Saturday, January 14, 2012

A good liar tells you often the truth
A good liar , often tells you the truth !!

Just like any illusionist performing a trick
it repeatedly does something normal,
until the last moment , when it does do the switch.

Al Jazeera has fed us with correct
and honest reportings
for 15 years already
whereas it won our respect and our ears
until the moment came for
Bahrain , Libya and Syria .

The honest staff from Al Jazeera
has started leaving it ...........

Raja Chemayel 

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Trojan-horse........but, inside our fortress
A Trojan Horse when outside the walls ,
is not yet dangerous !!

Al Jazeera is almost 20 years old
and it was very much welcomed but I always wondered how come Qatar
would offer us such a clean, honest and anti-main-stream-Media-outlet ??

After the events in Libya and Syria
I have found the answer to all my questions:

Al Jazeera ended up as being the Trojan-Horse of the imperialist-media´s
and the second bad-news is that this horse is now inside our fortress !!

Raja Chemayel  رَجا  شْمَيِّل

I do not doubt the good intentions of its staff,
but now that the veil has fallen down ,
some of the honest employed are gradualy leaving it.

Right from the start,
we should have been more sceptic
and more suspicious, because after all :
the owner is a fat-rich-oil-Prince !!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today´s liars are tomorow´s historians
the Homerus of tomorrow ??

If and when ,
the journalists/reporters/correspondents of today
are to become the historians of tomorrow ,
then this means that ,
the Main-Stream-Media´s are fabricating tomorrow's History
and theyb are recording it ,only , as their editors-in-chief ever wants  .

Therefore ,
tomorrow´s History shall suffer the same fate
as did the Old-Testament 
which was left  in the hands of the Rabi's........

So please, (for the record) ,
do retain and do remember that :
Abraham was an Iraqi
Moses was an Egyptian
Jesus was a Palestinian
Theodor Herzl was an Austrian
Golda Meier was a Russian
Simon Perez was a Polish
Issac Rabin was a Lithuanian
in 1967 Israel attacked us, first.
Tel Aviv occupies Ramallah
Damascus and Baghdad
were once the capitals of all the Arabs.
Hezbollah are (100%) Lebanese
Bahrain´s-Shi´aa ,  are Bahrainy.
Israelis are not Semites.
Qatar is only a
(privately owned) rich-city-state.
The USA invaded Afghanistan
and finally .....
George Bush is the bastard .

Raja Chemayel -رَجا  شْمَيِّل

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joha , Dr. Erakat and the Free-Icecream
some people believed their own fantasies...

is an  Arabic fictitious figure, always funny
and often a pseudo-philosophic-person
and here is one story :

Joha who wanted to make his siestas each afternoon ,was much disturbed by the kids
in his direct neighbourhood. The children were loud and agitated which kept Joha sleepless.
Joha tried to calm them down or even to threaten them if they still make noise.......
nothing helped !!!

One day, Joha got a bright idea :
he went out to the street and told to the children that ,far away,
at the other end of the village somebody was distributing
cream" to all !!
Of course all the children ran out there....... and it was quite all of a sudden,
Joha went back to sleep enjoying the silence......

But it was too silent ,
Joha was wondering why the children did not come back ??
Joha started asking himself :
what if there were really "free-ice-cream" at the other end.....

Joha could not sleep....................
Joha started to doubt about his own lie..........
Finally Joha stood up , went out of his home,
and ran to the other end of the village ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just to be sure !!!

This old joke , reminds me of the PA and of Dr. Saeb Erekat
who both believe that their might be any "Peace" the other end of the village .
"Free Ice-cream"
in Amman.

Raja Chemayel
I scream for Ice-cream.......too

Monday, January 9, 2012

3000 dear or alive
burned Christians in Nigeria !!

How often , the last six months , did you hear or read
about the 3000 victims in Syria ?
How often , the last six months , did you hear or read
about the 3000 victims in Nigeria ?

Does the Media differentiate between the dead
because ,anyhow,
it differentiated while they were alive ???

( How often has AlJazeera

mentioned Nigeria ??  )

Raja Chemayelرَجا  شْمَيِّل
all dead are equal !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

But.....for what is the NATO still here ??
a forgotten-shame .

NATO was established as a deterrent against the Soviet-Block
But the Soviet-Block does no more exist.
So what for is the NATO,  nowadays ??
is it perhaps recycled now as a hidden tool serving Imperialism ???
But Imperialism does no more exist.
Imperialism is now replaced by :
the World-Bank,
International Monetary Fund,
Globalisation, WTO,
UN Security Council Resolutions ,
Human Rights Intervention ,
War on Terrorism , Regime Change,
Preventive-wars, Weapons Proliferation's rules ,
the New World Order
and last but not least......... Zionism !! itself

Having said that , may I ask you :
Do you know any country/state/Kingdom/Nation
that has had a Imperial-colonial-past
which is not now a member of NATO ??

Then ,
may I repeat my question :
What for is NATO ,now ??
(when we know that, all the Colonial-powers have joined it,
including Turkey )

رَجا  شْمَيِّل
Raja Chemayel