Friday, October 1, 2010

To tolerate the intolerance........

Israel's best-friend.......... in the Netherlands
Israel's implant........ in the Netherlands
Islam came to us about 1400 years ago
and some were happy with it
and other less happy..
But , it is until 60 years ago , only ,
that somebody started calling Islam : "intolerant"
While Islam brought and taught tolerance to people
and to places that never have experienced it .
Only since the birth of Israel
and since the establishment of Zionism on the world scene ,
did we hear intolerance and Islam in one sentence.
How come Indonesia never used the word "intolerant " ??
neither did Spain  !! nor Malaysia.....
nor even the Christians of the Middle-East.( my grand-parents)
And when the whole Muslim world (except Turkey)
was ruled by Christian Nations and Christian Kingdoms.........
nobody said "intolerant " to Islam nor to Muslims .
How come that it is mostly the friends of Israel
who use this adjective .....??
Raja Chemayel
a tolerant-pheonician on the river Amstel....

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