Saturday, January 31, 2009

The theory of superiority and the power of guilt

The theory of superiority
and the power of guilt.

First , the Zionists lied to all the Jews
who believed that this ideology will make them so special,

Then the Jews lied to the rest of the World
who believed in an ideology that made them guilty

And then
came the State of Israel
which believes in a superiority- theory
that never makes them guilty !!

and the rest of this story is a
real-time-tragedy- genocide

where the victims are blamed and accused
and where a Simon Perez
gets a Nobel Peace Prize !!

watch this please !! com/watch? v=hB9JrEub4IU

Friday, January 30, 2009

The unequal rockets of unequal-victims

If a Muslim Imam were standing here ,
it would be called "religious-fanatici sm"
Imagine 2 rockets,
one goes up from Sederot and lands in Gaza-city
and the second Rocket goes up in Gaza
and does the opposite .
First we shall notice that the first Rocket
was faster and stronger.... and most of all
it was more modern thus more efficient,
thus doing more damages..... ..
The second Rocket was inferior on all counts
and consequently it did much less damages.
The Human dimension to this short story
is more relevant than the technical one.
Because the old-inhabitants of Sederot
were thrown out in 1948 and have had
to resettle in the crowded Gaza , as refugees
withing a walking distance from their evacuated homes,
making room for a new invader who later became
the occupier and the oppressor and the colonial-power.
The Political dimension is also much relevant
although actually it is the most absurd:
Because the inhabitants of Sederot whose real name was Najd
are accusing the inhabitants of Gaza-City of "Terrorism"
while reminding the World of that Holocaust
which happened (or not) by the hands of others than Palestinians
but rather by those who have declared at EU headquarters
"that Hamas is a terrorist organisation"
The symbol remains as a hand-made-rocket
shot at the oppressors , while facing a High-Tech-Rocket
dumped on the victims.
There is a lot of inequality on this Planet
so why should all Rockets be equal ??
and why are the victims also unequal ?
There it is :
The Perpetrator occupies the home of his victim
and is shooting at the victim's refuge with
a better Rocket.....
and the victim ??....well , he is only the Terrorist !
Raja Chemayel
on the side of the victim

The best non-arab Arabs !!

Evo Morales , Bolivia
Recep Ordogan . Turkey
Hugo Chavez, Venezuela
the Best-non-arab- Arabs.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nobody may leave Davos !!!

" nobody may leave this room !! ,
the murderer is among us "

Davos ,
is where all the brains and the mussels
of finance are gathered.... .

While the World has a Global financial crisis,
to say the least....... .

If you ask me what did it ?
I would say that greed and capitalism
are the guilty ones

But , if you ask , who did it ?
I would say: " the guilty-one is in Davos , now "

So , like in any old-classical- film,
where the inspectors gathers all the suspects
in one room at the end of the film ,
before declaring the name of the murderer
(or the guilty)

There it is !!
who ever robbed the World , and Wall Street
and the Pension-Funds. today in Davos !!

Lock the entrances and the exists of Davos !!
and call in Sherlock Holmes , or Hercule Poirot
or Miss Marple or Colombo or who-ever....

Sherlock Hommos
a colleague of inspector Colombo.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honesty.....impartiality and equal-treatment

it happened before...

it may happen again !!!

How about sending
Ismail Hannyah and Ehud Olmert
to an International Criminal Court House ??

Each one will face the criminal-charges,
to be filed, by the other party:
1- one shall be charged with "Terrorism for the cause of a Liberation"
2- the second will be charged with "Genocide for the cause of an Ethnic-cleansing"

And whereas this Court
shall punish each of them
for what they will be eventually found guilty of ,
irrevocably, immediately ,unconditionally
unambiguously and without appeal .

If any of the accused thinks
that he might be innocent ,
then he should not refuse this Court !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
World Association for equal-treatments

Monday, January 26, 2009

Deja Vue ??

The Tunnels of Gazza............

Sherlock Hommos

Presents !!!

The Great non-Escape

The IDF has found the plans to the Gazza-Tunnels
in which
heroism was smuggled out of Gaza ,
into Egypt .

and here is a photo of a major suspect
believed to be Mr. Ismael Hanniyah
who has, obviously, lost weight ,here
due to the blockade on Gazza
and has now grown a beard.

here are some of the Hamas Terrorists
plotting their next bombing of innocent- Israeli-civilians

the new
UN-reconstruction's plans
for the Rafah-Border-Crossing

The Chief Prison's guard
the moustache , here, is a fake
but the uniform is real

The Prison's nurse
( still a virgin!! )
she falls in love with
Steve Mac.Hanniyah's rat
at the end of the film,
but that rat doesn't want her
so it marries Abbas !!

The End

Tickets on Sales
at nearest US-Embassy !!

Nominated for 5 Oscars !!
Best Massacre
Best co-production
Best reporters-absence
Best real-time-genocide
Best original-scenario

parental-guidance required !!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Totalitairian-Terrorists and the Phosphoric-Immunity
Mr. Truth

Mark Regev the Israeli-Government- spokesman
declared to the Media that "the Gaza-Massacre- Witnesses
are unreliable , inaccurate and bias's........ " unquote

The reason Regev has given is, that Hamas
shall take revenge on them , if and when they
would say anything negative about Hamas.
Concluding that Hamas is not only a Terror-Organisation
but it were also a Totalitarian- Organisation. .

His conclusion is that all the reports about the atrocities
and the Genocide are non-reliable........
and that Israel itself is conducting its own investigation !!

This means that an Israeli Colonel shall investigate
with his own Israeli-Pilot , if the Phosphoric-Bomb
which was transported in the F.16 plane
was dropped on a Palestinian- school .....or it
was returned back to the air-base ?? unused !!

In other words , Israel wants to wait until it
concludes its own investigation before answering
to the world's media accusations.

In the meantime and concertedly
Ehud Olmert has issued a general immunity decree
covering all Israli-military-personel. ....

Just in case the World is not wrong ,
and Israel might not be innocent.

Sherlock Hommos , P.Hd
Nurenberg-Style- Investigator

PS :
Mr. Regev has also declared that :
Those weapons are legal , because NATO
and Democratic-countrie s , has them too ".....


Not even Richard Nixon could come up
with such an argument !!