Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why not ?? also Beirut

Too much of sectarianism
shall end-up in
de-facto-secularism !!

In the Lebanon as you surely know , each political
or administrative position is reserved to a certain sect,
starting from the top job of a President , down to
the lowest government post imaginable
and even down to the lowest relevant civil-servant- job.

But what the creators of such a system could not plan
nor influence was the electoral process in electing any elected official.

I shall explain :

Lebanon having both religions , it has also 11 major recognised sects (at least)
where each sects get a proportional representation in the Parliament,
in the Government and in the hierarchy of the civil servants key positions.

During an election the voters are bound only geographically
to their constituency and once voting they could ignore their
own sectarial-candidate and simply vote to a candidate from another sect.

Example :
if you are from sect NR. 5 ,
you may vote for the candidate of the sect NR. 7 or 3 or 8
and you may make him win although this candidate does not share your sect
In other words only the seat is reserved for a sect ,
but not your choice .

It sounds complicated by it is not , Lebanon looks sectarian but it is not.
Foreign powers would like Lebanon to look divided and backwards.
Although we do have reactionary and feudal parties
Although we do have new-comers-Billiona ires buying their power and positions
Although political power is inherited within family clans (Dynasties)

It is this diversity and this plurality
which make our so "special Leb.Democracy"

Do not worry about sects and sectarianism
the next Lebanese President of the republic
will be a Maronite President elected, either,
thanks to the Shi'aa rising power
or alternatively he shall be a Maronite-President
brought to power by the Sunni-Wahhabi- dollars.

In both cases the Lebanon and its Maronite's
shall have a constitutional- Maronite- President
who shall not forcibly be France's choice
nor the Vatican's choice...... ...

If you wondered what happened to the CIA's Choice ??
do not worry....the Sunni-Wahhabi' s took care of it.

Whether I confused you more here , or on the contrary,
I would have shed some lights on the dark-side
of Middle-Eastern-complexity

Please ,rest assured that any people's choice is manipulated. .....
from Peking to Washington
and from Kabul to Kurdistan
so why not Beirut ?? also

Raja Chemayel
looking for democracy using a microscope.

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