Saturday, September 11, 2010

the eleventh day of a well planned September 2001
another "911"

I was watching on DISCOVERY CHANNEL
a nice program about demolitions,
the professional-controlled-demolitions-jobs .

It was a very impressive achievement
with precise workmanship.
Perfection in the planning and in the execution
of a very delicate job.

It was amazing how much preparation-work
and much precalculations are needed
previous to that "pushing of the button"

A great job , but yet
I must admit that at the WTC in New York
it was done much better.........
on that morning of  September eleventh 2001,
with the difference that those demolition-artists ,there,
forgot to evacuate the buildings ,
before pushing  their criminal button.

This was of course a crime which amounts to a massacreof which  nobody did accuse them !!!
because , only the two planes are assumed to be the guilty...?

Funny..........if the planes were the cause
and if the fires brought that assumed extreme-heat
which caused  the fall down of the buildings:
how come the water sprinklers did not function ??
how come the building did not fall down sidewards ??
how come the lower floors did also drop-down,
when heat rises up and never goes downwards ??

teaches me that controled- demolotions
produces a controlled-fall-down...........
just like ,what I saw , at the WTC of New York !!

Otherwise we might think that George Bush
would have been a criminal,
but George is not a criminal  !!!   
as says ;
the CNN and ABC and CBS and Israeli TV stations.

Sherlock Hommos
demolition  re-constructor

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crimes are different when the victim is different !!
Two bombings ........but only one trial,
the first was assassination
and the other a massacre !

"Somebody"  has assassinated Rafik El Harriri
a 2005

"Someone else" has bombed Beirut, in 2006,
and killed much more  poor-people
and destroyed a whole neighbourhood in Beirut ,
plus the infrastructures of the Lebanon
and about 8 towns and 20 villages in South Lebanon.

There is now an International  Criminal Court (In the Hague)
to judge the (only) suspect  of the Harriri´s assassination
but no Court to judge the second accused
who tried to destroy the Lebanon.........
although the second accused ( seen on all TV stations)
is obviously and undeniably clearly known
(while the first accused........ is only a suspect.)

How come  you become a criminal only
when you kill one Rich-Prime-Minister
and when  you kill 1.100 poor-civilians ,
you are not !!....??

Besides all that ,
and if you are interested to hear my opinion,
I say that both crimes were done
by the same........ non-accused-suspect.

Raja Chemayel
correct until proven wrong ,
or ,
guilty of proving them wrong


Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Jewish-mothers........

Nicolas Sarkozy , Bernard Kouchner and Tipsy Livni
all have had a Jewish mother.
Which is,  logically ,not a crime ,
nor anything that makes you ashamed of .

But ,
France invented the separation of the religion from politics
while Israel reconnected religion with politics.

Although  Kouchner , Livni and Sarkozy
all do qualify to be called "Jews",
none of them is a Semite
nor is a grand-child of Abraham.
Livni is Polish ,
Sarkozy is Hungarian
Kouchner is Latvian.....

but all of them want to decide on the fate of Palestine
which is 100% semitic

Sherlock Hommos