Sunday, August 29, 2010

A storm in Amsterdam and the trees of Paskistan
some trees become "Holy"

Last week we have had a lot of rain
and strong winds in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, was not spared from those winds
and one famous tree in the garden of the house
where Ann Frank was hidingfelt down...............
that tree was  older  than  Ann Frank.

The Dutch-Media has reported this incident ,
fully and extensively,
repeatedly and in depth............
because that tree reminds us of Ann Frank who re-reminds us
of the Holocaust which re-re-reminds us of Israel.....!!

In the meantime , and during this week ,
how many trees have fallen in Pastistan ??

How many trees in the rain-forest of Brazil ??

Never mind !!

And  just you wait !!.......
next year , they might renew the toilet-seat
in Ann Frank's house.......
and then this will also be the news !!

Raja Chemayel
one Amsterdammer thinking of the Paskitan-trees
29 August 2010

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