Sunday, April 5, 2009

The shoes of my own daughter
Obama wants to place a Huge Radar,
where it will be never needed.

My 20 years old daughter who studies
in the Cezch-republic
went this morning to Prague
to attend the speech
of President Barrack Obama.

She came back with her two shoes still on.

This means two things :
1 - either ,my daughter believed
that handsome-sweet- talker .

2 - or my daughter thought that
her shoe is more valuable than Obama's speech.

I never tried to influence my children's
direction in politics
but I secretly thought
that any shoe can be sacrified !!

Especially that President Obama
to build a military-base- radar
in the Czech-republic to defend the Free-World
from "
any Iranian-Rocket- missiles flying over Europe"
(on its way to Israel )

Raja Chemayel
from the city of Franz Kafka

1 comment:

Raid Khoury said...

Hello Raja,

Maybe your daughter was preventing her shoe from going through the humiliation of having to touch an American president. As the Arab poem says..

Sha3bun itha thuriba al-hitha'o bi wajhi'hee...sarakha al-hitha'o bi aya haken usfa3o.