Monday, June 16, 2008

Sarah and Haggar

If the texts in Bible were to be
100% reliable
and also unambigvalent
then ,
God must have given ( or promised) the Land
to the grand-children of Abraham .
and not necessarely to the
"adherents to the religion-of- Abraham"
because, at that moment of that promise ,
that religion did not exist yet.

What happens if and when
those Grand-Children became Christians
like George Habash
and Edward Saiid ??

what happens if and when
those Grand-Children became Muslim
like Ismail Hanniyah ??

what happens when those Israelis
never ever were the Grand-Children ??
Olmert, Sharon and Perez
Golda Meier
Kirk Douglas , Paul Neuman
Sammy Davis Jr.

To whom ,exactly ,
was this Land Promised ?
who may inherit Abraham's Land ??

Besides all that ,
why would God take away a Land
from the Kananites-people
and then give it to the Chaldeans-tribes? ?

why should the son of Sarah inherit
his father and mother
and not the son of Haggar ??
who, indeed , was the first-born ?? !!

Raja Chemayel
a grand son of Haggar,
Sarah was my step-grand-mother
and Abraham was fully my Grand Father.

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