Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is all about Jesus and not Palestine !!
Palestine was the place , only.

History and the Bible are close enough
although not without huge contradictions
and many inaccuracies too .

Yet ,  we almost all agreed to call Palestine
(The Land of Canaan)
as being " the Promised-Land " .

In my humble opinion it is a wrong translation of that expression,
as it must be:"The Land of the Promises" 
instead of the Promised-Land.
I shall explain myself :

If we put blind-faith and theology on the side
and we use logic and science and linguistics.
Then we ask ourselves this question :
Why would God , Almighty, offer to the People of Abraham
a piece of land (Palestine). .........
what could be achieved if and when all grand-children of Abraham
would reside in Palestine , and not in Tunis , Tanzania or Timbuktu ??
Why should a Jew reside in Jerusalem
and not in Beirut, Baghdad or Bogota ??

I have no answer !!   do you ???

My sincere belief is that the promise was
the coming of Jesus of Nazareth , the Messiah .
And nothing else.

The confusion was that the meeting-place were Palestine,
and nowhere else........
but Palestine was not the promise, by  itself.

Historians and Theologians mixed this above nuance
because they saw no harm in doing so,
until the day Zionism showed up
and profited from this confusion
for to serve its own ideology and its criminal-plans.

God promised us :
a Messenger , a Savior a Prophet  a Messiah

and not a piece of land.....
what could that country do, without a Messenger , a Savior a Messiah  ??

While,the Messiah could have come anywhere on this planet
and would have delivered the same Message.

With all respect to any and all the theologians , I say :
That, God´s Promise was Jesus

 ...... and not Palestine !!

I add to say :
If Jesus came in Mexico instead of Palestine
I would still be a Christian

if Mohamad would have come to Berlin
instead of Mecca I would still accept and respect Islam.

and if Marx would have lived in Brazil,
and if Plato were a Canadian citizen,
and if Beethoven would have lived and composed 

in China , he would remain a genius.

It is Jesus....... ...and not Palestine !!!
so leave Palestine in Peace
and go look for Jesus !!

Raja Chemayel

Friday, March 26, 2010

Six years and sixty years.

Dr. O´bama , MD

About 30 million American citizens
shall now also be covered by a Health Insurance
as from now on.

That is as much people as the whole population
of Iraq and Palestine and it was delayed untill now
mainly for the financial-burdon.


If there were  no invasion of Iraq
the USA could have afforded this health insurance
six years ago


If there were no State of Israel
the USA could have afforded  this total health insurance
sixty years ago.

Never mind my comparative- sarcasm.
I congratulate the American-government and Congress ,
because they both have just started resembling
to the human-goverments of Europe.

My Dutch-health- insurance pays even my Taxi
to and from my Doctor 
or pays even my parking-fees if I use my car.
It is because the Netherlands does not "export democracies"
and it has also stopped colonialism since 1975.(Suriname)

Sherlock Hommos
A doctor each day , keeps the revolutions away !!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Christian of his times أحسن مسيحيي زمانه


آخر غزاة القدس
دخلها ممتطياً الدبابات وعلى رأس الجيوش
في ذلك اليوم التعيس – عام 1967

ولكن عندما يأتي يوم الحساب
سيسألنا الله جميعاً
لماذا أسأنا استعمال اسمه؟!
ولماذا قرئنا جميعاً كتابه
كما أردناه أن يكتب أي ما نريده أن يعني... 

ولماذا كذلك جميعاً سرقنا
وليس إذا لم يكن المال
ولماذا اقترفنا جريمة القتل/الاغتيال
وإذا لم يكن إنساناً
فذكرى لأي وعد!!!
عندها سيسألنا الله كذلك
وأيضاً جميعاً... لنقارن
جميع الغزاة... جميع اللصوص
جميع المعتدين
جميع الحكام... جميع المتطفلين
وحتى الزوار
الذين دخلوا بيت المقدس
من منكم احترم مدينة الله؟
أفضل من سيدنا عمر؟؟

الإسلام يعتبر أن السيد المسيح/عيسى
كان مسلماً وقبل الإسلام
أن سيدنا عمر كان...
كان أحسن مسيحيي زمانه
رجا الشميل
22/ 3/2010
يسوع الناصري والخليفة عمر
كانا أول الفاتحين
الذين دخلوا القدس بسلام وسلمياً كذلك
المترجم الناصري:أديب قعوار
the last-conquerors of Jerusalem
entered with Tanks and Armies, 1967

When the judgment-day shall come
and God shall ask all of us why
we all have miss-used his name ?
And why ,we all have read his book
the way we would like it  to be written.

 Why, we all have stolen ,
if not money ,
but then the Truth
And why we all have killed ,
if not a person ,
but a memory or any promise.

And then God shall also ask
all of us,  to compare :
all the invaders , all robbers ,
all the conquerors ,

all the rulers, the intruders
and even the visitors
who entered into Jerusalem
which one did respect God´s City
and God´s rules,
better than Sayidouna Omar ??

Islam believes that Jesus ,
was, already , a Muslim.

and I say :
Sayidouna Omar was
the best Christian of his times.

Raja Chemayel
NB :
Jesus of Nazareth and Khalifa Omar
are the only conquerors
who entered Jerusalem
in Peace and peacefully too.