Friday, March 26, 2010

Six years and sixty years.

Dr. O´bama , MD

About 30 million American citizens
shall now also be covered by a Health Insurance
as from now on.

That is as much people as the whole population
of Iraq and Palestine and it was delayed untill now
mainly for the financial-burdon.


If there were  no invasion of Iraq
the USA could have afforded this health insurance
six years ago


If there were no State of Israel
the USA could have afforded  this total health insurance
sixty years ago.

Never mind my comparative- sarcasm.
I congratulate the American-government and Congress ,
because they both have just started resembling
to the human-goverments of Europe.

My Dutch-health- insurance pays even my Taxi
to and from my Doctor 
or pays even my parking-fees if I use my car.
It is because the Netherlands does not "export democracies"
and it has also stopped colonialism since 1975.(Suriname)

Sherlock Hommos
A doctor each day , keeps the revolutions away !!

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