Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Time" is an abstract reality.
is an abstract reality.

There was a clock hanging in my company´s office wall
and near to it , was a poster saying :
This clock cannot be stolen because it is watched
all day
long, by the employees "
(meaning that the employees were eager to go home
as soon as ,when it showed 17.

That reminds me of (any size)   demonstrations
taking place in Syria.
In which case one could say :
" The Syrian uprising cannot be stolen because it is watched
all day ,by all Western-Zionist-Media"
(meaning that the Zionist-Media is eager to see
the Syrian regime to go home at 17 hrs. )

I repeat , Syria has no democracy
but equally are the Syrian-masses !!

Western-Media´s !! your camera !!
or do something else with it.....

Sherlock Hommos
watching, rather,the Medias
09 April 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

The relevance of any irrelevance

Whether the Holocaust took place,or not,
it has no relevance to the illegitimacy
of the State of Israel.

Whether the Palestinian-fighters
could be branded as "terrorists" ,or not,
it has no relevance to the legitimacy of
the  Palestinian just cause.

Raja Chemayel

Democracy is not a Prize !!
This man was to Qaddafi ,
what St. Peter was to Jesus.

The Libyan rebels/insurgents/opposition/democracy-lovers
"are to be protected by USA and NATO" we are told.

This above group includes
1- regular army dissidents
2- regular army officers deserters
3- ex Libyan officials
4- even ex- Libyan Ministers , ex-Ambassadors and ex Qaddafi advisers
5- anyone who starting on today , (or yesterday) has decided that Qaddafi must go.

This leaves me with one fundamental question :
Are those anti-Qaddafi-masses and individuals
a trustful-group that will secure the future democracy in Libya ,
after Qaddafi ??

How can I play jazz on a Trumpet
when I do not even know the music-notes ??

Where did an ex-Qaddafi-official see or experience Democracy ??

Does the USA-NATO want to really bring Democracy in Libya
or simply to create a vacuum ??  and then simply leave , like in Iraq !
where is NATO in Bahrain or in Yemen ??
where is NATO in Gaza ?? in Ramallah or Jennin ???

Raja Chemayel
democracy is a process and not a prize nor a Cup

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is not so easy when your name is "Goldstone"

Judge Goldstone,
after writing and publishing  the UN report on Gaza,
suddenly , now,  he was reminded by Israel
that his name was :" Goldstone",
so he decided to re-write the truth,
or subsequently he would have to re-name himself.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The invisible demonstrations.........

The World-Main-Media
never misses the opportunity
of reporting about any demonstration in Syria.....
unless when it is,
a pro-government demonstration.
in which case , it becomes invisible !!

the opposite-case........ is in Bahrain

I say :
all governments do lie ,
as well as,
the dissidents/opposition also !!

Sherlock Hommos
I lie only to my wife !!...(and the Tax-ofice too)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Time changes.......and the accusationd too .
faces competition from the NATO
in Libya.

When the war in Libya has started,
one side accused the other-side
of having a mercenary-army
while the other-side accused the first side
of having Al Qua´eeda-fighters.

Today ,
the side accused of having  Al Qua´eeda assistance
ended up in having a mighty-mercenary-army  at his services.

And the one side, accused of using mercenary-services,
might soon gather the Al Qua´eeda around him,
because it is fighting Western-invaders !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The richest victim of colonial agreession
Wikileaks, is not far from the truth

After all ,
Libya is the richest African-Country
which  makes the Qaddafi Dynasty the richest too.
The logic conclusion would be that the
Libyan Army must be the richest also
and the best equipped,
consequently : the brave-insurgents are doomed to failure......

My question now is :
why would the USA/NATO bomb an extreme-capitalist-entity ??
In other words :
why would neo-colonialism bomb the ultimate form of feudal-capitalism ??

I do not have a direct answer ,
but I would  speculate and  say :
USA/NATO are helping the Qaffadists to stay in power
by making them look like "third-world-Independence-hero's"
whereas ultimately, they must be maintained and preserved.

How many examples are there  in history
where a besieged and a sanctioned Regime , has fallen ????

Raja Chemayel 
63 years after my birth,