Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Egyptian Wall

Egypt shall build an underground- wall
on its side of the Gaza borders..... ..
The idea is to block the passage
of the Palestinian tunnels.

With all  honesty and modesty ,
I am not capable to make any joke , here.

Those who know my writings would expect now
anything , funny,satirical or sarcastic , on that subject.

Not this time !!

I cannot ,
this news made me sick !!

it is a pure case of  "high-treason"
and I do not know what to add to it.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sectarianism in the land of the Cedars

Sectarianism is present in the social and political life
of the Lebanon and is even in the unwritten-constitut ion.

Sectarianism is saturating the day by day life
so that it becomes invisible and indivisible. ....
and it replaces the breathing-air.

But then and again,
too much of anything , makes it absolute
and self-destructive.  Like love and or alcohol..... .

I shall give you an example :

One candidate running for an "orthodox-seat" in the parliament
is a member of an "all-Maronite-party" and ex-member of a dissolved

This candidate won the elections in his district (for the orthodox-seat)
thanks to the overwhelming votes of the Druzes in that same district.
The Druzes voted for him under an agreement (a coalition)
with the Sunni-group of Hariri.

So there you have it :
An Orthodox-parliamentarian who is member of a Maronite-clan
voted in power by the Druzes-voters , only to serve the Sunnis-strategy.

This is not a fictitious figure...... ....but a real one !!.

And if you want to hear more confusing details ,
this "Orthodox-parliamen tarian" got less than 24%
of the Orthodox-voters in his district.
Meaning that in practice he is only representing that Maronite-party
which , accidentaly ,does not even exist in his peculiar distric ,anyhow.

And if you think that is unfair or strange , you would be surprised
to know that this (Christian) Parliamentarian has ,during the civil war,
killed more of his christian opponents ,
than from his Muslim or Druze opponents.

Today ,
his own body-guards fear those people only from his own religion
and even from his own sect....rather than anyone else.

Sectarianism ,because it is man-made  , is like Racism
and is not at all,  natural !!

Raja Chemayel

non-sectarian and anti-racist

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to count.....and who to count ???

Often , when not always ,
people do speak of the 6 million Jews
killed in the second world war.

Also one counts the killed French,
Italian , Canadians , Russians.... etc..

The first mistake here is that
when it comes to the Jews,
they count by religion and when it
comes to the other nationality or other religions
it is counted by nationality.

I would prefer they would count the French-Jews
and the Canadian-Jews and the Russian-Jews
and the Italian-Jews separately.

And if they must count only by religion
I see that mostly Christians died , more than the Jews.
And if we have to count by Religious-sects , I assure you
that the Christian-Orthodox-persons suffered the most.
(the Russians-soviet populations)

And if we shall count my the political-ideologic al-standards
we can say the Communists lost the most victims.

And now comes the point , I am leading you to :

How come nobody counted the dead-Arabs
in North Africa knowing that the Second Wold War
was decided in the Arab Desert : EL ALAMEIN.

How come nobody counted the dead-Muslims,too
coming from the British and the French colonies ??
and who were made to believe that if they joined the Allies-Armies
there country shall get Independence from colonialism.

Why only compensation for the "Jews " was paid ???
and not according to their Nationality but to their religion.
And the Joke is that finally this compensation was paid to a "State"
not not to their community or to their families.

Why did the artificial-state- of-Israel collect the damages 
done to the Polish-citizens who were Jews
or done to the Italian-citizens who were Jews ???

Regardless to the accuracy, or the veracity, of the 6 Million figure,
it is unfair to count by the religion
it is unfair to count by nationality or by race
because once we are dead it does not count anymore !!

Nevertheless it more unfair and equally unjust
that the Arab and or Muslim victims , were never compensated
let alone ever counted !!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dubai , Miracle or Mirage ??
Dubai ,
a Miracle or a Mirage ??

Dubai ,
for sale or for rent.

Why was Dubai ever built ?
and who profited from Dubai ??

What does it do ??
Whom does it serve ??

Money for the Money !!
Houses for the Real-estate
or real-estate for the Greed ??

How else and where else could that fortune be invested ??

Why to dump the Sea for land-reclamation,
when behind you is the vast desert ???

