Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nobody may leave Davos !!!

" nobody may leave this room !! ,
the murderer is among us "

Davos ,
is where all the brains and the mussels
of finance are gathered.... .

While the World has a Global financial crisis,
to say the least....... .

If you ask me what did it ?
I would say that greed and capitalism
are the guilty ones

But , if you ask , who did it ?
I would say: " the guilty-one is in Davos , now "

So , like in any old-classical- film,
where the inspectors gathers all the suspects
in one room at the end of the film ,
before declaring the name of the murderer
(or the guilty)

There it is !!
who ever robbed the World , and Wall Street
and the Pension-Funds. today in Davos !!

Lock the entrances and the exists of Davos !!
and call in Sherlock Holmes , or Hercule Poirot
or Miss Marple or Colombo or who-ever....

Sherlock Hommos
a colleague of inspector Colombo.

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