea
or as the Israeli-prime-minister.

Conclusion :
If you want to treat badly the Jews and the Christians
you have to be a friend (ally) of the USA.

Otherwise , get yourself an Atomic bomb
and fuck South-Korea   !!!
and eventually fuck the USA , as Israel does !!

Raja Chemayel
I would like to build a church in North Korea
paid by Husny Mubarak secret accounts in Lichtenstein.