Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why not ?? also Beirut

Too much of sectarianism
shall end-up in
de-facto-secularism !!

In the Lebanon as you surely know , each political
or administrative position is reserved to a certain sect,
starting from the top job of a President , down to
the lowest government post imaginable
and even down to the lowest relevant civil-servant- job.

But what the creators of such a system could not plan
nor influence was the electoral process in electing any elected official.

I shall explain :

Lebanon having both religions , it has also 11 major recognised sects (at least)
where each sects get a proportional representation in the Parliament,
in the Government and in the hierarchy of the civil servants key positions.

During an election the voters are bound only geographically
to their constituency and once voting they could ignore their
own sectarial-candidate and simply vote to a candidate from another sect.

Example :
if you are from sect NR. 5 ,
you may vote for the candidate of the sect NR. 7 or 3 or 8
and you may make him win although this candidate does not share your sect
In other words only the seat is reserved for a sect ,
but not your choice .

It sounds complicated by it is not , Lebanon looks sectarian but it is not.
Foreign powers would like Lebanon to look divided and backwards.
Although we do have reactionary and feudal parties
Although we do have new-comers-Billiona ires buying their power and positions
Although political power is inherited within family clans (Dynasties)

It is this diversity and this plurality
which make our so "special Leb.Democracy"

Do not worry about sects and sectarianism
the next Lebanese President of the republic
will be a Maronite President elected, either,
thanks to the Shi'aa rising power
or alternatively he shall be a Maronite-President
brought to power by the Sunni-Wahhabi- dollars.

In both cases the Lebanon and its Maronite's
shall have a constitutional- Maronite- President
who shall not forcibly be France's choice
nor the Vatican's choice...... ...

If you wondered what happened to the CIA's Choice ??
do not worry....the Sunni-Wahhabi' s took care of it.

Whether I confused you more here , or on the contrary,
I would have shed some lights on the dark-side
of Middle-Eastern-complexity

Please ,rest assured that any people's choice is manipulated. .....
from Peking to Washington
and from Kabul to Kurdistan
so why not Beirut ?? also

Raja Chemayel
looking for democracy using a microscope.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Freedom is a Gun.......

drawing by Ben Heine

Do not wait for your Freedom to come
after the next rainy day.

Liberation comes from inside of you
and is never delivered to you, by any other messenger
nor can you order it from abroad.....
like some home-delivery-Pizza

How to get it ??

Admit first , what your own identity is ,
and do not invent one.

Recognise your borders and your limits.

Identify your goals and your enemies.

Choose your friends and allies ,
do not let them to choose you, first.

Learn how to read and to write ,
put bread on your children's table
and only thereafter, pick up a gun !.......
............ and then, you are almost there !!

This is , no poet-stuff
nor any fancy-philosopher' s thoughts
nothing new , nor anything much revealing
just words that should be taken at their face-value.

Raja Chemayel
great-grand- nephew of a Philosopher
named Chebli Chemayel (Shebli Shmayyel)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There is Genocide.....and Genocide

When the Regime of President Saddam Hussein
fought against the armed separatist rebels of Kurdistan
it was labelled: " Genocide "

Now ,
the Turkish Regime is doing exactly the same !!
so what shall we call it ?? , today and in this case :
War on Terrorism ??
Defending the Eastern-gate of NATO ??
anti-extremism- operation ??
Operation "Kill-Kurds" ??
Bastorma*-Democracy -in -action ??

Turkey is denying and hiding the rights of Kurds
since half a century , at least.......
While ,President Saddam gave to the Kurds
the biggest autonomy the Kurds have ever had.....
anywhere and at any time .

What was mentioned when in 1920 the British Army
massacred the Kurds ??? using lethal Gas !!
did you ever read about it ??
when and where ??

What about the Mossad itself training some Kurds since 1968....???
what for ??

Hypocrisy and Double-standards
never felt better...... than today,
but that is nothing new......

Sherlock Hommos

*Bastorma: is a typical-Turkish- Sausage

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The only emmission-free country in the Middle East !!

Gaza being now the only liberated Palestinian soil
although it is still besieged and starved and isolated
and insulated and deprived and encircled and held as hostage,
it is nevertheless. ...liberated
from the forces of Zion
from the forces of Fateh's-corruption.

Another happy detail is that ,very soon,
Gaza shall be:
the only CO2- emissions-free country
in the Middle East.

Indeed , Israel has decided to withhold the deliveries
of all kind of fuels....therefore Gaza shall do its part
in the anti-global- warming.
An Environmental victory !!!

This shall be a lesson to the Zionist-West
that "Terrorism" is not that bad , after all !!

Imaging how much CO2-emissions comes out
from that electric-generator which is supplying
the electric-current to any Gaza-Hospital !!

Imaging also,
how many emissions come out of a Qassam Rocket !! ??

As from now on.......all stops !!

My compliments go to Hamas which is again
giving the good example to many of its corrupt opponents.

I bet you that Mahmoud Abbas air-conditioners in his offices
and his 6 Mercedes do pollute more than any Gaza Hospital, does.

