Friday, October 1, 2010

To tolerate the intolerance........

Israel's best-friend.......... in the Netherlands
Israel's implant........ in the Netherlands
Islam came to us about 1400 years ago
and some were happy with it
and other less happy..
But , it is until 60 years ago , only ,
that somebody started calling Islam : "intolerant"
While Islam brought and taught tolerance to people
and to places that never have experienced it .
Only since the birth of Israel
and since the establishment of Zionism on the world scene ,
did we hear intolerance and Islam in one sentence.
How come Indonesia never used the word "intolerant " ??
neither did Spain  !! nor Malaysia.....
nor even the Christians of the Middle-East.( my grand-parents)
And when the whole Muslim world (except Turkey)
was ruled by Christian Nations and Christian Kingdoms.........
nobody said "intolerant " to Islam nor to Muslims .
How come that it is mostly the friends of Israel
who use this adjective .....??
Raja Chemayel
a tolerant-pheonician on the river Amstel....
 active-peace-offenders !!
When a serial-sex-offender
wants an amnesty and a therapeutic-cure
he must , at least, stop  the raping of his victims
as a first step.....
If and when ,
Israel ever wanted any peace ,
it must , at least , stop the building of settlements
as a first step.....
Raja Chemayel


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rothshild , the Bible and the Holocaust

 The Ashkenazim who bought for himself Palestine.
The State of Israel is much more related to the Rothschild-clan
than to the Old Testament or to the Holocaust.
the Israeli-relations and connections to the Rothschild dynasty 
is greater than its connection to the Old-testament
and even to the  Holocaust all together.
To start with ,
the Jews of the 20Th.Century have nothing to do
with the Jews mentioned in the times of the Bible......nothing !!
Secondly ,
only 1.7 % of the citzens of the State of Israel
are Holocaust-survivors, or children thereof.
Thirdly ,
The Jews of today are made out of ,at least, 5 races
and out of 10 different cultures......
Conclusion :
"Israelis" are impostors  who came to us
under illegal and false-pretentions !!!
Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hugo or Mahmoud ???

The first South-American ruling
a South-American-country !!
 The last Israeli-prisoner !!
Hugo Chavez has lost an election
How can you call him dictator when he makes an election ??
How can you call him dictator when he makes and loses an election ??
How can you call him dictator when he makes and loses an election ,
twice in a  5 year period of time ???
Look at Husny Mubarak....
he never lost any election and yet ,he is called as being a "democrat"
Look at Mahmoud Abbas ......
he lost the elections and also his official-term is long over
he never did a re-election , never had any majority ,
and he wants to negotiate a peace with his own jailers  !!
when the "prisoners" do not recognise him as leader !!
Hugo at least has kept the majority
but not the absolute two-third-majority
while Mahmoud Abbas has won nothing
and he cannot do anything , neither.
What is the use of democracy when it is fake ??
Give me a social(ist)-democracy ran by a so called "dictator "
rather than  , a democracy ran by the Pentagon
or the State-Department .
Raja Chemayel