Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing good comes out of Tony Blair
a book about those......... " 45 minutes "

Tony Blair wrote a book , probably on his "memoires"
 ( which is another word for "confessions" )

Tony Blair , decided to give away all the profits on that book ,
back to the families of the (British) victims of his wars......

My opinion is that ,
there will not much profits to give back to the victims ,
due to the fact that ,practically , nobody shall buy this book.......

Never mind !!!
because we all knew that :
nothing good comes out of Tony Blair , anyhow , anytime .

Sherlock Hommos
ghost-writer for Raja Chemayel
George W. Bush might also write a book ,
as soon as he shall learn how to............. write........

Friday, September 3, 2010

What for is the Unined Nations Organisation ???
Impotence or hypocrisy ??

There are new-Peace-talks
relaunched in Washington ,

as if people have time to loose ,
or as if naivety is eternal .

May I suggest, instead,
to start by  implementing
all the UN-Resolutions , since 1947.......

Go back to the chronology of  those resolutions
and impliment them one by one ,
completely and fully  .

You will then need no more negociations
and no endless talks

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pupeteer and the puppet , with the puppet´s puppet .

(from left to the right)
The puppeteer and his puppet
the puppet´s puppet.

but.... this caricaturist
found it out,   faster than me

all the above is called

I call it  :
another morphine-injection
in our bottom !!

Give me Hamas and Hezbollah !!
and who ever carries a Gun....
anytime !!

Raja Chemayel
freedom is a Gun !!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If your mother were a vegetarian.
can this vegetarian-salad be Jewish ??
or otherwise,  someday,
can it become  Israeli-vegetarian-salad ??

If your mother were a vegetarian
you would consequently also become one ??.

if your mother were a Jew
you will be considered ,automatically, as a Jew.

And if your mother were a vegetarian-Jew
today ,you will be only a Jew
but not necessarily a vegetarian !!

How can anyone  inherit a religion ??
how can you inherit a way-of-life
or a philosophy  .?

Was the son of Plato also a philosopher
or simply a Greek-person ??

Jesus has had a Jewish-mother
but Jesus never was member of the Judaic faith !!!
Karl Marx  has had a capitalist-mother
but Karl was a 100% Communistt !!!

One can be a Jew
and at the same time be a vegetarian
while his own mother would eat all the meat
and pray only for Buddha !!

When I die ,
my son will inherit all my worldly-pocessions
but not necessarily my faith......
nor any of my convictions.

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A redeployment called " withdrawal"

a withdrawal or a troop-redeployment ??

The US Army has stopped
and recalled its combat-units out of Iraq .

As per today ,
only the occupation-units ,
the torture-units , the jailing-units ,
the civil-war-promoting-units ,
the sectarian-dividing-units
and the national-destabilising-units ,
shall remain to ensure the protection
of the remaining Mossad Agents  in Iraq .

Joe Biden , that jobless-vice-president ,
went to Baghdad to commemorate
this most-non-significant-act.

Nouri Al Maliki , that useless-prime-minister
received Biden for a photo-opportunity
for a photo that shall never enter any history book.
the translator ( in the middle)
 was the only credible person on this photo

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom 

Monday, August 30, 2010

One Mosque too far....
Anti-Mosque-protesters in New York
with a certain fascist-flavour......
and flamboyant-flag .

Assuming that Usama Ben Ladin does really  exist
and secondly , assuming that BenLadin did bomb New York.

Assuming that George Bush does also exist
and that Bush , and not Mother Teresa, did bomb Baghdad.

How many civilians died in New York
and how civilians died many  in Baghdad ??.

Assuming that BenLaden wants to impose
his anti-western-decadence-ideas.....
and assuming that , Bush wanted to impose democracy
in the country which invented the first civilisation.

Assuming that all what I wrote here-above is correct
why do they refuse to build a mosque in New York
when George Bush never built ,nor rebuilt,
any Church in Baghdad ??
nor any Hospital , nor any school .??

Because in the last 20 years, before this war,
Saddam Hussein has rebuilt  Churches ,
schools and Hospitals in Baghdad.

Which, incidentally,reminds me to tell you that
I know of 23 Churches´ buildings financed
by Saddam´s regime.....
even and also in the Lebanon.

Unfortunately, George Bush , to my knowledge,
never financed or helped any church ,
let alone the victims span>of Katherina , in Louisiana, even .

Back to New York and to that Mosque,
I dare not to give my opinion because
I am neither Muslim nor I am a US Citizen.
Nonetheless ,
may I  remind those New Yorkers who objected that Mosque
that building any Mosque is like building a bridge
between tolerance and ignorance.....

Raja Chemayel
my grand-father who was a (christian) Lord-mayor
signed the building license for a Synaguoge in 1942
and my uncle (his son) who was also the Mayor signed in 1961
a building-license for a our Christian Hometown
of Bhamdoun in the Lebanon.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

A storm in Amsterdam and the trees of Paskistan
some trees become "Holy"

Last week we have had a lot of rain
and strong winds in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, was not spared from those winds
and one famous tree in the garden of the house
where Ann Frank was hidingfelt down...............
that tree was  older  than  Ann Frank.

The Dutch-Media has reported this incident ,
fully and extensively,
repeatedly and in depth............
because that tree reminds us of Ann Frank who re-reminds us
of the Holocaust which re-re-reminds us of Israel.....!!

In the meantime , and during this week ,
how many trees have fallen in Pastistan ??

How many trees in the rain-forest of Brazil ??

Never mind !!

And  just you wait !!.......
next year , they might renew the toilet-seat
in Ann Frank's house.......
and then this will also be the news !!

Raja Chemayel
one Amsterdammer thinking of the Paskitan-trees
29 August 2010