Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sar Cosi Fan Tutte

It is obvious that a new plan
of the pacification of the Arabs
has started with a French-flavor.
Based on a Mozart Opera......

President Sarkozy wants to establish
a " pan-Mediterranean-conference" .
( do not ask what for !!)

We all know that this Mediterranean
is at least a half-Arab-sea
and that incidentally and accidentally
one tiny part of it is occupied since 60 years
by the Ashkenazim state of Zion.

After that short-lived-Annapolis-conference ,
which was forgotten as soon as
the attending-puppets have left it ,
the Western world need another fix.....
another doze or morphine...
just to keep the peace-illusion alive.

Here comes that French-Clown of Hungarian Origins
and with a Jewish-grand-mother
and three ex-wife's , who got surely luckier,
and he proposes a Mediterranean-Opera called :

Meaning that shy-Arab-regimes
who would not dare sit on the same table
with Israel, shall come to that conference
and discuss the weather on the Mediterranean Beaches
and the price of Mediterranean-Sardines .
And whether the Bikinis are Kosher or not.....
and whether , Beach-Sun-lotion is Halal.

I am sure that (the latest) Madame Srakozy
shall accompany her husband to that conference
because Colonel Qaddafi might come too,
without his own body-guards.

Otherwise , not much of a Conference
nor are any news expected...
after all...... it is only about Peace.

Sherlock Hommos
voluntary-lance-body-guard to Mrs. Sarkosy
18 June 2008

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