Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dollars, greed and wealth

جوي: أنا سرقت بنكين... وأنت؟

مادوف: كلهم!!!


الدولار، الجشع والثروة

الأزمة المالية

مع أن الأزمة المالية عالمية

لكنها أمريكية المنشأ

وسوف تنتهيب لا شك في أمريكا

وستتابع الولايات المتحده طباعة المزيد من الدولارات

ختى ينتهي مخزون الورق لديها

أو عندما ينهون النظام الرأسمالي

أو عندما يقررون استدعاء جنودهم للعودة إلى بيوتهم

أو ربما عندما يرتدعون عن تمويل...

الحروب وجرائمها التي يقترفونها حول العالم!!!

الصين كانت على حق عندما اقترحت...

استبدال الدولار بعملة عالمية

ما رأيكم دام فضلكم بعملة يطلق عليها اسم:


التي أتى على ذكرها القرآن الكريم

وهو "عمل كريم" أو "انعام"

أو "الخير"

وفي هذا الحال سوف لن تطلب الدول الخليجية

المزيد من الدولارات

بل تطلب وتصرف "المعروف"...

وقد تصبح البنوك في النهاية أماكن محترمة

الأزمة المالية قصاص إلهي

على الجشع كأسلوب حياة.

ما مبرر أن يملك انسان ما أكثر من نصف مليون "دولار أمريكي!!!

رجا الشميل

"الملك ل الله"

التاسع من نيسان (الصادق) 2009

ترجمة الفقير إليه تعالى: أديب قعوار


Dollars, greed and wealth

The financial crisis ,
although it is an international one ,
it has started in the USA
and it shall also end there.

The USA shall keep on printing dollars
until they ran out of paper
or until they abolish capitalism
or until they recall all their soldiers back home
or until refrain from financing
all the injustices worldwide
China was right when it suggested
to replace the Dollars
by an "international-global-currency":
How about a brand new of currency called
"Al Maarouf"
which is mentioned in the Holy Koran
as a " kind deed " or a "grace"
or "goodness".

This way the rulers of Saudi-Arabia
and the Gulf states
shall no more stink after dollars ,
but rather smell the "goodness".
And then Banks may finally become respectable-places .
The Financial-crisis is God's punishment
against greed as a way of life.

Why should anyone own more than half a million (Dollars) ??

Raja Chemayel
" Al moulkou li Allah"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "right to exist" and the "right to defend itself"
Who has the right to exist ??
the invaders or the invaded ???
Who has the right to defend itself ??
the robbers or the robbed ???
what rights did Al Capone have ??
(except for a fair Trial)
Did Dracula
have the right to defend himself ??

Sherlock Hommos
the right to ask !!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

How to do it , for not to get bombed
Serbian-orthodox- Christians
do not recognise the State of Zion.

Speaking today in Ankara , Turkey
President Obama confirmed :
"The USA is not at war , nor it shall be ,
with Islam...."

I ask myself ,
what is Islam , if not the Muslims themselves ??

and if I were right ,
who else but Muslims were bombed this last decade ??
.....the Orthodox-Christians of Yugoslavia
who never ever
recognised Israel !!

In other words :
recently , only nations who did not ,
and shall
recognise Israel were bombed......
like , Afghanistan , Iraq and Serbia
( and soon North Korea , and Iran too )

So beware of those B52 planes !!

Sherlock Hommos

speech-writer to Raja Chemayel

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The shoes of my own daughter
Obama wants to place a Huge Radar,
where it will be never needed.

My 20 years old daughter who studies
in the Cezch-republic
went this morning to Prague
to attend the speech
of President Barrack Obama.

She came back with her two shoes still on.

This means two things :
1 - either ,my daughter believed
that handsome-sweet- talker .

2 - or my daughter thought that
her shoe is more valuable than Obama's speech.

I never tried to influence my children's
direction in politics
but I secretly thought
that any shoe can be sacrified !!

Especially that President Obama
to build a military-base- radar
in the Czech-republic to defend the Free-World
from "
any Iranian-Rocket- missiles flying over Europe"
(on its way to Israel )

Raja Chemayel
from the city of Franz Kafka