Sunday, August 12, 2007


Christian Missionaries invading Afghanistan are abducted
Muslim Mullah preaching in the West are deported

Something is wrong in both societies:
The West ought to become less paranoiac
and the East ought to accept an Aspirin from the West.

Simply because the East has no Aspirin's
and the West has no moral-values , left over.....

The East has found and embraced his Creator
but the West worships the Creation ,
while forgetting the Creator.

Korean-Christians-infiltrators are taken hostage
to be exchanged for Afghan's-Freedom-Fighters
and Good-fearing-Mullahs in the West are handcuffed
and driven to the nearest-Airport.

And I stop here and reflect.........
how many Muslim regimes have invaded the West ??

I recall the last time in Andalusia in the tenth century
while , ever since , the Christian West has colonised,invaded,
robbed and bombed the Muslim world ........
excepting the Ottoman empire which finally was also invaded
and the end.

So who is a threat ???
and to whom ???

I live in the Netherlands where 90% of the foreign-labour
are Muslims ,which is also the same pattern in all of (rich) Europe.....
How could it be that the lowest-class in a society becomes
a threat to the mighty capital class ??

Is it because the first Christians of Europe
were the Christian-slaves imported
from the Middle East ??? and from Greece.

Why would Korean-Christians offer an "aspirin"
to Muslim-Afghan's ??
What is behind it ???
is there anything still for free ???

Why do European and US secret services evict Mullahs
out of their countries ??

And lately ,
Holland's most famous parliamentarian-clown wanted to forbid
the Koran in the Netherlands..........
he is worse than those Afghan's refusing that loaded-Aspirin

Sherlock Hommos
preferring the spiritual-aspirins

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globe said...

hello ,

i'm a morrocan , and muslim :d (i have read your blog , well thanks for yur sincerity , and for your respect . "ca m'a fait prendre conscience, que je devait revoir mes stereotypes ! , sur les chretiens arabes, je veux dire si vous entrer dans un forum musulman/chretien ... :( ; !" , i have 2 question if your permit me to ask ! in your this post , you have mentioned "andaloucia" ) . i mean what do yu think arab chrisitan think about andalucia ? , and if you can point me true books that speak , about the details about the presence of the othomans empire in lebanon.

and thanks a lot !