Saturday, June 21, 2008

The unlucky-Christians

There is a law in the USA
that prevents the US-Government
to support nor to assist any foreign country that
discriminates the Christian-populatio n
within its own citizens.

it was meant against the
ex-soviet-Union and equally China
among other regimes and countries.

what nobody have thought of,
was the State of Israel
which does discriminate Christians.

Indeed ,
Christian-Palestinians and the Christian-missionaries
from abroad , are constantly and systematically
harassed and sabotaged.

The irony ,
or rather, the hypocrisy is that
the US Congress and US Senate
never thought of it as being a discrimination
against fellow-Christians .

As if ,
only Chinese-Christians and Soviet-Christians
are to be protected ,
but not the Arab-Palestinian- Christians.

So there you have it !!
Christians are OK ,
unless they are Arab-Christians .....

Raja Chemayel

سنت الولايات المتحدة (انتبه) قانون ينص على
تمنع الحكومة الأمريكية
مساعدة أو دعم
أي دولة من دول العالم اللواتي
تميز ضد المسيحيين من مواطني هذه الدولة

في البدء
كان هذا القانون يعني الاتحاد السوفيتي السابق والصين بالتساوي
بالإضافة إلى غيرهما من الدول والأنظمة

لم يخطر ببال أحد
بالتفكير في هذا الخصوص ب"إسرائيل"
ولكن بدلا عن ذلك
ألتي تميز ضد المسيحيين الفلسطينيين... والمبشرين المسيحيين الوافدين من الخارج
يضايقون بشكل دائم
وتستهدف مصالحهم

ومن مكائد الزمن،
أو بالحري... سخريات القدر
لم يخطر على بال أعضاء
الكونجرس ومجلس النواب الأمريكيين
أنه سيستهدف أخوانهم من المسيحيين
كما لو أن
المسيحيين هم فقط المسيحيين السوفيات والصينيين
المسيحيين العرب (وهم أول المسيحيين)
لا وجود لهم... مطلقا

رجا آل الشميل

20 حزيران/يونيو 2008
المترجم الناصري: أديب قعوار

Friday, June 20, 2008

Semites, Semantic and Stereotypes

Terrorism :
invented by the Zionist
and later discovered by their own victims.

Wars of Liberation :
legal and accepted by the whole world
and used by the Occupied

Apartheid :
the ground-rule of the Sate of Israel
and suffered by the Occupied

War on Terror :
an excuse , invented by Occupiers
to submit and rule the Occupied .

Taliban :
Afghans operating in Afghanistan

Hamas :
Palestinians liberating Palestine

Palestinians collecting donations

Coalition-forces :
Foreigners invading another country.

Coalition of the willing :
Colonialists and new-colonialists willing
to make a War on Terror so that the Talibans
cannot liberated their own country.

Israelis :
white-colonialists robbing Palestine
with US-Tax-Money ,
while falsifying the Holy-scriptures
and twisting History , as well.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Director General of Wikipeadia

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sar Cosi Fan Tutte

It is obvious that a new plan
of the pacification of the Arabs
has started with a French-flavor.
Based on a Mozart Opera......

President Sarkozy wants to establish
a " pan-Mediterranean-conference" .
( do not ask what for !!)

We all know that this Mediterranean
is at least a half-Arab-sea
and that incidentally and accidentally
one tiny part of it is occupied since 60 years
by the Ashkenazim state of Zion.

After that short-lived-Annapolis-conference ,
which was forgotten as soon as
the attending-puppets have left it ,
the Western world need another fix.....
another doze or morphine...
just to keep the peace-illusion alive.

Here comes that French-Clown of Hungarian Origins
and with a Jewish-grand-mother
and three ex-wife's , who got surely luckier,
and he proposes a Mediterranean-Opera called :

Meaning that shy-Arab-regimes
who would not dare sit on the same table
with Israel, shall come to that conference
and discuss the weather on the Mediterranean Beaches
and the price of Mediterranean-Sardines .
And whether the Bikinis are Kosher or not.....
and whether , Beach-Sun-lotion is Halal.

I am sure that (the latest) Madame Srakozy
shall accompany her husband to that conference
because Colonel Qaddafi might come too,
without his own body-guards.

Otherwise , not much of a Conference
nor are any news expected...
after all...... it is only about Peace.

Sherlock Hommos
voluntary-lance-body-guard to Mrs. Sarkosy
18 June 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amsterdam or Mount Zion ??

my wet Amsterdam

With grapes , one can make wine and alcohol
but if you are anti-alcoholic , then grapes can also make you
grape-juice or marmalade... ...among other things.

With Judaism one can worship the Almighty
and abide to his laws.....and to work towards salvation
but not necessarily use Judaism to steal Palestine !!.

Why should Jews and Judaism be relocated
between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean ??.

Is that the only place where Judaism can flourish ??

I happen to live for the last 33 years in a City where
Jews and Judaism have flourished in the last 450 years
while (and because) Apartheid was not included
nor allowed and all that is 4.350 Km away from
Mont Zion of Jerusalem... ...
I have had 4 Jewish-Lord- Mayor in my home town
in those 33 years.

And interestingly enough , in the last decade about
15.000 Israeli-citizens have applied and got
a residence-permit in my Amsterdam.

Does God promise to his believers a "Piece of Land"
or he does rather promise " a better-future" ....???

Which one would you prefer ??
Amsterdam or Apartheid on Mont Zion ??

Raja Chemayel
on the banks of the Amstel River

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sarah and Haggar

If the texts in Bible were to be
100% reliable
and also unambigvalent
then ,
God must have given ( or promised) the Land
to the grand-children of Abraham .
and not necessarely to the
"adherents to the religion-of- Abraham"
because, at that moment of that promise ,
that religion did not exist yet.

What happens if and when
those Grand-Children became Christians
like George Habash
and Edward Saiid ??

what happens if and when
those Grand-Children became Muslim
like Ismail Hanniyah ??

what happens when those Israelis
never ever were the Grand-Children ??
Olmert, Sharon and Perez
Golda Meier
Kirk Douglas , Paul Neuman
Sammy Davis Jr.

To whom ,exactly ,
was this Land Promised ?
who may inherit Abraham's Land ??

Besides all that ,
why would God take away a Land
from the Kananites-people
and then give it to the Chaldeans-tribes? ?

why should the son of Sarah inherit
his father and mother
and not the son of Haggar ??
who, indeed , was the first-born ?? !!

Raja Chemayel
a grand son of Haggar,
Sarah was my step-grand-mother
and Abraham was fully my Grand Father.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Endangered-spiecies

endangered spieces !!

*Are the Jews of the 20Th Century
a threatened-endangered-species ??

*Is the State of Israel a kind of reserve
where the Jews should be kept ??

If you answer to both questions is "Yes"

then why not having looked for a reserve which were empty ??

then why not first establish who is Jew and who is not ??

then why not establish what makes a Jew , also ??

what happens to a Jew who became a Christian ??

what happens to a Jew who became a Muslim ??

what happens to a Christian-Viking who became a Jew ??

what happens to a Slavic-atheist who became a Jew ??

How do you define a Jew ? by race or by culture

or by the size of the nose ???

What shall we do with the indigenous-Palestinian-population
made out of all religions and who are originally and historically
and genetically .........the ex-Jews-of-the Bible.

Raja Chemayel
a Pheonician on the Amstel