Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amsterdam or Mount Zion ??

my wet Amsterdam

With grapes , one can make wine and alcohol
but if you are anti-alcoholic , then grapes can also make you
grape-juice or marmalade... ...among other things.

With Judaism one can worship the Almighty
and abide to his laws.....and to work towards salvation
but not necessarily use Judaism to steal Palestine !!.

Why should Jews and Judaism be relocated
between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean ??.

Is that the only place where Judaism can flourish ??

I happen to live for the last 33 years in a City where
Jews and Judaism have flourished in the last 450 years
while (and because) Apartheid was not included
nor allowed and all that is 4.350 Km away from
Mont Zion of Jerusalem... ...
I have had 4 Jewish-Lord- Mayor in my home town
in those 33 years.

And interestingly enough , in the last decade about
15.000 Israeli-citizens have applied and got
a residence-permit in my Amsterdam.

Does God promise to his believers a "Piece of Land"
or he does rather promise " a better-future" ....???

Which one would you prefer ??
Amsterdam or Apartheid on Mont Zion ??

Raja Chemayel
on the banks of the Amstel River


Anonymous said...

"...a City where
Jews and Judaism have flourished in the last 450 years..."???
I guess you didn't even bother going to the Anne Frank house, right in your city, and see what it was really like for the Jews there.
You can find the address here (though I doubt you'll ever use it):

Raja said...

when , in my 30 years of Amsterdam 4 Lord Mayors come out of a Minority, this means this minority is an elite group.....therefore 5 years of the awful Hitlers rule cannot take over from 450 years of florishing-jewish-communities.
Like or not , you are not the only victims of History !!
Palestinians have 350.583 Anne Frank's similar cases in their refugees camps and in the occupied Palestine .
R. Chemayel

Anonymous said...

Where is the Palastine house??? Can I find it next to the Anne Frank house or do I have to search for the truth on the Internet or the few "neutral" Broadcast stations...

Jews cannot justify any criminall act because of the sufferings 60 years ago...

Especially knowing that they are the cause of human suffering in Gaza this very day...