Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three women with a scarf.

Two are "Black",
one is an Arab
all three wear a scarf

Next time maybe ,
they will grant the Nobel Peace Prize
to another three women 
who shall all wear a veil instead of a scarf.

Which means that the dress 
does not make the woman !!

Mary of Nazareth wore a veil
and she gave us the greatest-human.

The daughter of the Prophet Mohammad
did not wear a veil
and she was a great army general.

Raja Chemayel

Friday, October 7, 2011

Until..........a better one comes along.

Would a "Nouri al Maliki" be better ??
or you would prefer 
the King of Jordan ??

Would you not prefer an Arab Dictator who is
opposing,confronting or fighting Israel ??

instead of
any Arab-ruler who is  ,
a so-called Democrat ( or a moderate)
who would sign a Peace-treaty 
with the worst State on this planet  ??

The ideal Arab-ruler would be a proper-democrat ,
 anti-imperialist  and anti-Zionist 
but....we have none , yet !!!

In the meantime , and until then,
I am satisfied with any
anti-Israel-Arab-dictator !!!

Raja Chemayel
a pragmatic (who wants to move forward)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

" They "

They could not defeat Hezbollah
They could not  bomb Tehran
so now 
They try to destabilise Syria.

Syria not a democracy,
as They would wish,
nonetheless, Syria is our fortress !!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SIRTE a town in Libya

Guilty of being from the town of  Sirte

If and when the events in Libya were "for the instalment of a democracy"
then why to besiege the town of Sirte........... and bombing its civilians ??

What crime did Sirte commit  ?? ,
except for being the Birth-place of Qaddafi .

And when democracy means "allowing different opinions and ideologies"
we should accept that probably 51% of the Libyans still want Qaddafi !!

Stop NATO´s the bombing and organise an election,
which a real-practical-honest-fair- democracy-act.

Civil-wars are a national-suicide !!
(if not the hegemony of one part on the other)

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Bay of pigs ..........where there are no pigs

Cubans defending Cuba
from US-Democracy

The false liberators 
taken into Cuban hospitality

The USA and CIA once  wanted to pump-in democracy into Cuba
so it gathered all  kind Thugs, Gangsters and Mafiosos from Florida
and then has sent them all , on boats, to free Cuba....
and you know the rest of the story.

Currently ,
the USA+CIA are looking for a Bay  off the Syrian-coast
just to repeat history once more.......

But there are no pigs in Syria !!
because neither Muslims nor Syrian-Christians do eat pigs.

Raja Chemayel