What kind of an national-entity is that,  which is 85% importeted ??

The Sodom of Greed,
the Amora of Capitalism.

Dubai shall not go under , because "
Mohamad Dahlan owns a Hotel there
and Russian wash their money there
and the Saudis go there for alcohol and women
and the Iranians do everything they cannot do at home.....
Dubai ........a brothel of blind-greed! !

All the Gulf-states are artificial
socialy , historicatly and economicaly
and that , President Saddam knew it !!!

Raja Chemayel


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iraq gets a new constitution.....

the new-faces of Iraq

The Iraqi parliament has just agreed on the new constitution.
Now  , the division is set along the lines of faith
along the lines of sect and along the ethnic lines.

There are now :
three ethnic-Iraqs
and 2 sectarian-Iraq
and five regional-Iraqs
and 7 recognised minorities.

Thank you George Bush , thank you Wolfowitz and Richard Perle !!
Mission accomplished .....indeed .
We have had once one Iraq.....and now there are three !!

I remember the previous constitution
that never did mentioned the ethnic identities
nor was the religious belonging a matter of relevance... ..

The President was a secular-Sunni
with a Christian-vice- president
and a Shiaa-second- vice-President
not because of their religion but because of their talents....

There was one Party , which has had some Short-comings,
but this party was modern,secular and republican.....

Don't you remember it ??............. it was there until 2003...
and the Iraqi President was an ex-revolutionary,
anti-imperialist who build Churches and protected the Synagogues.

Funny !!
today that same parliament includes :
- war lords
- religious scholars (fanatic or not)
- tribal lords
- Mafiosos
- CIA stooges
- smugglers and common criminals, seeking immunity
- run-away-bankers
- mercenary-captains

The previous Parliament has not perfect ,
but at least those , above figures, were excluded.

If you ask me ,
I would say that George Bush fooled us
and that President Saddam is a dead Hero !!!

As they say in old western-cowboys- movies :
"They hanged the wrong man "

Sherlock Hommos
a Nostalgic-realist

Monday, December 7, 2009

An insult to cinematography.....

Each clown....... ..has some rights....

There was a lot of tumult
about one Dutch Parliamentarian ( Geert Wilders)
who produced a short-film called "FITNA"
some have found this film as an insult to Islam,

I did not find it as insult to Islam
I only have found this film rather as
an insult  to cinematography
and to the real film-making .

If what Mr. Geert Wilder has  made  is called a " film "
then you may expect an Oscar for my video-holidays- film , next year.
Or the Seventh-Art is no more an Art !!
Or Banality has gained any value !!
Or the Zionists have reached the Dutch-Parliament !!
Or the Western world has ran out of cinematographic- talents !!
Or any combination of the above....... ..

Sherlock Hommos
Film Director and Film critic

Sunday, December 6, 2009

LasVegas, Jerusalem and Venice.

 All this in the USA !!.......... ........

Recently the city of Las Vegas has replicated
practically most of the ancient city of Venice

This way an American tourist could visit Venice
without leaving the USA.

Also there is a copy of the Eiffel Tower
in Las Vegas , too......... .......

What if the City of Las Vegas would copy
the Old-Jerusalem- City ??

And in that case ,
they could also rebuild the Temple Of Salomon
which is not in Jerusalem today......
and was never found neither .

Instead of the ethnic-cleansing
of the original Palestinian citizens of the real Jerusalem ,
the Jewish Tourists could visit a 100% copy of Jerusalem
and even go and live there , if they so wish.

And out of nostalgia for occupation and for discrimination and for evictions
and for check-points and for prisons and for deprivations ,
I am sure that Hollywood could provide some actors dressed as Arabs
and the Jewish-tourist could shoot on them , or demolish their houses ,
or drive a Bulldozer over their graves...... .
also they could undress them at some check-points.

Solutions for the Middle East are plenty !!
one should only use his (or her)
creative-imaginatio n

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Manager of New-Jerusalem- Resort , Las Vegas

PS :
There is a huge architectural problem !!
there are no Jewish Monuments in today's Jerusalem
to be copied in Las Vegas....... ..
but all the other sadist games could be copied .