Bravo Hamas !!!
although I must admit (objectively) that also Israel helped here a bit......

Eng Moustafa Roosenbloom
anti-global- warming-agent

Monday, October 29, 2007

the Spy who came in to divorce

President Sarkozy has divorced his pretty woman.......
Why not ??
What is wrong with divorcing any pretty woman ??
I even know many nice guys who divorced !!
(even such a nice person, as myself , did it , far)

But some news may hide other news....!

for example another piece of news
is claiming that President Nicola Sarkozy
were once on the pay-role of the Mossad !!

The point here remains in the sizing of each news-item
and which item is repeated frequently, and which is not ......

Let us agree that being an ex-spy for a foreign power
is more dramatic.... .........than being a divorced-president.

So let us together scan the international Media
to find out which item is (or was) more frequently mentioned.

Having said that ? I would not mind if and when
Cecilia (ex) Sarkozy would be also a spy with a mission
to seduce me.....for a long week-end trip to Fiji.

But back to serious , now :
How many Medias mentioned both cases ??
and how often?...... .each of them ?

Look it up !!

Sherlock Hommos
once divorced but not a President , yet.
29 of October 07

PS :
I know many people who are not Mossad-agents
are even worse.....than Nicola Sarkozy ?

الجاسوس الذي أتى ليطلق امرأته

الرئيس ساركوزي طلق امرأته الجميلة....
ولم لا...؟؟؟
ما المشكلة في أن يطلق أحدهم أي امرأة جميلة؟؟!!
حتى أني أعرف عدد من الرجال الظرفاء طلقوا زوجاتهم..!!
(فشخص لطيف وظريف، مثلي جنابي، عملها، مره واحدة... حتى الآن...)

ولكن بعض الأخبار قد تغطي غيرها من الأخبار...!

ومثل على ذلك، خبر آخر...
يدعي بأن الرئيس نقولا ساركوزي
كان في في أحد الأيام يتلقى راتب من الموساد
القصة هنا لا يزال في طور تقدير كل خبر يصلنا...
وأي خبر يتكرر كثيراً، ,وأي خبر لا يتكرر..........

لكن دعنا نتفق على أن كونه كان- جاسوساً لدولة أجنبية...
أكثر دراماتيكية........ من أن يكون رئيساً مطلقاً!!!

لذا لنراجع الاعلام العالمي...
لنرى أي خبر يتكرر أو (كان) يتكرر وروده...

ولما كنت قد ذكرت... بأنه لا مشكلة لدي إذا ومتى
بأن سيسيليا (ساركوزي سابقاً) قد تكون أيضاً جاسوسة لبعثة أجنبية ما...
لاغوائي... لقضاء عطلة نهاية أسبوع طويلة في فيجي!!!!

ولكن لنعد إلى الجد في كلامنا، ألآن:
كم وسيلة اعلام ذكرت كل من الخبرتين؟؟؟؟
وكم مرة تكرر ذلك؟؟... أي تكرر كل منهما؟؟؟

تفرس في الأمر جيداً!!!

شرلوك حمص
مطلق مرة ولكن لم يكن رئيساً حتى الآن
29 تشرين الأول 2007

أنا أعرف الكثيرين الذين لم يكونوا أو لا يزالون عملاء الموساد
ألعن من.... نقولا ساركوزي

ترجمة: أديب قعوار

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lebanon's deadlock

Lebanon is in a deadlock , in a kind of dead-end-street.
We cannot agree on a Presidential election's date
let alone on a candidate nor on the interpretation
of our own constitution ,written in our own language
by our own founders.... . only 65 years ago

Walid " Bey" Joumblat , among others, are asking the USA
to interfere and to topple the regime in Syria because:
"Syria is interfering within Lebanon"
Something like when someone shall
interfere to stop any other interfering.....
Like committing an adultery to prove a matrimonial- loyalty.

We are not moving forward , at all !!
so most probably the USA and the West
shall soon propose a neutral committee
made of wise and integer personalities
to mediate and to arbitrate and to nominate
the new President of the Republic of the Cedars.....

This arbitration- committee shall be presided by
Mr. Tony Blair ( retired liar)
and the multinational- members are :

Husny Mubarak (never retiring)

Hamid Karsay (retired opium farmer)

Britney Spears (retired mother)

Jalal Talabany (retired smuggler)

Ehud Barrak (retired war criminal)

and the ex-Prime -Minister of Poland
( I forgot his name, already )

This mediation-formula is made to bring an end
to a political/social/ parliamentarian/ constitutional deadlock
and is based on the integrity and the experiences
of those irreproachable, spotless and immaculate members.

Once again the USA shows us ,here, the wisdom
and the ethical-superiority in solving any and all
Middle East Problems , regardless of their size.
Soon this new committee shall meet to deliberate ,
right just after the success of the forthcoming Peace Conference.

Because , otherwise Tony Blair and Condi Rice
might not be able to handle both jobs simultaneously.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
28 Oct.2007