Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to count.....and who to count ???

Often , when not always ,
people do speak of the 6 million Jews
killed in the second world war.

Also one counts the killed French,
Italian , Canadians , Russians.... etc..

The first mistake here is that
when it comes to the Jews,
they count by religion and when it
comes to the other nationality or other religions
it is counted by nationality.

I would prefer they would count the French-Jews
and the Canadian-Jews and the Russian-Jews
and the Italian-Jews separately.

And if they must count only by religion
I see that mostly Christians died , more than the Jews.
And if we have to count by Religious-sects , I assure you
that the Christian-Orthodox-persons suffered the most.
(the Russians-soviet populations)

And if we shall count my the political-ideologic al-standards
we can say the Communists lost the most victims.

And now comes the point , I am leading you to :

How come nobody counted the dead-Arabs
in North Africa knowing that the Second Wold War
was decided in the Arab Desert : EL ALAMEIN.

How come nobody counted the dead-Muslims,too
coming from the British and the French colonies ??
and who were made to believe that if they joined the Allies-Armies
there country shall get Independence from colonialism.

Why only compensation for the "Jews " was paid ???
and not according to their Nationality but to their religion.
And the Joke is that finally this compensation was paid to a "State"
not not to their community or to their families.

Why did the artificial-state- of-Israel collect the damages 
done to the Polish-citizens who were Jews
or done to the Italian-citizens who were Jews ???

Regardless to the accuracy, or the veracity, of the 6 Million figure,
it is unfair to count by the religion
it is unfair to count by nationality or by race
because once we are dead it does not count anymore !!

Nevertheless it more unfair and equally unjust
that the Arab and or Muslim victims , were never compensated
let alone ever counted !!

Raja Chemayel


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