Saturday, August 18, 2007

Foreign-talk !! حكي بالأجنبي

We hear and read that in Iraq , nowadays,

there are a lot of foreign-fighters.......

"which is the reason of the Chaos"....unquote

Do they mean:

the (170.223) US-Marines


the(457) undercover-Mossad


the (103.487) Western-Mercenaries


the(700) Danish-Soldiers


the (3255) Italian-soldiers who left already


probably the (475) Thailand's


the (625) South Koreans ??????????????


not to forget the (1544) Dutch who came back.

(paid by my Tax-contributions)

In my book ,

only the Insurgents are not-foreign !!

everyone else is....."foreign"

Anyone whose mother-tong is Arabic

cannot be foreign in Iraq

and on a the second level , I say

anyone who prays in Arabic

cannot be foreign in Iraq !!

Raja Chemayel

I speak Arabic to my mother......

and have never invaded any place !!

نقرأ ونسمع بان في العراق... اليوم...
العديد من المقاتلين الأجانب..........
"وهذا هو مسبب الفوضى"... نهاية الاقتطاف...........
هل يعنون بذلك:
ال (170،223) من المارينز الأمريكان؟
ال(457) من المزساد العاملين بالخفاء والعلن؟؟؟
أل(103،487) المرتزفه الغربيين؟؟؟
أل(700) جندي دنمركي؟؟؟

أل(3255) جندي إيطالي الذي غادروا العراق؟؟؟

من الممكن أل(475) تيلندي؟؟؟
أل(625) كوري جنوبي؟؟؟
وكي لا ننسى (1544) هولندي الذين عادوا إلى رحاب وطنهم؟؟؟
و(الذين تدفع رواتبهم من الضرائب التي يبتزونها من جيبي)
وحسب كتبي الوحيدون من غير الأجانب هم الثوار...
الذين لا يمكن اعتبارهم أجانب!!!
وما عداهم هم الأجانب...
فكل من يتكلم العربية...
لا يمكن اعتباره أجنبيا في العراق فهو من أهلهاً...
وعلى المستوى الآخر، أقول...
وكل من يصلي بالعربية
لا يمكن اعتباره أجنبياً في العراق!!!!
رجا الشميل
أنا أتكلم العربية مع أمي ألتي ولدتني...
ولم يحدث أن غزوت مكان ما.......
ترجمه عربي آخر أرضه أيضاً محتلة................
أديب قعوار

Friday, August 17, 2007

Looking for a New-Noah

Noah,inspired and warned by the all-Mighty
has build an Arch.......
so he saved from all the species, a pair

God was punishing all the sinners
and left them behind to drawn
in a flood of immense waters......

You know that story ,
on which the Jews , Christian and Muslims
all agree.

what everybody has forgotten,
expect myself,
is the fact that many rich millionaires
must have had a luxury yacht ,
at that time besides their (many) homes
which they earned in trafficking drugs
or trafficking anything else
like weapons or humans.....or in the Banking-business

And this explains ( to me at least)
how come after Noah's new start
with only the honest people,
we still have evil people who survived,
thanks to their luxury-yachts

What the Good-Lord ought to do , again,
is to send us a new Noah and a new flood
but before that he should confiscate
all the luxury yachts , in advance .

Eng.Moustafa Roosenbloom
17 of August 2007

May I also suggest to add to this list
all the Military Ships including and especially the Sub-Marines.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Christian Missionaries invading Afghanistan are abducted
Muslim Mullah preaching in the West are deported

Something is wrong in both societies:
The West ought to become less paranoiac
and the East ought to accept an Aspirin from the West.

Simply because the East has no Aspirin's
and the West has no moral-values , left over.....

The East has found and embraced his Creator
but the West worships the Creation ,
while forgetting the Creator.

Korean-Christians-infiltrators are taken hostage
to be exchanged for Afghan's-Freedom-Fighters
and Good-fearing-Mullahs in the West are handcuffed
and driven to the nearest-Airport.

And I stop here and reflect.........
how many Muslim regimes have invaded the West ??

I recall the last time in Andalusia in the tenth century
while , ever since , the Christian West has colonised,invaded,
robbed and bombed the Muslim world ........
excepting the Ottoman empire which finally was also invaded
and the end.

So who is a threat ???
and to whom ???

I live in the Netherlands where 90% of the foreign-labour
are Muslims ,which is also the same pattern in all of (rich) Europe.....
How could it be that the lowest-class in a society becomes
a threat to the mighty capital class ??

Is it because the first Christians of Europe
were the Christian-slaves imported
from the Middle East ??? and from Greece.

Why would Korean-Christians offer an "aspirin"
to Muslim-Afghan's ??
What is behind it ???
is there anything still for free ???

Why do European and US secret services evict Mullahs
out of their countries ??

And lately ,
Holland's most famous parliamentarian-clown wanted to forbid
the Koran in the Netherlands..........
he is worse than those Afghan's refusing that loaded-Aspirin

Sherlock Hommos
preferring the spiritual-aspirins