Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simon Wiesenthal and that virgin-lady!/image/3397585303.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_295/3397585303.jpg
Twice........he survived !!

Simon Wiesenthal is a famous Nazi-hunter
after him is a huge Organisation of the same name.
No problem !!

I am not an expert on the Holocaust
but I always have doubted its size and its nature.

Another thing peculiar to Simon Wiesenthal
is the fact that he was twice incarcerated
in two different Concentration-Camps , and ,
obviously........ he survived both.

This is amazing , to say the least,
and it resembles to the story of a virgin-lady
who was kidnapped twice by some sex-maniacs
who locked her up in brothels,
but she remained as a virgin ..... !!!

Meaning :
A-either the brothels were not so awful
or the Lady (Virgin) was never kidnapped !!
B- either Nazi-concentration-camps were not so awful
or Simon Wiesenthal never was incarcerated

Anyhow miracles do exist sometimes
and lies too !!

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I do not hate my enemy..
A soldier welding a shop´s door for ever daring to go on trike....
One day he shall change his weapons !!

I do not deny the Holocaust
I just doubt its alleged size.

I do not hate the Jews
I just doubt their origins
and I suspect their final goal .

I do not hate the Americans
I just doubt whether they rule by themselves
or they are manipulated by Zionism.

I do  not  want to throw the Israelis in the sea
I just doubt if they would otherwise ever leave us ,someday ,
voluntarily and peacefully.

I do not hate peace
I just doubt that anything else than a liberation-war
would bring us the Peace .

Raja Chemayel

hatred is the wrong counsellor

Monday, November 22, 2010

The chronology and the chrono-logic ....
 a Zionist,here ,
meets a "future-terrorist ".

Chronology if mixed with  the logic
it becomes chrono-logic.........which means :
a logical consequence of  a something.

I shall give you a practical example
of something chronologically-logical
or logically-chronologic  :

A :
Not all Palestinians and Arabs
are born as terrorists.
Not all Jews are born as Zionists , neither.
but ,only when Zionism came to the Arabs
thereafter ,some Arabs became Terrorists.

Israelis and Jews did not become Zionists,
because some Arabs, once, became Terrorists ,
but the contrary is the correct case......

Raja Chemayel
temporarily-terrorist-until-zionism-leaves-Palestine !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What would really scare Oussama Ben Laden......
Two caricatures.....

Imagine ,
that the Iraqi regime would have had
an atomic-bomb..... or even several ones ,
and that Oussama Ben Laden could have had  enough money
to bribe them.....and that Oussama would have bought one or two bombs

Imagine , also
that John McCain would have won the presidential elections ( in 2009)
with his partner Sarah Palin
and that, late, John dies in a car accident
and Sarah Palin becomes the President of the USA ( in 2011 )
and that Sarah would have her finger on a button that would launch
the atomic-bombs-rockets !!!!

I bet you that this would really scare Oussama Ben Ladin  !!
and myself too !!

Fate has done that Barrack Obama did succeed ,instead
and that Mr. Ben Laden sleeps much better ......nowadays .
and myself too !!

Conclusion :
Sarah Palin has the highest degree of deterrent
who would shoot a defenceless animal ??

Raja Chemayel
wishing that "democracy" would look diffently.